29 September 2009

Bling it on: More Cocktail and Antique Rings

Blame it on Rachel Zoe, ever since I started watching her show - I've been itching to get eye-catching cocktail rings. She's right when she said that every woman needs at least one big cocktail ring and that we can look at flea markets or antique shops to acquire one.

Guess where I got this ring :)

Around two weeks ago, I mentioned how cocktail rings similar to Rachel's and The Hills stars are available from Forever 21. You'd have to ship them from the US though and order them online which is a bit of a hassle.

This one is so similar to Aldo's but a lot cheaper

Yesterday, I dedicated part of my day to a cocktail ring pilgrimage and here's a list of where to get them, finally! Thank me later for window shopping 3 hours straight ;)

1. Mango - new designs are just starting to show up. They cost around Php 1,200++ although the rings went on sale before and were just sold for around Php 300!

2. Aldo - same price as Mango, really eye-popping antique looking cocktail rings. However, some ring designs are too wide rather than having an oval shape.

3. SM Department Store - you'll be surprised how you'll find antique rings (the salesladies know them better as antique rings not cocktail rings) that are super almost the same as those in Mango and Aldo. Price? Php 200 - Php 900. Better get the Onyx semi-precious cocktail rings that are sold in the jewelry section for around Php 900.

4. People are People - you can spot one or two cocktail rings here for around Php 350

5. Flea Markets like those in Ali Mall - no stones but cocktail rings sell for around Php 150

6. Kultura - Php 145 made of beads, stones, capiz, and some are wooden for a native twist.

It's challenging to purchase the one ring to rule them all. One, some rings have the design you want but not in your size. Some designs, you'd want to be set vertically rather than horizontally. Hence, just close your eyes and if it feels right then make it yours :)

28 September 2009

Style and Relax meets Ovi

When I learned how Bryanboy is the new endorser for Ovi, I knew it was something worth getting myself into! Running a fashion blog is like running in a marathon where you have to be ahead of the pack in getting your news read, photos seen, and videos watched.
One of the fun things about running a fashion blog is how I am able to meet and interview celebrities about their outfits and beauty secrets just by using my N95. Whenever I am done with the interview, I feel like a huge load has been taken off my back and the adrenaline rush is just mind blowing. Yet, I have to worry about editing, resizing the video, and most of all – uploading the video! The latter is the part I hate most because it is super time consuming and I always have to re-upload until eventually, it is accepted by video sites like YouTube and becomes available to my readers.

Erich Gonzales shares her beauty secret with Style and Relax

With Ovi, I can now directly upload my video interviews from my Nokia N95 wherever I am. Imagine I don’t have to rush home just to upload videos when Ovi automatically resizes and compresses videos for faster hassle-free uploading. Now my videos are available hot and fresh at my Ovi Share webpage. Above is my latest interview with Erich Gonzales that I uploaded on Ovi.

Share photos as they happen via Ovi

And what is blogging without the fun that comes with the hectic schedule filled with product launches, parties, and fashion shows right? With Ovi, I will never ever miss the fun with its calendar feature that will make you feel like you have your own assistant, reminding you about your next destinations and appointments on the jet. Here’s my September calendar on Ovi that I can easily update and access on my computer and mobile phone.

Ovi calendar can be accessed via mobile and Internet

I can only wish I had Ovi during my previous travels! Ovi would have guided me and my sister through its Map feature while we were searching for hidden boutiques and fashion incubators. But, there’s always a next time and I am definitely going to walk the streets of L.A. and New York with Ovi in mind.

Hopefully, Ovi can make reach more readers and fashion destinations around the world with simple clicks and snaps from my Nokia phone. Visit today and create your own Ovi account!

26 September 2009

Clothes for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

Fashionistas and shopaholics, now is the time to donate clothes to Typhoon Ondoy's Victims. This day turned out to be an unexpected major disaster for Manila, many lives have been lost but we can still help those who survived the flood.

organize your closet
Where to drop off relief goods and clothes:

I think the most convenient and accessible drop off point is at Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods for distribution by Veritas

UPDATE: All Petron gas stations now accept relief goods as well

Other options:

  1. Clare Amador (+63928-5205508) or Jana Vicente at +63928-5205499). Drop off for relief donations is at Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.
  2. Drop off points: One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood, or message for more details.
  3. Donations for Ondoy Victims to be distributed at the Philippine Army Gym inside Fort Bonifacio or GHQ Gym in Camp Aguinaldo starting now.
  4. Relief Goods: Caritas Manila Office (+632-5639298, +632-5639308) or Radio Veritas @ Veritas Tower West Ave.. Cor EDSA (+632-9257931-40)
Raid your closets now and help! See you at the drop off points and let's pray for Typhoon Ondoy's victims.

Maldita and Bitchy Wednesdays

With a well-lit store front and updated window display, Maldita (shop's name) calls its fierce patrons: women who know what they want and know how to get it. There's a poster displayed, on it was written - Bitchy Wednesdays. Now we're talking!

I've never actually enjoyed shopping with loads of other ladies scouring the sale bin. Yet, when I visited Maldita at SM Mall of Asia, I thought I have found my people. Heels clicking everywhere and tiger-sharp eyes targeting clothes on the rack. Companions of Maldita shoppers just sat inside the shop, silently waiting while the malditas raid the store. Serious shopping it is.


Checking the tags, I noticed how Maldita's clothes are made in the Philippines and suddenly, I felt proud. There are only a few boutiques that sell original design, most I know simply import from neighboring Asian countries like Hongkong or Thailand. Maldita's inventory can be compared to that of European brands. Items are quality in terms of both material and design, sizes are real women sizes that malditas of any shape and size is sure to walk out with a purchase.

Super chic!

One off-shoulders, puffy sleeves, preppy blazers, huge collared blouses, and sequined party clothes. It is hard to leave with just an item when shopping at Maldita. Most items go for Php 1,200 + which is a total bargain if you want to have a statement piece of clothing. This is the place to go if suddenly you need to go to an interview, cocktail party, or make a grand exit from a relationship (yes, it's that important!).

Sale until the end of September

Maldita also have accessories that should go well with their one piece dresses. Layered necklaces, loud bangles and cocktail rings - they have it. If you must buy shoes, they also have a few pairs to choose from and the shoe designs are quite updated as well.

I haven't enjoyed a store this much for a long time, it was hard to leave all the pretty clothes that were on sale! Maldita at SM Mall of Asia is now offering 50% off until the end of September. Also look out for Bitchy Wednesdays when they give free 500 gift coupon if you shop for Php 1,000 worth of items. See you there Maldita!

23 September 2009

Style Scene: Toblerone's Thank You Party at Fiama

Toblerone's Post Office for sending Thank You cards

Iconic chocolate brand Toblerone threw a thank you day party at Fiama and urged everybody to say their thank you's in the most creative ways. Toblerone Thank You cards were made available at the Toblerone Post Office and there also was a video booth where one can say their thank you's on camera.

Elio Machillanda

Karen Pamintuan

This is just a sneak peak of the grand National Thank You Day that is set to happen on October 20, 2009 where extraordinary and inspirational persons will be honored and shown the grandest appreciation.

Rina Albert-Llamas, Cherry Ching, and Erik Angeles

Toblerone and are still giving away gift packs to readers and you too can share your sincerest thank you's and vote for outstanding individuals at

Monique Lhuillier shown as featured nominee, cast your votes now!

21 September 2009

Twitterville Scoops because we love Twitter

One guilty pleasure you might want to indulge in is to follow your favorite celebs and fashion icons on Twitter. We love it when they share inside scoops about their glamorous life and even upload photos on Twitpic through their BlackBerry.

Ruffa shares her favorite photo by Sara Black from Metro Magazine, super foxxy!

Bryanboy is the latest endorser of Nokia Ovi, for the win!

20 September 2009

Krispy Kreme UAAP Final Four Doughnuts

UAAP has never tasted this good!

Here's another treat from Krispy Kreme in celebration of the UAAP. University doughnuts! Quiet sad that DLSU is not part of this year's yummy final four doughnuts but a bite of any of these is sure to get you smile :)

bring home a colorful dozen to share!

Krispy Kreme's Final Four doughnuts is coated with chocolate and sprinkled with colorful bits to represent each school. The doughnut itself is heavy much like their cake variants which is really satisfying. It's great to share when watching games on a Sunday just like the Marquez vs. Mayweather fight this afternoon.

Have a bite and visit your favorite KK Branch now and make your Sunday a more special one! :)

Easy and Shiny - New Look for your Old Dress

Inspired by my current obsession, The Hills and The City - where most characters wear easy short dresses paired with high heels. I reckon though how much "shorter" girls wear their dresses in L.A. but still, they look classy and kempt. It all boils down to the quality of fabric maybe?

Reduce the length of your dress without cutting by using a garter belt with a nice buckle. Instead of simply tying it around your waist, gather up your dress to the waist a little and tuck it out from the belt. It will also give you a new silhouette but don't go overboard in making your dress shorter. This trick would make you look taller and slender (fingers crossed :)

19 September 2009

Modu and The City : First Look and Review of the Modu Phone

Whitney Port of The City is in my Modu!

The Modu phone was just launched by Globe and now it's time to unwrap and unbox it!

Modu Terminal - can be fitted to any jacket depending on your trip

The Modu phone box comes with the charger, usb cable, and headphones. The USB Cable can be used to charge your Modu while you are using your laptop or computer and to transfer files such as music, photos, and videos to the Modu. The Modu phone is easily detected as a USB device, much like a USB stick.

Modu Folders - drag and drop your media files here

One of the best first things to do with a Modu is to connect it to your computer and load it with your media files. Just so you have more interesting stuff to show when people get curious about your tiny phone. The Modu comes with a PC suite but I find it unnecessary to install, especially when it requires a Microsoft .Net Framework. Again, simply have your Modu detected as a USB device and just drag media items onto the folders.

Modu phone in mini silver jacket loaded with music, photos, and videos

You can transfer media files with or without a Modu Jacket. When you buy your Modu Phone exclusively from Globe, you automatically get a free Modu Jacket. Without a jacket, your modu terminal can only make calls.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to insert my Globe Tattoo SIM. Use your fingernails or any pointed objects to lift and pull the rubber flap. Aside from that, everything went well.

Modu Teaser Advertisement: Must See!

Watch the video above to understand how your Modu phone can transform into more high technology gadgets that will change your lifestyle. With more jackets you can optimize the Modu phone like how it was destined to be by its creators. Grab your Modu phone now for only Php 7,999 with a free Tattoo Prepaid Kit exclusively from Globe :)

Modu and Jackets:

Texas Roadhouse Grill - Yeehah Cowboy!

Texas Roadhouse Grill
is probably the best modern-western saloon in the metro that offers urban cowboys and cowgirls the real flavors of the West. Starting with their thematic interior design, wooden panels and rustic photos/posters that seem to come from a cowboy movie are in place. It is safe to say that the place is oozing macho with yellow dim lights adding a sexy rugged ambiance.

The grill station is probably the best center piece inside Texas Roadhouse Grill. Here you can watch kitchen cowboys grill your steak to your preferred doneness.

Here's what to order on the menu to start your lip smackin' wild wild west experience:

Jessie James Sampler

Start your food trip with the Jessie James Sampler. The serving is good to share for around 3 persons and is composed of fish crispers, cheese crispers, and buffalo wings. The cheese crispers are the most fun to eat with melted and chewy mozarella cheese in crispy egg wrap. Reminds of cheese sticks that we loved to eat during highschool. The buffalo wings' spiciness comes at the end of the bite and is perfect with the garlic sauce. The fish crispers are just okay.

Texas Roadhouse Grill on's Foodie TV (Rib Eye Steak)

The rib eye steak as seen on the video is very tender and is best served in medium doneness. It is really very juicy and rich in marbling, read: melted fat that packs in a lot of flavor and melt in your mouth texture. It is great that the steak is served with seasoned vegetables for a healthier twist. This meal is great but would be really even greater if the steak got just a little bit thicker for die hard steak fans.

Famous Rib Eye Steak by Texas Roadhouse Grill

If you are having the rib eye steak, try to have it with their satisfying corn soup. The serving of the soups are just right and will give you ample tummy space for your steak. The corn soup has soft corn kernels and corn flakes that gives off the grainy yet creamy texture that is fun to have.

Shrimp and Salmon Skewer - suggested for seafood lovers who want their seafood soft and juicy on the inside

Texas Roadhouse Grill can be found in El Pueblo at the Ortigas Center or visit their first branch ever at Bonifacio Highstreet.

18 September 2009

Sex and The City 2 Movie Confirmed! Carrie Bradshaw is Back

This just in! received an email from Warner Bros. Philippines that Sex and The City 2 has started filming in New York. Returning in their starring roles as the four great friends are Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. All four of them, whew ~

Carrie Bradshaw is back! Photo from Sex and The City 2 Movie

The first movie raked in a total of $415 Million worldwide and the second movie is set to be released on June 2010. That's 9 months from now, I am excited - are you? :)

17 September 2009

Style Scene: Globe Launches the Modu Phone

The lightest fashion heavy-hitter awaits at Paul Smith

I just have to say that this is the most awesome launch I have ever attended. At Felix Restaurant in Greenbelt 5, a few bloggers and media people gathered for an intimate dinner with Globe.

Veca and Menxhie, fashionable Globe duo

Lauren, Lizz, and Helga

The "product" was revealed an hour later at Paul Smith and everyone got the chance to see real Modu phones for the first time ever.

Modu phones with Paul Smith's Toys

The Modu phones looked really chic with Paul Smith's collections as proven by a mini fashion show.

Everyone enjoyed front seats and wine at Paul Smith

Manny, Pao, Cecille, and Vanie


Modu phones are one of the simplest yet most innovative mobile phones you can ever get. It comes with different jackets for different use like the sports skin that you can attach to your arm while running so you can both enjoy music and be connected while doing your physical activities.

Me and my Modu

I am sure to run one of these days with this cool Modu, it also comes with an Immortal Txt SIM card that will never expire. More about the Modu phone soon!

Models and their Modu phones in different jackets