07 January 2010

Greenwich Pizza Levels Up with New Hawaiian Pizza and More!

Even fast food chains have new year's resolutions! And with Greenwich, it's to be something they have never been before, to try out new things they've never done, and to "level up"!

And so our first pizza for this year is the new Greenwich Hawaiian Pizza that has leveled up from the usual Hawaiian flavor that Filipinos love. Welcome more toppings, more cheese, and more flavor *yummy*

I like how Greenwich satisfies our pizza cravings for a more affordable price, letting every one enjoy a slice. The Hawaiian pizza is available in both thin and thick crusts but my favorite is the thick crust pizza as it holds the cheese well. Thin is good but I observed how the cheese changes color into a brownish tone whilst with the thick crust, the cheese retains its yellow yummy color :)

Crispy and flavorful, Greenwich Pizza Fries is the perfect barkada snack

Since it's a new year, we tried new menu items like the Greenwich Pizza Fries. Generous serving and crispy with lots of flavor. The cheese flavor is a winner, we like cheese that much! It's perfect with my favorite Greenwich lasagna.

Even their pizza box designed by Team Manila has leveled up!

Their endorser, pizza lover John Lloyd Cruz also levels up with a new movie! Or is it? Check out this video:

What do you think? I think Greenwich is getting better every year and I am seeing me and my family eating more often here. I just hope they don't do anything with my favorite lasagna :) If it's not too much, I also wish for more delicious desserts like their must-try Brazo de Mercedes and Chocolate Ganache.