31 October 2009

Style Scene: Choco Lava Launch

At Kaya Korean Restaurant, I had the first taste of the newest chocolate drink endorsed by John Lloyd - Choco Lava. Surprisingly, the Choco Lava was served cold but it was as creamy as hot chocolate. According to John Lloyd who was across my table, Choco Lava is fat free and can be enjoyed without the guilt. Zero grams of fat and only 80 calories per serving :)

John Lloyd doesn't want to get fat!

“I hardly ever took chocolate beverages because they’re too fattening… but with Choco Lava, I now have a choice. I can enjoy a chocolate drink na hindi ako magsisisi in the end.” I also have to note how fresh John Lloyd looks this time, better than the last time I saw him. Maybe chocolate makes him happy?

Chele and Ginny of Stratworks

Trying out Choco Lava in style are other members of the press, friends from Stratworks, and fans of Mr. Choco Lava himself.

Choco Lava-holics

According to the Choco Lava team, the drink is really meant to be served cold as it can go with anything that way. It's a good treat during lunch breaks or to signal your relaxing me time at home.

Yet, I tried Choco Lava hot and it is just as good. Especially on rainy days, it's a guilt-free chocolatey activity for a happy midnight snack!

29 October 2009

Seven Confessions

Dress from Seven Confessions available at The Ramp.

Shiny and metallic are in, with the return of sequined dresses and skirts. For a more subtle and versatile look, be on the look out for semi-silky fabrics. I like fabrics with cottony feel but with a silky look. These fall perfectly on your body giving you a flattering ensemble while leaving you comfortable :)

26 October 2009

Jozu Kin - Sushi for the Metro Crowd

In a not so busy circle of Global City at the Fort, Jozu Kin attracts hungry and young sushi lovers looking for a place to chill. Hip music and beats are alive inside Jozu Kin, contrasting with their classy interiors that shed soft lighting, perfect for winding down or a romantic night cap.

The restaurant has two floors, both presenting a comfy laid-back ambiance. Spacious seating were occupied by yuppies matching their favorite sushi with a cold beer, families celebrating, and lovers sharing some exotic dish.

Start fresh with a traditional Kani Salad

Matsusaka Gyu, more delicate than Wagyu

Come as you are at Jozu Kin but when it comes to food, things begin to be Iron Chef serious. Foie Gras, Matsusaka Beef, Salmon topped with Oysters - just a few of Chef Jayme Natividad's (who worked side by side with Mario Batalli) creation at Jozu Kin, Japanese Gold.

Sushi in a Cone overflowing with fresh fish roe

Pan Seared Foie Gras

At Jozu Kin, they are never fully satisfied and every staff is looking to be better. Even when they can already come up with these artful plating of over the top Japanese food.

Fresh, tender and juicy Tempura

All menu items get the special master treatment and at different price points from Php 175 to Php 2,000 (for steak meals), every one is sure to pick, eat, and adore something.

An interesting must try: Ushi Ebi Sunburst

The best way to enjoy food at Jozu Kin is to order interesting menu items to share. Each item is a sure conversation starter from the way they are presented to their unexpected texture and flavors. Jozu Kin's menu pushes you to become more adventurous when it comes to food, after all that would make your night even more memorable than just ordering your usual California roll.

Tartufo Hotate is pan seared scallop with asparagus shitake mushroom and truffled brown butter

Personally, I am dying to come back to Jozu Kin as each menu item looks like a must-try. They have unique stock of fresh seafood and meat waiting to be served and devoured. Weekday or weekend, it's always a great time to experience Jozu Kin at Global City for yourself. Go now go!

24 October 2009

Floral on Top

Been watching floral layered skirts sashaying their beauty on the streets. I especially like tiered ones that are available in Mango and Topshop. But how about trying floral on top rather than bottom?

This floral top is vintage and belonged to my sister Joni. During the 90's, she and my mom shopped for her college clothes and this was one of them.

It has the same "fresh" simple effect which is more adorable in loose fabrics rather than fitting ones. You can do black + floral if you don't want to look that jolly. Just can't get enough of black.

22 October 2009

Bib Necklaces at The Ramp

Visited the Ramp yesterday for a quickie shopping fix and spotted these:

Embellished humongous bib necklaces at The Ramp

They also have shoulder pins that can be attached to your jackets for a Michael Jackson feel, really!

To die for!

Yet, one can easily create her own bib necklace with materials from fabric stores. The embellishments are also available in sewing supply stores, Divisoria maybe? I am torn between buying or just making but at Php 1,200 - if you have extra money to spare then you can grab any of these bib necklaces.

Dresses on Sale from The Ramp

Wear them with plain colored shirts or dresses. Imagine how many old pieces you can make new with a single piece. Oh how we love fashion! :)

Style Scene: Globe Tattoo's YOUniverse

The party scene inside Globe Tattoo's Micro YOUniverse

rocker boy + party girl

At the Market Market, Globe Tattoo simulated a micro-universe inhabited by four cool looking models. By using Globe Tattoo, everyone could command the models to do anything (anything except nasty)! Simply it showed how one can easily send SMS via laptops using the Globe Tattoo Kit aka the USB modem.

Menxhie and Vanie

Especially now when you load Php 30, you get unlimited texts for the day. I've tried this and it is amazing how you can send and receive texts from friends both via your notebook or mobile phone.

Jet Valle

Trying out the Globe Micro YOUniverse were Globe's head honchos, bloggers, and members of the press.

Last two on the right, Manny and Mari of Globe

Alette, Veca and Me

Gameops People

The activity area also featured tech and gaming booths showcasing the latest games and mobile phones. Including the new Modu phone and the new Modu jackets.

Stay tuned for the next Globe event coming your way :)

18 October 2009

Losing Weight with Tuna

First off, a healthy disclaimer - the following are my personal ways of losing weight by consuming a healthy amount of tuna. Before using the information below, seek your doctor's approval :)

The sexiest stays sexy with San Marino Tuna

Tuna is packed with protein, a 150g serving can contain up to 6-9 grams. This is about a cup of tuna which are readily available in can. Protein as a muscle builder, makes it easier to lose weight because more muscles mean more calories burned per activity. Tuna also has less calories at around 60 calories per serving compared to other protein sources like meat. Personally, the more tuna I consume, the less I crave other types of food like sweets or desserts. It satisfies the stomach quickly and is digested periodically by the stomach.

Here are ways to lose weight with tuna:

1. Quick Tuna Sandwich in the morning - if you want to go fast and easy, grab an egg - separate the whites and pour it in a microwave safe bowl. Add your desired amount of tuna, dash a bit of pepper and salt. Pop it in the microwave in low for about a minute. Scrape the egg which would now have the tuna in it in a round shape. Place in between wheat bread and enjoy!

2. Replace rice with tuna - there are tuna variants without any flavor and you can replace rice with a cup of tuna. Consume your viand as usual, as you would with rice. This will lessen your carb intake while increasing your protein sources.

3. Or, eat your rice with tuna - if you simply cannot fathom giving up rice, mixing it with protein such as tuna will already make it healthier. The proper serving of rice is no more than a cup. There are tasty canned tuna that goes well with rice such as the new corned tuna by San Marino. San Marino corned tuna also comes in chili flavor which is more enjoyable to eat than just plain tuna. The Omega 3 content of San Marino corned tuna is 390mg more which will help in preventing heart disease and heart attacks. I find that San Marino tuna also has less oil and simply more tuna in every can.

Stock up and eat straight from the can!

Eat your tuna after a rigorous activity or exercise, your muscles will absorb them even faster for ultimate muscle building and calorie burning power.

16 October 2009

Style Scene: Launch of Samsung LED HDTV - WiFi Enabled

If you haven't noticed yet, all televisions in Oakwood Hotel are from Samsung. It's just right for a real top of the line and first-class experience. Inside one of Oakwood's premiere rooms, experienced first hand how the new Samsung LED TVs can give a totally new meaning for personal and family entertainment.

Simulating a normal home, the Samsung LED TVs were positioned in the activity area, bedrooms, and even inside bathrooms! It is very easy to imagine owning an LED TV as technological as this.

Marko's super proud of the Samsung LED TV beside him

The new Samsung LED TV has built in WiFi which means you can enjoy YouTube videos directly on your LED TV. No need to boot up your notebooks or computers, simply lounge around your bed as you enjoy your favorite videos straight from the interwebtubes.

Samsung's Angels: Jene, Amby, and Jan

You can also enjoy movies directly from the USB 2.0 port or load pre-installed contents from the Samsung LED TV. The content library includes fun media such as a digital cookbook (ala cooking mama), games for kids and adults, music, and more. Additional content are free to download from the Samsung website.

The bigger the better! Ask about Samsung's Price Revolution in your favorite appliance center. The world's numebr one is within your reach (with freebies and special promos for every purchase!)

Of course, the world looks different inside the Samsung LED TV with ultra high definition, clear, and smooth motions. It simply gives a totally new experience in gaming and entertainment.

14 October 2009

Getaway Dinner at Ascott Hotel - Cafe on the 6th

I had the pleasure of experiencing what Ascott Hotel tucks under it's sleeves. From shopping at Glorietta which is just next door to Ascott, magically I was transported into a peaceful, cozy, luxurious yet casual environment. Meeting me on the Cafe on the 6th (because it is on the 6th floor of Ascott Hotel) where hungry friends eager to taste the dishes of Ascott's resident chef, Chef Dennis.

Laid back appetizers: chips, fish, and tempura in 3 different sauces

The Cafe on the 6th is perfect for a romantic date without disruptions. I mean, unlike any other restaurants, it is very unlikely to bump into friends here. One, because many are intimidated by the sight of hotel restaurants and two, everyone thinks the place is expensive. Let's make this our little secret shall we? The prices of Cafe on the 6th are the same as any casual diners where main dishes are priced between Php 350 - Php 450 and steaks at Php 1,000 +++. The bonus point lies on the ambiance, the view of the city skyline, and most importantly - the live piano music. Dining here is a great escape from the usual hustle and fastpaced setting of other places.

Ascott Hotel's Boneless Chicken Adobo

Spicy Caldereta

Cafe on the 6th serves both International and Filipino dishes. I had chicken adobo served with atchara and their special Beef Caldereta with spikes of spicy chilis. One thing I noticed about the food here is how they prepare Filipino dishes with a twist. Like I normally expect my adobo to be saucy but this time, the Chicken Adobo was not served with any sauce. Garlic flakes topped the meat which is tasty but without the oily texture of Adobo. The Caldereta was also the same, minimal sauce but big on spice - making you want even more.

Friends ordered Fish and Chips, Angus Rib Eye steaks, and Back Ribs. My eyes were wandering on their plates really. The cafe serves favorite sparkling water like Perrier and San Pellegrino. Dishes simply taste better when sparkling water cleans the palette.

First Grade Meaty Goodness!

Say you are on a diet and really want to impress your date, here's my advice: try their Organic Cheese Platter with shavings of multiple types of cheeses like pecorino and goat cheese. This is served with organic wheat flakes and olives. Look how sexy this plate is.

Also available is the Ascott Salad dressed with goat cheese.

Never choose between food and ambiance because Cafe on the 6th has both. Stay tuned for a preview of one of the best hotel rooms in Ascott, ever!

Compliments to the Chef!