31 October 2010

Philippine Fashion Week 2010: At Penshoppe After Party

Turned my flowy gray cardigan into a blouse with unexplainable shape. Pin one end of your cardigan up your shoulder with a pin. Underneath is my 100 peso romper with black stockings :)

30 October 2010

Philippine Fashion Week 2010: Oxygen Runway

Photos from the Oxygen Philippine Fashion Week 2010 runway.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

The message is clear - mid drifts are back and flat tummies are in. Goodbye rice! I guess deconstructed style is flowing towards the mainstream now. Yet Oxygen knows how to do it right, some labels might still be playing safe with just twitches of elements from this style such as uneven cuts, over-sized fabric, and sharp layers.

Oxygen also showed the new way to wear their accessories. Made of small links but alas, more stylish and versatile to wear. I like it as sleeves for the sleeveless shoulder. See more about it on the slideshow.

Photos taken by my husband Azrael Coladilla.

28 October 2010

Philippine Fashion Week 2010: SM Department Store x Parisian Shoes Runway

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Fashion: Parisian Fashion Week

I said I won't go to any Philippine Fashion Week Show this year because of the hectic schedule. But then, a ticket landed on my hands for the SM Department Store's and Parisian Shoes' Fashion Show. I couldn't resist.

Wore this gray outfit. I knew everyone would be dressed to kill but just to be different - chose a simple dress.

Thank you to my sister Liza who took the wacky photo. We were just so giddy about the clothes and shoes :)

I love the department store and almost all my shoes are Parisian.

In fact, here is my newest pair. Tonight was their first day out, and to the Parisian shoes fashion show where their brothers and sisters walked the runway.

I'll come back with the runway report. The fashion show gave me lots of ideas on how to mix and match in house brands of SM Department Store. I die!

27 October 2010

Dining: Focaccia - A Slice of Italy

My first rolled pizza experience was in Focaccia, their first branch was opened in A. Venue at Makati. How could anyone forget the crispiness of alfalfa sprouts enveloped in a thin crust of flavorful Italian pizza?

Now Focaccia has rolled out a new branch in The Fort, where more customers can fit in and easily locate the resto. Compared to the A. Venue branch, the newly opened store feels more relaxed and casual with their white and red cosmopolitan fixtures.

My first impression about Focaccia was that it is an expensive joint. Yet, after reading their menu - I was surprised how affordable they are and note that their servings are huge.

Pasta meals are around Php250- Pho 350, while their rolled pizzas start at just Php 250 and I think, 4 people will be stuffed with just one serving. Now let's start with the appetizers:

Spinach Artichoke Formaggio

Spinach Artichoke Formaggio was just one of the appetizers we tried but I want to focus on it because it was the best. Vegetables in appetizers are at least, healthier and the creamy texture spread on toasted italian bread was heavenly. Unlike other Formaggio I've tried, this was less salty and oily. There's also a generous serving of the cream itself. You'd maybe find yourself looking for more bread :)

Ze soup trio!

Many do not order soups as starters because it makes the tummy full right away, but with the soup trio - you and your companions can enjoy soups in 3 small cute cups. Served with fresh croutons. You'll enjoy sipping it. I like the pumpkin soup best. Order the soup trio and impress your mates.

I tried a number of pizzas, yet I will focus on the best and recommend for you - to order the Slice of Italy Pizza. Simple toppings such as salami, mushrooms,and white onions - the bread's quality and texture stands out. As it is easy on the palette, it goes well with the alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves which you will roll onto this thin crust pizza.

At Focaccia, it is best to order light because you need to save room for more Italian dishes aside from their signature pizzas. I am talking of dishes like this:

Seashells Pasta with Seafood Sauce

I normally dislike anything seafood but Focaccia had the right recipe for this one. It was my favorite among all the pastas served. Paired with anything bubbly like a bottle of my favorite Pellegrino, it is simply - delizioso!

Focaccia is located at The Fort Strip and at A. Venue in Makati :)

23 October 2010

Fashion: Audrey Hepburn shirt from Forever 21

I want to scream! it is grey and it has Lola Audrey on it!

Will be homebased until Monday (I hope), for sure by the time I get to Forever 21 - this will be gone. sob sob.

Beauty: There's REAL Gold in new Pond's Products!

At M Cafe, beauty bloggers got together again for another dinner with Ponds. Everyone beat the storm to have the first dibs on the new product line inspired by Cleopatra's beauty regimen.

Jules and Jacq of Pond's

History says Cleopatra has a golden mask as in gold (AU in the periodic table). She puts it on every night to promote the absorption of whatever beauty product she was also using that time. Too bad for her, Pond's was not yet available heehee

Beauty bloggers Lizz and Me with OgilvyOne's Maan and Nica - obviously I look stressed out, give those golden products to me!

Her golden beauty regimen held truth and now Pond's has integrated real gold into the latest Pond's Gold Radiance line. Pond's Gold Radiance targets dullness which appears as uneven skin tone, dryness, and pale skin. It is formulated with revitalizing energies of real gold micro-particles & the world’s leading anti-aging active ingredients that stimulate skin’s natural regenerative processes.

This is the eye cream. I'm going to start using it while I'm in my 20's

Anyone who uses this will surely feel like a million bucks and although this is an exclusive, upscale line from Pond's - it is still more affordable than a gold facial where a thin layer of gold is spread onto the skin.

The line has a facial foam wash, day cream, and night repair - all are infused with gold micro-particles. Just looking at the products made me feel giddy and hesitant to mess up the packaging because they are just too pretty and shiny! Although I am putting the facial wash to the test first and tell you how it went. Currently, I am still using Pond's Clear Solutions.

Shipment for the Pond's Golden Radiance line begins before the end of November :)

I will hold a promo soon for you my dear readers, and the prize will involve a signature bag. Stick around! :)

21 October 2010

Fashion: BUM Holiday 2010 Collection

Say hello to BUM's holiday collection kiddos. BUM combines Goth and streetwear and create statement-making pieces that appeal to the youth’s inner rebel. I like how they infuse Victorian and Edwardian fashion trends. It even throws in some elements from the Medieval architecture for good measure.

For BUM's Holiday Collection, it’s all about new textures and edgy treatments. Whereas before the brand’s Back-to-school collection consisted mostly of graphic stripes and outrageous prints, the BUM’ new collection takes inspiration from Gothic fashion. With monochromatic and dark hues as the key colors, the collection is a complete antithesis of the usual bright, colorful palette associated with the Holiday season. Expect more vivid reds, deep purples, chocking blues, and stark whites.
Wear it like this

Much like what you see in Japanese streetfashion. My tip in wearing these pieces is to create a clean look especially with make-up. Take a cue from the models. I know lots of teens wear goth fashion, it looks better when you make time to tend to your hair and face.
Love the tutu!

New treatments, which no other brand has ever done before, will also be introduced in this collection. Rayon, a synthetic silk-like fabric that is commonly used as draping in evening gowns and other flowing garments, for instance, has found its way into BUM’s new statement pieces. It has been combined with cotton and “burned out” to make it look as though it were one seamless piece.

BUM is available at all leading department stores nationwide.

Fashion: All Aboard 2!

This week has been crazy and so the best way to deal with busy spontaneous days is to wear comfy clothes that can help you cruise through time and space! Wearing the white loose tee from Liberte, my usual cardigan, and Promod shorts.

Taken inside the Nuvali Bus of AyalaLand.

20 October 2010

Fashion: Liberte

Effortless fashion is in, actually I've been seeing lounge wear style of clothes like these from Liberte that can be found inside Robinson's Department Stores. If you ask me, affordable up to date clothes are all hanging in department stores (both SM and Robinson's have their own labels). Liberte is Robinson's own.

I love this cut. Came back for this today :)

A closet essential, perfect loose white tee. Makes anyone look thin, promise.

So red and grey at the same time! I'd wear this with super tight skinny jeans.

This one is so anime! I didn't get it though, opted for a plainer dress.

Shopping is so therapeutic.

19 October 2010

Lunch with Samsung Galaxy S5 @ Damaso

My friend, O of Samsung sent us a surprise invitation for a lunch out at Greenbelt 5. I am a sucker for anything Greenbelt 5, I just love the silence and peace (also the underground parking).

Now I also like this Ostrich Steak from Damaso where we ate.

Intimate dinners and lunches are starting to crawl up to our calendars because Christmas is coming soon. Time for thanksgiving for brands' success like Samsung's past product launches.

In between bites, we played with the latest Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Different apps are so fun to play with, we lost ourselves in an app where a pussy cat mimics your voice and talks after you.

More than a techie Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with fun that's fit fo the new "it" lifestyle. I think I can use one for entertaining this Little Sir.

You can download different applications in the Samsung Store, this lady called Rain has spent thousands of pesos downloading them. No wonder she's Samsung's Tech Product go to Girl.
Rain likes to download apps all the time!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also wide and touch screen. I can easily think it is an iPhone but of course it's not. We tried the phone's built in camera and I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. I am not so much into downloading applications but taking photos and surfing via mobile, all of that the Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers, plus - a stylish looking mobile accessory with its sleek black design.

I have one tip for those who will download applications. They should be downloaded directly onto the phone and not be saved via the SD memory card. We did that with the talking cat and it just stalled, if you download other apps directly then you won't have any problems and run each of them smoothly :)

17 October 2010

Shopping: Robinsons Department Store has a Warehouse Sale!

This used to be an extension of Toys R' Us at Robinsons Galleria. Zoom in and you'll see it has become a "secret" nook of interesting stuff on sale.
Robinsons Warehouse Sale from October 15 to November 8

I've been eyeing clothes but my interest landed on these cool, crazy, cheap bags. Felt like I was in a totally different place.

For the milk mama

This one is on my top list, best for a breastfeeding mommy like me! Cow print large tote bag. And I think I found Louis Vuitton's Murukami Cherry's cousins :-

At the Warehouse Sale, your 10 pesos can get you something cool:-

Coolest bag I ever saw. Belt bag/pouch perfect for shopping in bazaars or Divisoria this Christmas season! I am also planning to garage sale lots of items at home. This will be very handy dandy and super cute too :)

These looks like a bunch of cellphone holders from afar. But these pouches can be attached to your arms just like Lara Croft's gadgets.

Cool diba? I remember one mom in St. Paul Pasig wearing this as she picked up her kids. It looked great on with a black sleeveless top. Lara Croft and Resident Evil style!

Just Php 27.00

I had so much fun going through all the stuff on SALE at the Warehouse, obviously. And maybe you can get this for your workaholic boyfriend:

Hold it like a man purse, or like a slim briefcase for important docs.

I am sure you can find even cooler items than I did! Just head to Robinsons Galleria Department Store where Maricar Reyes and Dawn Z. likes to shop for bargains as well. The Warehouse Sale is ongoing until November 8. There will be new items weekly :) Me, I am going back tomorrow for more.

So long shoppers!

Style Scene: Globe GCASH launches ATM Card

(L-R) Rizza, Don, Richie, Paolo, and Joanne - all from GXI showing off the latest ATM Card to flash in town

At Conti's Greenbelt 2, a new breed of ATM cards was launched by the creative minds behind Globe. GCASH ATM Cards can be styled anyway you like, it can have a photo of you, your favorite pair of shoes, or even your favorite chihuahua.

From the right, Charo of Globe and friends

Coy and Menchie

Here's me trying to decide which photo to choose

You actually have two opportunities to put two pictures on, front and back of your GCASH ATM card. I had my son's photo in front and one 1x1 photo of myself at the back. I could be more creative but I think I want my family picture anywhere I go, hence the GCASH ATM.

I wrote about how to apply for a GCASH ATM Card online here.

Media from the finance and business sectors getting excited to ask questions

I met Jun, a financial writer and we talked so much about money

Bloggers Lalaine, Coy, and Azrael

Now stop reading and try to get your own GCASH ATM card, just click on this image below:

I can't wait for my GCASH ATM card to be delivered! I actually want to apply for two so I have more personalized ATM cards.

15 October 2010

Fashion: Wicked Leather Flats

Whose wicked shoes are these?

So soft and light! As if they are wrapped around those subtle feet and toes. Looks like cloth but it is strong leather. I wished the pair was mine but no. Meet the face of the shoe's master:

Beauty blogger Phoebe Ann!

I am lucky she told me where I can get a pair. I wouldn't tell, you should visit her blog at

I wish I have time to get one already x.x hellooo Santa.

14 October 2010

EVENT: I wish Yuko Was Here - Sunsilk's Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunsilk Co-creations has been very successful with the combined efforts of traditional, online, and creative advertising. Even before I received all the Sunsilk Co-Creation variants on my door, I was already using Yuko Yamashita's Smooth and Manageable pink shampoo.

But now I have falling hair post-pregnancy and labor, I am using Sunsilk hair expert, Francesca Fusco's Hair Fall control.Then I also chopped my hair at Tony and Jackey.

Me and everyone from Uniliver and Bridges

I guess most really like the "Pink Japanese Sunsilk" and what better way to celebrate it than a dinner at the Japanese restaurant called Jozu Kin. With other beauty bloggers, we shared our experience with Sunsilk to the representatives from Uniliver. They were all working in high heels, so fasyon working girls.

Beauty Bloggers: Shen and Phoebe

I wished Yuko Yamashita would materialize in front of us, but the team told me if I join the ongoing Sunsilk Co-Creations Contest, I could be in New York with my favorite hair expert - and so can you! Here's how to join:

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Who amongst the hair-experts do you want to meet?

1. Take a photo of your expert-touched hair while holding a bottle of any New Best-Ever Sunsilk variant. Be creative and show why you love and trust the Hair Experts.

2.Send the photos with the following:-

- 150-word essay explaining why you deserve to meet the experts
- full name
- e-mail address
- mailing address
- contact number
- a link to your Facebook profile

3. Email the entries to or upload it at, where you can also see the complete contest mechanics.

Good luck to all contestants! Now excuse me while I surf for IZOD Center tickets, New York Knicks tickets, and even Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets. I'm tasked to write about these today x.x