20 December 2012

Hello Yishion - The District

Yishion opened their second shop in the Philippines at Ayala's newest community mall in the south called The District. If you're not familiar with Yishion, here's a crash course: Yishion is a Chinese brand launched in 1997 to offer customers around the globe with good quality, on-trend clothing at affordable prices.

Affordable and quality are certainly effective baits. With Php 3,000 on hand, I dipped my toes in a new fashion experience that is Yishion.

Yishion has over 5,000 stores worldwide that spread their fashion culture - trendy, youthful, and free.

Youthful + edgy | Sleeveless casual heather grey dress by Yishion.

Quality plain garments give you the freedom to accessorize and transform your look without robbing the bank.

Sweet + fierce| Black studded dress by Yishion. Add to your LBD collection.

Invest on classic pieces that you can make several looks with! I'm really enjoying dressing up and sharing my Yishion :)

Nautical + softy | Blue and white striped blouse from Yishion

Amazing how many looks my Php 3,000 achieved with Yishion! I could come up with more and I sure you'll even do a better job at it. Which look do you like best?

I can't wait to return to the shop which is a really fashion habitat for humanity haha :)

Learn more about Yishion and like their Facebook Page.