28 February 2009

Style Scene: Globe launches Pix Link

L-R: Camille Pilar wearing a vintage houndstooth coat over a black polo shirt and skirt; Grace Bstarfide wearing a top and skirt both from Tyler

Inside the Manila Contemporary Museum, Globe executives, partners, and media persons gathered to witness a "social art exhibit". Alongside paintings, LCD screens and laptops showed photos captured on mobile phones and shared through Globe's new mobile photo application - Pix Link.

L-R: Menchie Cruz wearing a top from Tyler, Zara shawl, Armani Jeans, Swarovski pumps and Ann Klein bag. Charo Limaco-Puyo in white coat and Minette Navarette in a black turtle neck top with brooch under a black coat.

Pix Link allows users to automatically upload photos taken through their mobile cams directly to Pix Link and direct their photos to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Multiply. This "clik-less" application makes it easy for anyone to share their experiences captured in photos.

L-R: Josie Conlu in a black dress with sleeves; Jharmela Ford in a black sleeveless dress.

27 February 2009

When a New Mall Opens - Walter Mart Sta. Maria Bulacan

Walter Mart Sta. Maria, Bulacan is now open!

Everybody sure has attended a house warming/blessing, but being able to witness a mall opening/blessing complete with the tossing of coins for luck is extraordinary! Here is the opening of the latest Community Mall, Walter Mart in Santa Maria Bulacan.

Tarsy leads the opening of Abenson, the biggest appliance network

The newest Walter Mart aims to become the "center" of family bonding and activities in Sta. Maria, it is eco-friendly in that the ground floor allows for natural ventilation like what the latest malls also have. One may think that in times of recession, is it good to open a huge mall like Walter Mart? I am one of those who believe that recession can actually be solved by making the money go around aka spending and shopping.

The grocery staff welcomed guests for the first time with a choreographed cheer :)

Also, the town's people were all smiles after the guards finally let them explore the mall for the very first time. I remember this feeling of excitement and curiosity when a shopping mall also opened near our village.

Everything was new and fresh - the staff's uniforms, the shelves, the grocery, the inventory, everything! Walter Mart finally brings city-shopping to the province and being one of the firsts to step into this new mall is a wonderful experience.

Walter Mart also helps Bulacan's local businesses by featuring the town's products like these sosyal condiments counter at their grocery. It looks like a modern bar but it dispenses vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc.

More interesting shops are bound to open in Walter Mart Sta. Maria, happy shopping to all Bulakeños ! :)

The Glass Garden presents Filipino Fashion Designers

Okasyon by Michele Lim

Filipino designer Michele Lim presented her ready to wear creations named "Okasyon" at the Glass Garden together with the Fashion by Wedding Designers of the Philippines (FWDP). The fashion show included creations of designers Ruel Rivera, Susie Bonaobra, Edwin Uy, Joel Bautista, and Jerome Ang.

Fashion by the Wedding Designers of the Philippines (FWDP)

The breathtaking fashion shows were part of Glass Garden's Director's Cut event. The elegant party's theme was A Night at the Movies where three events stylists arranged each section of the venue based on the movies Sex and the City, Mama Mia, and The Matrix.


The night was a fusion of fashion and style, not only in terms of couture and event styling but also in gastronomy. The Manila Catering Services prepared a luxurious spread of intercontinental cuisine from the pasta bar to the heavenly desserts made up of Belgian chocolates, truffles, sans rival, and creamy carrot cakes.

Everyone enjoyed the fashion show that did not focus on wedding gowns but on couture that can be worn in various occasions. Like the Glass Garden, the clothes on the runway were versatile, classy, and elegant.

Camille Garcia

The Glass Garden's General Manager, Camille Garcia wears her own creation. Aside from managing the Glass Garden, Camille is also a fashion enthusiast who pursued fashion design studies abroad.

Kudos to the Glass Garden and the Manila Catering Services for pulling off a remarkably stylish evening! :)

25 February 2009

Still Black

Black is hard to let go even when the color seems literally hot to wear these days. Why don't we wear black in light fabric and in sleeveless cuts for a breezy but elegant feel? Everyone has to attend meetings or run errands in places that call for power dressing too (even in this tropical climate).

BC Manila Summer Collection Preview

Click on image to view details

24 February 2009

Summer Make Up - Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer

With more sunny days ahead, not only clothing should be kept light and simple but also your make up! Through the launching of, the latest online make up shop to hit the Philippines, I was able to put Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer to the test. This is not available in the Philippines but you can get it from, did I tell you that a beauty queen is behind this business? More about that later.

Nothing but the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, road tested at Tagaytay

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer is more of a tinted moisturizer than a liquid foundation. BUT it covers up blemishes, acne scars, and uneven skin tone very well considering that it is very light. Tip: If you want to cover more areas, just slowly pat that area with more Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer and blend it outwards. - the first and only online cosmetics store in the Philippines

You can apply the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer with your fingers, like how you would apply a regular moisturizer or sunblock. This tinted moisturizer contains SPF 20 and Retinol that can smoothen fine lines. What I noticed though is it really smells like sunblock, perfect for summer! :)

There is no need to apply loose powder after Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. I have an oily face but the "tint" did not slide at all or made weird cracks whatsoever. It was as if I was wearing nothing but the sunblock my dermatologist gave me. Hence, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer would work even better for people with normal skin. My face looked au naturale and I was happy.

Tamera Szijarto shared her love for beautiful things and make up

My shade is 20 Fair to Light, personally chosen by Ms. Earth Beauty Queen - Tamera Marie Szijarto the genius behind Thanks to Tamera Online, innovative and organic make up brands like Neutrogena, Physician's Formula, Smashbox, and Benefit are now within convenient reach! The online shop accepts credit card, PayPal, bank deposits, and even checks. If you order now, you can get it at your doorstep the next day. Sweet :)

22 February 2009

Ipanema - Gisele Bundchen Seeds

ipanema flip-flops
Signed by an Angel, Gisele Bunchen autographed Ipanema flip-flops

Be the girl in Ipanema this Summer! Not the place, but the flip flops. I told you there are lots of summer fashion shows going on and last Thursday, Ipanema launched the Gisele Bundchen seeds. You read it right, our favorite Victoria's Secret Angel and the world's top-earning model.

ipanema gb seeds

Ballet Philippines presented the Gisele Bundchen collection through an amazing dance number that made the audience feel the freedom and comfort of wearing Ipanema flip-flops.

Here are Style and Relax's personal picks from the collection:

ipanema gisele bundchen

The Thong Fem is simple but the golden straps make you feel like a goddess from Athens stepping on the sand.

ipanema sandals

The Sand Fem in green, but I'd like to call it emerald. If you still love the gladiator feel last season, this Ipanema pair is for you. Doesn't the emerald color look elegant? Like wearing gem stones on your feet.
ipanema seeds

Feel tall and have sexy long legs with the Plataforma Fem. This pair is in white and gold, again like a fallen goddess' foot wear.

Wearing Ipanema GB Seeds not only means luxurious comfort and style but helping the environment as well. Ain't that a great model attitude? Each Ipanema pair you purchase contributes to a lush green forest, your feet will bear fruit - seriously. Also, ELRO - the exclusive distributor of Ipanema flip-flops has partnered with Haribon Foundation and will have an environmental walkathon on March 21, 2009 at The Fort.

ipanema launch
In size 8 Thong Fem in gold

Ipanema flip-flops are now available at Shoe Salon outlets and department stores. I saw a standee being flocked by shoppers at SM Makati! Grab your own pair now :)

20 February 2009

Images from The Ramp

Meet The Ramp, just one of the shops that hold Filipino labels that will make your heart melt. This month's display window is by Lucca and don't you adore the shiny fabric with the folded details and the sharp look of these items? I am not a designer so I really do not know how to describe this beauty. That golden skirt will make any lady feel blooming!

Going inside The Ramp, you'll see these Violet creations. They say yellow mustard is this year's color but like most, I am still catching up on last year's fashion flavor - Violet.

This white and black ensemble reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood's outfit in the movie - Confessions of a Shopaholic.

And behold, more racks of delicious, tasteful style! The grey "almost seamless" one piece dress is Angelina Jolie, don't you think? I can't wait to go back.

19 February 2009

Elite Relaxation at Blue Water Day Spa

If you want to feel like an A-list celebrity escaping to the Spa from the throngs of fans and the paparazzi, Blue Water Day Spa is for you. In spas, it's the little things/details that count, aside from the treatment or massages itself. It's the "extras" that make your relaxation real relaxed, serene, and comfortable - enough to make you feel like an elite royalty.

Customized leather massage chairs with pillows and a side table for your things and snacks, at the Spa Theater

As you enter Blue Water Day Spa, neatly groomed and professional looking staff will greet you. They all wear a little headset, coordinating quietly with one another. No chatting therapists and guards at all, everyone is attentive as if you own the place. The security/male staff are in perfectly ironed suits with the same headsets but with the stance that reminds you of the presidential bodyguards.

The romantic couple's massage room


Should you need to go to the restroom, your personal "bodyguard" at Blue Water Day Spa will rush to open the doors for you and lead the way. A lady therapist will then accompany you to your destination and stay outside waiting for you to finish your business. Tell the staff where you intend to go next either to a massage room or the spa theater, and they'll press on their headsets and alert the other staff automatically. I have never experienced customer care like this, over the top indeed.

Blue Water Day Spa is as spacious as it can get. Hallways are not labyrinths unlike other spa establishments. They have wide hallways, spacious lobby, roomy shower rooms and comfort rooms, secured lockers, and generous massage rooms that have the perfect lighting. You can't help but smell the cleanliness of the entire spa, like everything is just brand new.

Finally, the little "extras"that spell first class spa experience:

1. The RIGHT and customized massage beds - that lets you breath comfortably whilst enjoying your back and bodymassage

2. Fresh clean towels - generously provided inside the treatment areas

3. Hair blower - not all spas have this, and Blue Water Day Spa has a decent hair dryer without the scary naked wires.

4. Your own wash and powder area inside the massage room

5. Clean hairbrushes, Lander body lotion, and baby oil

6. Squeeky clean shower facility with a full tub of body wash, the right soap dishes, towel hangers, and clothes rack

7. A leather seat inside the changing room

If you love getting pampered in spas and have been to many, Blue Water Day Spa will amaze you with it's cleanliness and comfortable completeness in facility and toiletries. Invite your friends for a pampering session at their Spa Theater, the first in the world!

Blue Water Day Spa is located at the 2nd floor BPI Greentop Condominium, Ortigas, Ave.,
San Juan, Metro Manila. View their website at