29 July 2011

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches are the latest lunchbox office hit

Starbucks New Lunch Sandwiches

You may be too old for a lunch box but not for a sandwich :) I had the pleasure of being introduced to the newcomers of Starbucks and one of them is as classy as a Gossip Girl.

Meet the IT girl of sandwiches, Tuna Waldorf.

Hot outside and cold on the inside, can't get any more dramatic than that. Starbucks are now using convection ovens instead of microwaves in warming up the sandwiches. During the launch people were agog about this so may I tell you that convection ovens are simply like the oven toaster you have at home. This makes the outer layer warm/crusty whilst maintaining the cold filling.

Echevoreche aside, let's dig into my top three favorites from all 7 Starbucks lunch sandwiches!

1. Roasted vegetables on flat bread - tastes like pizza that is made of carrots, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms. I also find this most easy to eat because the flat breads retain their softness on the inside while offering a little exciting pang of crunch on the surface.

When to eat it: when you're not that hungry
With what: Green Tea Frappuccino

2. Roasted chicken pesto and shiitake mushrooms on flat bread- is an old timer but an all-time favorite in Starbucks. I have a love-hate thing with pesto but when subtly used it offers the perfect zing.

When to eat it: when you're really hungry
With what: a hot cup of French pressed Tanzania coffee

3. Ultimate Grilled Cheese-gooey goodness with six types of cheese and in between are slices of hungarian sausage. If you like the combo of garlic, cheese, and pepper - you'll have a happy time eating this comfort food.

When to eat it: when hungry and needy for comfort

With what: a hot mug of green tea

That leaves you with four Starbucks lunch sandwiches to try and judge for yourselves. The Beef Brisket, Clubhouse, Tuna melt (only available in provincial branches), and the Tuna Waldorf sandwich. All sandwiches will be available at P140 in all Starbucks branches come August 9. I recommend for you to check out the newest and first-ever drive-thru branch in Global City, right in front of Home Depot near S&R.

This branch is the most eco-chic of them all and used recycled windows, tables, and LED lights to save energy.

22 July 2011

Time to Step Out: Solenad 2 opens July 29

Mark the date little monsters, it's time to step out in front of your computers and enjoy the outdoors on July 29 when Solenad 2 opens. It is the newest retail playground in NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

A retail and dining destination built with the community and family in mind, Solenad 2 was designed around the mindset of work-life balance. The community center , with its carefully handpicked mix of food establishments and shopping brands embraces the Filipinos’ love for bonding and coming together through dining and shopping experiences. This is made more distinct and special by Solenad 2’s unique outdoor environment.

Opening Event and Activities

From July 29 to 31, experience first-hand the excitement of living the outdoors as Solenad 2 opens with Plug and Play at Solenad - a three-day weekend fair for showcasing fun activities.

Relive your high school memories and bring out your inner competitive side in one of the game booths. Spend time with family and friends, while you munch and crunch on sweet treats. Move and groove to the popular beats of today’s most sought after bands - Urbandub and Taken By Cars.

Shops, Spas, and Dining at Solenad 2

Explore the diverse range of shopping options from active lifestyle brands of Stoked, All Flip Flops, Aloha Boardsports, L-Time, Quicktime, Sebago, Bratpack, Restoerun, RUNNR; to the latest trends from Payless Shoesource, Aerosoles, Nine West, Bench, Cushe, Hush Puppies, Aldo, GEOX, Alberto, 158 DB, Officine, C2. Experience the convenient way of living through the reliable services of Bench Fix, Nailaholics, Nisce, Montessori Di Maria Bambinella, LBC and Globe. Satisfy your cravings with Solenad 2’s handpicked dining selection of Toastbox, Krispy Kreme, Max’s, Seafood Island, Sumo Sam, Gerry’s Grill, Bo’s Coffee, FIC, Serenitea, Breadtalk, Pancake House, Pho24, Army Navy, Fruitty Froyo and LZM.

Are you excited now? I am and I will do my best to be at Nuvali on July 29 weekend :) See you there!

Read about my last visit to Nuvali and find out why I love it.

Coleen Garcia and Revlon Colorburst

Eman (the famous makeup artiste) sent me Revlon goodies a few weeks back and finally, this weekend I am able to use the new Revlon Colorburst lipgloss. You know how much adore Revlon's Just Bitten (in Passion) so I am quiet hyped to use the gloss over it.

And here is my make-up inspiration, Coleen shows her Revlon look. So young and pink, love it.

I think I'll shop for that Revlon blush, someone tell me what shade is that please? I didn't actually know who Coleen was until my other half blogged about her haha.

My favourite Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss is currently Crystal Lilac which contributes to a fresh look that every stressed out face deserves. The label reads correctly, it is light weight and makes your lips pop with 5x more shine than a patent leather! How is that for killer lips?

Both my upper and lower lip are full or well-endowed so I like to use it sparingly, mostly on the upper lip for a face lifting effect if you know what I mean.

What will be your Revlon look tomorrow? Try them now for free at Revlon counters everywhere :)

21 July 2011

The largest McDonald's to open in London Olympics

I love fast food, even if I try hard to avoid it and news like this just make me want to eat more. A 30,000 square feet Olympic sized McDonald's will be opening just in time for the London Olympics. Here is an inside look:

The interiors look really different from what we have here but those are cute swivel chairs. Makes me wonder what the children's high chair looks like?

I love visiting McDonald's in other countries and compare them to one another. This one will now be on my to-visit wish list :) Below is my last McDonald's meal in Melbourne where you'd have to pay for the ketchup.


Now I really have to fight my fear of flight because it is preventing me from experiencing more McCulture.

Disclaimer: This post is not paid for nor sponsored by any fast food chain

16 July 2011

They're here!

My sister has been eating McDonald's for one full week, and I whenever I am stressed (about 3x a week). She is helping her friend collect them all Coca-Cola Can Glasses from McDonald's by grabbing value meals.

Then yesterday something arrived from my front door. A full set of Coca-Cola Can Glasses! Yipee :) And what better way to use them than by ordering in my favorite McChicken sandwich and cheese shake shake fries. The latter vanished even before the photo was taken.

Have you got your Coca-Cola can glasses yet?

McDonald's if you are reading this, please bring back Double Cheeseburger Deluxe.

12 July 2011

5 Quick remedies for the stressed

Ladies if you are too busy taking over the world, I know it takes an expensive toll on how we look. Bad complexion, rough skin, and the word stress seem to be written on our face. So here are a few quick remedies and must-try that I have been thinking about these past few days.

1. Rediscover eye cream

When stress runs in your blood, you will be desperate enough to actually use two eye creams - like me. I try to use Eye Bright from Clinelle after washing my face in the morning and at night, I use Cellular Repair Cream from my dermatologist (whom I haven't seen for months).

2. Exfoliate

I think Pond's White Beauty Naturals gentle exfoliating facial foam is worth a try. Not only because of the fairy tale like advertisement but the last thing stressed out skin needs are harsh chemicals. The product is banking on nature's super ingredient, Camellia leaves which are rich in antioxidants.

3. Use illuminating makeup
Like Revlon's mineral makeup which I have tried and it literally adds moisture to your face. I think with this makeup, it is safe to skip primers because it glides smoothly as if it is really wet. The finish is perfect for summer especially on the beach, it does not give a matte look but a glowing summer goddess appeal. So I would continue using this when traveling to a resort for a weekend getaway.

4. Aluminum wrap

No kidding. Cut out a face mask from an aluminum wrap/foil from your kitchen and throw it in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. Like a pharaoh, put the mask on and lie down while your skin relaxes.

5. Wheat grass

Probably the easiest amongst all my remedies because you just have to chug down a shot or two with honey. I just buy the powdered ones and try my best to drink it twice a day. They say a glass of wheat grass is equivalent to a kilo of veggies which who has time to cook right?

So, cheers to you and me and good luck in our quest to look like blooming flowers in season and not zombies.

03 July 2011

How to Get the Most out of the Food Adventure at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills

I've earned the Food Adventurer badge last night at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills. Not an easy feat, mind you - 12 phases of degustation in one sitting. It's now my mission to help you, fellow gluttons on how to enjoy the Food Adventure for yourselves. Notes that this is happening all weekends of July only from 6PM to 10PM.

Below are photos of actual food/serving sizes taken from last night.


1. Arrive early - you read it right, 12 phases of eating tasteful dishes and they are not samplers. You'll need all the time in the world to finish and enjoy each and every plate without the hurrying up to the next meal.

2. Enjoy your restaurant hopping - Walk through the restaurants at Venice Piazza and enjoy the differing ambiance that goes with each food adventure. Use this time to check out shops too, like The Big Apple Spa on the second floor. This activity also means you burn extra calories getting up and walking. If coming with friends, why not split up the group so you can exchange notes and experiences when you bump into each other? :)


3. Read the itinerary - your passport comes with an envelope packed with a suggested itinerary. You'll see a suggestion of meals to order first or restaurants to enjoy last. You wouldn't want to start your degustation adventure with a gelato, though the idea is very hard to resist after our experience at Sol Gelato.

4. Here's a saving tip - bring your own soda or drinks. The food adventure passport doesn't come with drinks but you can always order. Though it may defeat the purpose of coming in and out of restaurants quickly to complete your adventure. You can always also ask for service water because soda will fill up your tummy and fast.


5. Take a break - you and your stomach will need it. I walked around after 5 plates and Venice Piazza is an endearing venue for a quiet walk. They have a covered pathway that goes downwards (perfect!), a playground where you can take your kid to, and a fountain you can be mesmerized with.

Or, you can go around the Cook Out! tent, pick some exotic seafood like snails and have it cooked. Of course, do ask for it to be packed so you can enjoy it at home or bring it as pasalubong.


6. When you're about to surrender and die full - ask for the waiter (kindly) if the leftovers can be packed. The Food Adventure passport is only for dine-in customers but you don't want your leftovers in the rubbish when plenty are starving in the third world.

Alternatively, you can phone a friend to help you but be sure to hand the passport to him. Just like in a relay race, pass the baton for your friend to enjoy other unstamped meals at their designated restaurants. Sharing is not allowed.


7. Finally, don't forget to take photos - having a Food Adventure this affordable Php 550 and you get to eat at 12 places, is not usual! Who eats at 12 restaurants a day right? Oh wait, you did! So that deserves a Kodak moment and an invisible badge that you survived Venice Piazza's Food Adventure! :)


02 July 2011

Fashion: Furry headband/hat from SM Accessories

Did you say department store junkie? I missed the SM accessories sale last weekend but good news, because they are still on sale and I scored juicy discounts. Spent good two hours of my life sorting through a field of headbands, hats, necklaces, and bags.

Almost all accessories including from the new collection are at 10% off.

My winning find is this furry head piece. I like it dramatic and anyone who says there's a dead animal on my head is funny.

The hat cum headband will join the rest of my sweet collection here and here.

My niece Anya, sister Joni, and I have one uniform headband. We bought it together from SM accessories last year. I always send them stuff from the department store ;)

There are loads more to buy and if you love bib necklaces like I do, you'll be ecstatic.

I held on to one like it was my dear life, these items are fast moving! Should you have difficulty deciding on how to style accessories, take a cue from the mannequins and displays. Usually they are grouped in themes like safari, bohemian, classic, etc.

If it wasn't for the nearing mall closing hour, I'd spend more time inside this wonderland. I went home with the furry head piece, a hat that's perfect for family picnics, and a bib necklace in case I find myself on a romantic date.

On that note, here is another fearless fashion statement. Black is the hottest color for accessories this season! :)