27 October 2012

Staycation at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World

Having a sleepover inside Resorts World is a dream come true. It's hard to decide how to spend your time leisurely with all that's in store.

It becomes more challenging if you're staying at Maxims Hotel. Here's what our suite looked like:

I love that our suite came with a mini dining area. My son Ashton hates to eat in busy restaurants so we had our meals in room a number of times.

First time to enjoy my burger inside a 6 star suite!

The bathroom is any girl's dream, there is a makeup mirror, a chair for you to sit while doing your makeup, a bath tub, a shower, and an enclosed toilet.

Two sinks for him and her? The vanity mirror and seat inspired me to fix myself up:)

The bathroom also boasts of a spacious bath tub but I never got to use it. We prefer the infinity pool!

Space nowadays is a luxury and Maxims was able to provide that in many ways. Our room number is 803 and it had the BEST view of NAIA 3. Ashton is obsessed with airplanes, it was amazing for him to see planes actually take off from the runway.

Then, there's my partner's untouchable corner which is the work area. He loves how it is detached from other furniture, plus it had a hi-tech touch phone for calling the butler. If I may say, butler in Maxims is just another term for room service. You don't really get someone like Batman's Alfred.

However, I can vouch that their service can easily pass 6 stars. It's hard to find a hotel with excellent service and during our stay, it was made stress-free by staff. All my requests were granted without second thoughts.

Use this to call for room service, or there's always the traditional phone beside your bed.

Some things I asked for: for them to setup our dining table with plates, for them to pack leftovers, for early check in, and for late checkout. I was given a smoking room but we were not smokers, to compensate they gave us a huge ionizer in the room that cleans the air. Our room didn't smell bad at all.


It was tempting to cocoon inside our room all day, under heavy soft sheets, and watch cable TV. But, I wouldn't miss not enjoying their resort style pool area!

They had private gazebos with white couches, even this place had the luxury of space and privacy. The infinity pool was gorgeous and was just right for both kids and adults. The water was crystal clear and we were all very relaxed and comfy while enjoying the swim under the sun.


For me, this made our stay very worthwhile. I feel like I went to another resort to relax. We packed up to rest just before heading again to the mall area. There are lots of restaurants to choose from. Our favorite is Mr. Kurusawa and there's also Red Crab. We just ask for food to be taken away so we can enjoy them inside our room.

Thanks to room service staff for preparing our dining ware in advance. We got to enjoy our favorite Japanese food privately in our room.

If you have a Resorts World Member Card, you get 10% off on restaurants. Good thing I always have mine in my wallet, I got it 2 years ago when we had fun in the casino. I don't really play though but I like using it to get discounts :)

Maxims hotel's elevator is the same as the mall's, so getting around is a breeze. Being connected to Resorts World is probably the biggest selling point of this hotel. For one, cinemas in Resorts World are open 24 hours. When my toddler was asleep, my husband and I got to watch Taken 2 (we had childcare by the way).

Breakfast buffet is of course complimentary, this is the part where I would suggest Maxims to improve. Personally, I don't think it was a 6 star spread. It was modest but nothing fancy. We also ordered some in room breakfast for our little boy, this time it was fancy and we got to bring home small pots of jams. If I would book a suite again, I'd skip the complimentary breakfast buffet and just order a la carte.

This is Ashton's room service breakfast

Our next agenda was of course, Game Zoo! I played Ashton's and I's favorite fishing game. We won lots of tickets and got to swap it with a kiddie tumbler worth 200 points.

Ate M and Ashton are serious

But I am most serious of all, I won 200+ tickets in one day! :)

A stay in Maxims would cost aroun Php 15,000+ a night. I would say this is a really unique entertainment hotel fit for anyone who wants to get the most out of Resorts World. Recommended for balikbayans or for anyone who needs a serious downtime.

If you are budget conscious, you can also consider adjacent hotels like The Mariott or The Remington Hotel. They are all walking distance to Resorts World, I might try one of them soon and share the experience once again :)