30 November 2008

The best quick fix for a cystic pimple!

A big red acne bump on the cheek, nose or chin can ruin the most important dates of your life, but you should know that you can do something about it right away with the help of your dermatologist. Usually, cystic pimples or acne don't go away after a week and then it will leave a scar that can last up to a month.

Intralesional steroid injections can save your face and day, after 24 hours you'll notice that the cystic pimple you have has already flattened out and is almost unnoticeable. Intralesional steriod injections are sometimes called pimple injection in layman's term.

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I was in college when I first learned about it, and since my skin is acne prone - I just run to a dermatologist whenever I have a big unattractive and distracting cystic pimple on my chin. Just last week, I had to have my chin injected even before a monstrous pimple emerged. I had this done by my dermatologist who had a different approach.

After the injection, she put a pink solution over the bump. The bump became almost white that I had to place band aid over it so I can resume to my daily tasks without being distracted. When I came home and removed the band aid, the bump was almost gone. The next day, it was totally gone. Her method is the fastest I have ever experienced compared to the other dermatologists I dealt with.

Intralesional steroid injections costs a minimum of Php 200, depending on how many shots you need. Most of the time, one big bump just needs one shot. It is best to have a dermatologist administer this rather than spa or facial attendants to ensure that the procedure is safe and sanitary.

29 November 2008

Relax in Style at Fully Booked Boni High

6 floors of books, music, movies, stationery, coffee, and style - Fullybooked at the Bonifacio High Street provides a relaxing destination for the bookworms who want to read and shop in style.

For stylephiles, the 2nd floor is a haven of books by authors like Rachel Zoe, Nina Garcia and Camilla Morton.

I spotted the must have fashion and style titles that I only used to see at Amazon. Luckily, Fullybooked has passionate staff who are bookworms themselves. They say, they take the risk of importing new and niche titles to come up with a wide collection where every book is almost available. Fullybooked also negotiates with publishers here and abroad.

At the Boni High branch, it's quiet and serene, there are comfy reading chairs where you can browse interesting titles like The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia. If you're not sure of which book to grab, just ask this chic lady at the Lifestyle section.

See you there! :)

At High Street

Wore the weird sandals for the first time with old pieces. A black halter top layered with loose and almost vintage Esprit blouse and fave black shorts from Plains & Prints.

Thank you Jollibee!

Style and Relax was at the Jollibee Food Corporations party for the press and media. I won a Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD TV! :) read more at

27 November 2008

Disclosure Policy

Hi! Readers,

This is to disclose that participates in advertising and receives payments for including specific links within blog posts. However, the content validity and credibility of this blog is not affected by the said links which you may notice inside blog posts or as external links listed at the right side of

If and when a certain post is sponsored, be assured that it will be duly noted before or after the article.

Thank you and enjoy reading!

Style and Relax

26 November 2008

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On Brazilian Wax

First, Brazilian wax is not for everyone but some people like me prefer going bare down there. It's very fortunate that in Manila, Brazilian wax services are now being offered like an ordinary haircut.

Brazilian wax means everything would be waxed off your delicate area and this could be a very painful yet rewarding experience. Although, you gotta be very careful and choosy as to which salon you'd go to. Let me tell you a story from last week. Click on read more below :)

I was with a friend at this salon and I saw that they were offering Brazilian waxing. I am scheduled to go to this more popular joint but was a bit excited that day and opted to get the service done at the salon we were currently at. I asked the reception if they've been doing this many times with different customers and they said yes. It took about 20 minutes for them to prepare and I was asked to wash at the comfort room.

At first, it was great - I saw they had the correct waxing tools like the heater and the generic waxing cloths. The pain was bearable since I use to do this torture by myself and then came the surprising part. I wasn't really looking so I did not know if any hair was left unwaxed until the staff told me. She said that she'll just tweeze off the wax off my skin and get some unwaxed hair. It was okay but I didn't realize she left a lot of hair down there! I asked her if there are many and she said not much but I was lying there being plucked out like a helpless chicken. I so wanted to complain but my vajayjay was at her mercy so I just smiled and endured the torture. After a lot of painful tweezing, she said if I would like for her to try to just "thread" the unwaxed hair. What it's not yet over???

And she did thread away for like another 20 minutes. This story is very painful for me to write and I just wanted to eat a cow after that brazilian wax.

The only good part is I got the waxing done and down there looks pretty normal, it'll sound weird but I love it.

So, the lesson is choose a reputable salon for Brazilian wax, get referrals and ask friends where they have their Brazilian wax done. I already knew this but I was bored at that time and couldn't think of any other service to get.

After 2 weeks, I'd try the famous salon in Makati that specializes in Brazilian wax.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008

I love watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and this year will be shown on December 3 at CBS.

Karolina Kurkova at Victoria's Secret 2007 show

Too bad I am not in the US, for some inspiration - I am scouring the net for the video of last year's show.

The angels are ferosh! and I know it's a lot of hard work, discipline and dieting.

25 November 2008

Style and Relax Button

I want to thank my sister Liza for making a real cute button for Style and Relax :)

I'd also be opening a links section and if you have a blog similar to Style and Relax, send me an email at styleandrelax (AT) for some link love.

When you wake up feeling ugly

The first thing most women do in the morning is a quick glance at the mirror, followed by a closer look and inspection of what your face looks like today. Sometimes, it seems that sleep didn't do anything good because you didn't really get to sleep well.

I'm having one of those days, I am sleepless and I only got to sleep at 6 in the morning today! I woke up at 11AM and I think I look horrible. I can't do anything but try to recuperate today.

1. Drink TONS of water - to hydrate the eyes and skin

2. Yoga - to repair the flow of energy and oxygen to the organs that were affected by sleeplessness.

3. Tea bags for the eyes - to reduce the puffiness and dark circles

4. Take deep and full breaths to increase oxygen flow

5. Sleep early right after nightly facial routine - the nutrients would be better absorbed by the skin

That's all the realistic things I can think of to repair all the damage. What about you, how do you repair a sleepless night?

23 November 2008

Shoes with no name

How do you like these sandals/booties? I am not sure what to call it and that's why I brought them home!

I have been looking for gladiators but thought that by the time I get one, everyone's already wearing them. When I saw these, they look deconstructed which is great and it looks different.

I personally think the pair is a work of art! Now what should I wear them with?

19 November 2008

3 Things for the Lips

It's been months since I bought a lip balm because they always fail me. You know how some lip balms or glosses make your lips even flakier, leave a white film like dead lip skin that you end up pulling out causing blisters, or make your lips too gluey and sticky? You get the picture.

Finally found good lip products this week, plus just a cute purchase to make me happy.

Nivea Essential Night - keeps your lips hydrated and pretty at night even while you sleep. I have been using it for 2 days and I thinks it's great. I don't see white flakes of dryness on my lips when I wake up and even the entire day. Now I use it even at day time when I am at home :) It says on the instruction that you'd have to reapply every 5 hours but one application lasts me the whole day as in NO DRY LIPS at all. Thrifty!

Nivea Care Gloss and Shine (Pink Star) - Love the color and it's not sticky or too glossy. One dot is enough if you want natural pink looking lips. It's best for days out of the house, it doesn't cause white flakes too (like some lip balms/gloss) and it actually moisturizes so it's not just the natural shine you get.

It also has an anti-UV ingredient which is a big plus! I applied it every 3 hours on my test run because I was addicted in putting it on immaculately on my lips.

Peppermint + Mirror - I just read about them in forums and blogs, I told myself they are useless but on a bad day, I just had to buy it! There are tons of mint candies inside that'll give you instant breath freshness and the mirror is of a handy size, found it useful when applying the Nivea Care Gloss. Happiness!

Vintage Dress

Yesterday was a looonnnggg day, trip to the dermatologist, bank, shops, and a premiere night. I got the dress at an online vintage shop via Multiply, I love shopping at Multiply! It's like SM, they've got it all.

I wore black stockings again after a long time, I even had an emergency when my stockings ran and had a noticeable hole. Good thing I was in consumer land and got replacements ASAP. Unless it's design, you'd never want to get caught with holes or runs on your stockings x.x The dress was quiet short so stockings provided safety for me

The belt didn't come with the dress but it added the much needed waist silhouette. I loved this outfit, very comfortable and nice to wear.

17 November 2008

Ped Xing

Shirt with umbrella patches and my memorable umbrella from 7 eleven Hongkong. It's umbrella day! :) One of the patches' pattern is also the pattern of my school uniform back at St. Paul's.

See, you should always stay away from the sun and today I was extra protected with white framed sunglasses. Me thinks I need to work to grab a newer pair of boots. This is my favorite pair and what if they get worn out? *sighs*

14 November 2008

Cap, Sunscreen, and Umbrella

It sounds cliche to tell you that wearing sunscreen or sunblock is a necessity. But it just dawned on me now how those people who avoid the sun are reaping more beauty benefits!

Just look at Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives, her skin is uber-glowing because she has been avoiding the sun ever since. She wears tons of sunblock, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats and umbrella.

me suffering the Macau heat, no sun block!

UV rays cause reduced skin collagen that gives its elasticity or youthfulness, rough skin, sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.

When I got into my new facial regimen, I swore to avoid the sun by wearing sunblock with Parsol everyday. When I go out I wear a cap and match it with an umbrella. I think this will save me from getting botox or anti-aging treatments soon! :)

I encountered this during my research, they are identical twins at 59 years old. The second twin wore sunblock and avoided the sun, while the first failed to do so. Just look at the huge difference!

photo courtesy of

UV rays are reflected so even if it's cloudy or even when you are indoors, UV rays can still ruin your skin. So let's all wear sun block everyday and never forget our caps and umbrellas when going out :)

13 November 2008

Thinspiration: Heidi Klum plays Guitar Hero

It's a cloudy, kind of dull Thursday so let's look at some thinspiration - Heidi Klum plays guitar hero.

Heidi has three children and one hot body. She's very confident and comfortable with herself don't you think? :) She really is a super model.

Spotted: The Perfect Gladiator Sandals

Since opening this blog, my fashion third eye has awoken and everywhere I go I see nice clothes, shoes, and commend every woman for looking good.

I almost fell from my seat and choked on my McChicken sandwich when I saw this. Gladiator sandals were a trend before and now they made a come-back. They were never really extinct but I reckon that the fashion now blends well with this type of casual shoes.

If I was gutsy enough and if my face was not peeling like a zombie's (skin treatment), I would have asked the lady where she got it. But I didn't, so do you know where I can get these? :)

I've seen a handful of gladiators but most of them are OA or over-acting, this one is just right. Not standard but not overwhelming, it's perfect.

11 November 2008

Hello, Tommy.

It's been 10 years since I wore a watch, until today when I got this reversible Tommy Hilfiger.

When I saw my sister sporting branded watches, I told myself I'd only wear branded watches - until I can afford one. I didn't buy this one, it is heaven sent. Thanks be to God.

Although it is not Tissot or Rolex, Tommy is still Hilfiger - if you know what I mean.

Here it is. It is reversible, the leather strap could be white or navy red. I also wore the fresh sea pearl necklace my partner gave me. Freebies, I love them.

10 November 2008

A Girl for All Seasons

I had a great day today, starting from giving my aunt a lovely eyebrow trimming and ending with a Japanese dinner at home. In between, I squeezed in accompanying my aunt to the salon for a haircut and browsing (aka private reading) at a bookstore.

A Girl for All Seasons was generously opened and I had the privilege to hold, smell, and read it for the first time. The golden book features each month of the year and gives inspiration, advice, and noteworthy tips you can follow the whole year 'round. The content of the book is oozing with fabulousity as it comes from famous designers, personalities, and celebrities! Mahnolo Blahnik and Beyonce to mention a few.

The first chapter encourages every girl to keep track of their lives through writing, it even had a crash course for blogging - talk about being updated with the modern times right? I love it.

This is the perfect self-gift this season, it'll give us tons of ideas for new year's resolutions! :) I can't wait to have it for myself, read it during early mornings with a cup of coffee and a waffle. Purrfect!

Read the excerpt here

Make Up for Underarms?

Dark underarms have always been a problem of a lot of girls. It could be treated by underarm peeling or laser procedures, yet what if you are not ready for these treatments and want to have acceptable underarms asap?

I just discovered this "magic" online, I was actually surprised that there is makeup for underarms. It's called Mucca Muu Whitening and Deodorizing Underarm Makeup. It's available at Watson's for around Php 100.

It won't smear on your clothes or look funny when you raise your arms. If I spot one at Watson's i'll grab it and check it out for myself :) They say it also acts as deodorant but not for those who sweat heavily.

Have you tried this? Is it a thumbs up or does it seem gross to have makeup on your kili-kili?

09 November 2008

Get Ready for Chictopia!

I can't get enough of browsing this new website called Chictopia.

Fashionistas around the world get together here, post photos of their daily outfits, and even make Chictopia their blog. It's such a great reference for style and street fashion!

Manila has the second most number of users or uploads in Chictopia, around 143. It seems that taking photos of daily outfits is a growing hobby. I think it's a fab way to express your fashion sense and share it with everyone who are on the same fashion planet.

Do you have a Chictopia account yet?

07 November 2008

Fashion Finds at 168 Shopping Mall

168 Shopping mall surprised me yesterday with fashionable items that are half the price!

I saw chic layered necklaces which suit plain tops and shirt dresses. You can get 2 necklaces for 100 pesos. That means 1 necklace only costs 50 bucks. I see the same necklaces being sold in the mall or at multiply for around 300-500 pesos.

At the top floor near the food court, look for these shops for unique clothes imported from Korea, Japan, and Hongkong. There are limited items and each has a unique and fashionable design.

I also found gladiator sandals for only P230. I was not loaded with cash so I had to pass. I was able to score a thin brown belt for only 80 pesos though :)

If you have the time and the patience to go 168 mall, this is the perfect time to go just before the Christmas season.

04 November 2008

Who is your style inspiration?

I am not fluent with designers, labels, or even seasons yet I look up to the stars (read: celebs in Hollywood) when it comes to fashion. They wear it right (sometimes) and they set the trends.

I have been always fond of the Olsen Twins, I am still hung up on their "homeless" look as other people call it. Baggy tops, layered outfits, and boots - it's not the usual tight fitting ultra-feminine type of clothes you see everyday.

I also like the deconstructed-looking outfits by Commes des Garcons and I've recently found a new idol in the person of -

The Olsens have released a book called "Influence", I'd love a copy when I see one at the bookstore.

How about you? Who is your Style inspiration?

02 November 2008

At Halloween Party

Fatima is wearing an Alien Predator costume.

I am wearing the free black glittery mask from the party and a sequined black blouse paired with black capri pants.

Curly hair c/o the bendy rollers :)