31 October 2008

Bio Sculpt at Belo for Toned Thighs

At the Belo Podium Open House last night, guests were given the chance to try a buffet of treatments for the face and body. I chose the Bio Sculpt to try and make my thighs smaller or toned.

There is no prep time for the Bio Sculpt, all I had to do was lie down and the staff connected the wires to my thighs. I was nervous on what to expect but it wasn't painful at all, just a bit of gulat/surprising factor. Read more after the jump.

The wires send some sort of medium frequencies to the area, making it vibrate or more like electrocuted in a good way. I could feel the electrons or frequency like millions of ants crawling through my thighs and squeezing my muscles.

Each session would last 30 minutes and to get noticeable results, 15 sessions are needed at around Php 1,500 each. The Bio Sculpt is for toning and is best for people who go to the gym with less fat. For fat burning and skin tightening, you can try the Tenor or the Lipo Lite.

Outfit for the day was a dress I got at, I love the geometric lines.

30 October 2008

Belo Podium Open House Today

See you all later at the Podium!
For more information, visit

29 October 2008

Balloon Shirt Dress + Beaded Necklace

If you've noticed how the previous photos in Style and Relax have no faces, it's because I originally planned to maintain this blog faceless and nameless. At a networking event, I realized how it would be tough to market and promote a blog if I continue doing so - I mean, headless or blurry faced.

If you don't know yet, here's me and my recycled outfit at the networking night :)

Its a balloon shirt dress with a gartered seam at the bottom. It crunches the fabric, hence the balloon effect. In a rush, the safest bottom to wear it with was black leggings or tights.

I threw in an old beaded necklace with earthy colors for the outfit to have a new look. Luckily, it worked! Without the necklace, the outfit would look too plain or like a Peter Pan costume!

If you have an old outfit, try reinventing it with accessories and you'll save both on time and money.

28 October 2008

Bag Organizer - Switch Bags in Seconds!

I have so much unused bags that rot in the closet, I'm lazy to transfer my stuff from one bag to the next. Hence, I end up just using one bag all the time.

Bag organizers are not new but I just discovered that they are available now in department stores. You don't need to order them in multiply or wait for a tiangge or bazaar to spot them.

I remember seeing them once in a bazaar and the price was a hefty P500 for one bag organizer. This one, I saw at SM department store for only P180.00, it looks quiet a bit different from the usual bag organizers that are foldable. This organizer is like a bag that you put inside a bag. There are multiple pockets or sections so you don't have to reach all over your bag for your lipstick or mobile phone. I hate it when things mysteriously disappear inside my bag, only to know they are just inside tucked in one dark corner of the bag. Whew.

Also, I guess bag organizers are good for your bag's health since it would protect the real bag from scratches or spills from powder, perfume, etc. Good eh?

The only thing I don't like about it are the handles, maybe it's better to cut them up as I would imagine they might stick out of the real bag.

27 October 2008

Caraderme Clinic

It doesn't hurt to become beautiful but sometimes, stress takes it toll on us and overtime work creates skin damage you wouldn't have imagined! Finding a great dermatologist who can make miracles happen that won't wipe out your wallet is hard. Well, I suggest that you try Dra. Gatmaytan of Caraderme Clinic.

Caraderme Clinic at Makati

The first time I heard of Dra. Gatmaytan and her Caraderme clinic was in GirlTalk forum. A lot of women are raving on how Dra. Gatmaytan improved their skin, mostly their backs that have suffered from acne.

Some creams from Caraderme, including the Body Cream which should be stored inside the refrigerator to keep them cold.

Who wouldn't rejoice at the fact that after 4 weeks, you'll get your own sexy back that you can show off on the beach? I myself have tried it and it's like a miracle.

Dra. Gatmaytan also offers other services such as Diamond Peels, Chemical Peels, Face Cleaning, and everything else for a beautiful new you.

Right now, I am trying her face treatment that makes your face red and cause peeling for about 2 weeks. Caraderme has a website at the complete list of services and prices are published here, together with their contact details. In Caraderme, you don't have to fall in line or wait for hours, you have to call for an appointment and come on time.

If you found this post useful, please do leave me a comment.

26 October 2008

How to Use Bendy Rollers and Curlers

bendy rollers curlers
I have been looking for these bendy rollers, also known as bendy curlers. Luckily, I found them in Watsons as SM Mall of Asia for around Php 200 +. It was my first time to use them and here's how to use bendy rollers to achieve lovely curls overnight!

how to use bendy rollers
Step 1: Take the bendy rollers or curlers out of the box. Section your hair into two. Work on one side first. If you want to achieve large and big curls, then roll a thick part of your hair into one bendy curler. You can achieve big curls if you will use 4-5 bendy rollers on each side of your hair.

For smaller and tighter curls, roll hair thinly on each bendy. You can use 6 bendy rollers on each side of your hair.

Step 2: To secure the bendy rollers, bend their tips upward. Make the ends meet so that your hair won't fall or the rollers won't become loose. The tighter you secure them the better. Leave them on as you sleep or for approximately 6 hours.

If you are in a rush, blow dry your hair while they are curled into bendy rollers. Do not concentrate the blow drier on the rollers, just ensure that your hair is absolutely dry.

bendy rollers and curlers

Step 3: Remove the rollers by unbending the ends, pull them out slowly. Tada! You can now enjoy your instant curls!

Practice makes perfect, you can also try to part your hair on the side and not in the middle. To make curls last, blow dry them. NEVER comb your hair, just use your fingers to toss and style them.

23 October 2008

Boots, Pearls and Scarf

Bloggers strut their personal style at Trinoma on a rainy day.

Belted shirt dress paired with soft wrinkled boots.

On Aileen, smart casual boat neck blouse accented with pearls and a scarf.

22 October 2008

That Chocolate Thing at Bubba Gump

Look at this, it's extreme chocolate pleasure in a jar. This is the latest addition to the dessert line of Bubba Gump!

It looks like a guilt-full of dessert and the styling is just very tempting.

The jar is about to explode with the creaminess of vanilla icecream and whipped cream on top, the bottom is malten hot chocolate, just like the lava inside a volcano!

"That Chocolate Thing" is perfect when you just have to reward yourself with extreme chocolaty pleasure. Taste and relax with this dessert at Bubba Gump Trinoma or Greenbelt.

Best to enjoy by yourself, you know you deserve the full jar, don't you?

21 October 2008

Forrest Gump at Bubba Gump

I asked him, "How would you describe your style Forrest?"
He said, "One word, Nerdy!"

bubba gump forrest gump

Here is Forrest, striking a fashion pose for Style and Relax.

This is Steve Weber, we met at Bubba Gump Trinoma and he is the official Forrest Gump speaker/ impersonator that travels the world as Forrest Gump.

His coat is from his "momma", plaid print polo "his favorite", American flag socks, and Nike rubber shoes, not to forget his trunk/ vintage suitcase and box of chocolate - pretty funky Mr. Gump.

20 October 2008

Just Arrived - Nine West Element 9 Bags

Nine West bagged me at first sight when I saw the Element 9's on their window. Above are some of the items in the collection, the sales staff said they just arrived.

The bags are made of jacquard fabric which gives them the sophisticated but chic look.

Which Nine West bag do you like? I like the medium shopper which is roomy but not too big. It also has inside pockets for small items like mobile phones, accessories, or wallets.

Flight Attendant and Lawyer

Chic and classy, perfect for a long night of catching up with friends.

On Andrea - casual blue top paired with straight jeans, accessorized with a long beaded necklace. Metallic shoes and bag.

On Thil - little black dress paired with black slip ons, contrast added thru a silver metallic hand bag.

18 October 2008

Dinner + Product Launch + Party

Metallic gold dress paired with knitted jacket. Nine West leather hand bag.

16 October 2008

Hunt for the Shiny Leggings - Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings

Do you know where to get these shiny latex leggings that Ashley Olsen is wearing?

I do! After some eye-popping research, I've found out that they are called the Kova & T Oxy Latex leggings. They look hot to wear but they look so cool!

The pair can be bought online, if you google Kova & T, there are a lot of international online stores that carry them. They are also available in Ebay ( I hope they are the real ones though ).

Prices are around Php 2,500 to Php 5,000.

Look at these Balenciaga Stretch Leather Leggings:

Damage - US$ 1,000 ++ at Ebay

If you have these Kova or Balenciaga leggings, what would you wear them with?

Dance Halloween away for Free!

Time to relax and chill this Halloween! It's going to be a Clear Black Night ~

Announcement from Aileen Apollo

What: Clear Black Night, a Halloween Dance Event
When: October 31, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m. (to super sawa!)
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket, Mall of Asia)
Attire: Come in Sexy Black (no need to for costumes!)
What to expect: Just be in party mode and get a chance to win instant prizes! Everything's going to be Fun! Fun! Fun!

Join us! Register here. To check if you've been registered go here.

It's just a week away, kindly spread the word! And see you!

14 October 2008

Hair Color Story - Step by Step Hair Coloring

Before After

With the help of our local hair dresser, here are simple steps in coloring your hair! It's always best to grab a friend for help, it's tricky to evenly color your hair by yourself.

Step 1: Mix the hair color out of the box, use a comb with a brush at the back. Similar to what hair dressers use. If not available, you can use a flat single row comb that has thin spaces in between. Gather your hair on the top of your head by using a clamp.

Step 2: Color you hair in sections, around 4 sections starting at the bottom part of your hair. Work your way up until you reach the front section. Brush remaining mixture all over your hair. Gather your hair again to the top and secure with a clamp. Waiting time begins here.

Step 3: After 40 minutes to 1 hour, touch your hair with the palm of your hand. If color sticks on your hand, you have to wait longer. If no color sticks on your hand and it becomes oily, then you are ready to wash your hair.

Step 4: When washing your hair, do not forget to finish it off with the conditioner which comes with the hair coloring kit. Thoroughly wash the hair color mixture off of your hair with water.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair so that the color is secured, to dry your hair faster - you can do this in front or beside an electric fan. This is the last step and you will now see the results. Your hair color will become more obvious after 2-3 days (based on experience). It is suggested to skip washing your hair for the next 24 hours.

For some reasons, hair coloring makes your hair look more shiny and vibrant :)

Hair Color Used : Revlon Color Silk - Light Brown

Related Post: Hair Update

13 October 2008

Weekend Shopping with Family

Long plaid polo shirt at the mall

The shirt, if it were a bit longer can do without the shorts. It should also look nice with a simple belt around the waist.

12 October 2008

A Rene Barbier Experience - Relax and Enjoy with Wines

Here's a great and luxurious way to wash your worries away with. Wine drinking feels rather classy, you can enjoy it alone or with friends - it doesn't matter because it makes you feel better and relaxed no matter what.

rene barbier wine
It's good for your health (heart) and not to mention, wines look good on you! Just be careful not to stain your dress.

Based on experience from the Rene Barbier wine appreciation night, the best wine to lift up your spirit and make you feel bubbly are white sparkling wines like the Rene Barbier Petillant White Pearl wine. The aroma and taste are not too strong and it's a great companion in maintaining a long conversation with friends. Sparkling white wine are best served chilled, it is so smooth that you barely notice how much you have consumed.

rene barbier wines
Traditional or classic red wine has a strong aroma, full fruity taste, and is preferred to be served warm. I can see this wine being served for serious dinners - for serious wine fans. Try the Rene Barbier Classic Merlot + Tempranillo.

It's very nice to drink and enjoy wines alone, in your own time. While listening to your favorite music, or feel like somewhere elegant by listening to classical light or classical crossovers - the experience is nirvanic.

rene barbier wine appreciation night
Thank you to Rene Barbier wines for hosting the wine appreciation night!

09 October 2008

Long Shirts + Skinnies

Long shirts look very casual and comfy, paired with skinnies whether tight hugging pants or leggings, they can create an effortless but chic look.

With leggings or tights, you have to choose quality ones. Leggings used below have two tiny buttons as details for the end hems. Usually you can get a pair of leggings that have lace details at the end, I would suggest a different style as lace trimmed leggings are already usual. To polish this look, you can use closed shoes like above (the Hush Puppies Sonnet) or maybe a nice pair of gladiators.

Long shirts (include polo dress shirts) are also suitable to tight or skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans are crisp when paired with black leather boots as well. Here, the beige skinnies are paired with black boots.

Shopping for long shirts are tricky, I suggest the shop in Hongkong called In Fashion. In the Philippines, I spotted some great ones in Zara at the Shangrila Mall - price is around Php 1,500 - 2,000.

08 October 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Trailer

Here it is! From our fave book to the silverscreen, Confessions of a Shopaholic:

It's to come on 2009 yet readers should remind themselves that you can't squeeze all the details of the book into a movie. Although it seems like the movie has taken a more American version of the book, I can't wait to watch it.

Look at Isla Fisher's face as she entered the shop, I bet everyone can relate to that!

Hair Update

Challenging days call for drastic makeovers. If you want to forget something, work on your crowning glory and everything else becomes haze.

At Watson's yesterday, I noticed that Revlon Hair Colors are on sale. You can get them at Php 355 or around $6 and some boxes have a coupon for a free Lip Glide lipstick as well! I got this for myself:
In a trip to Hongkong, you'll notice almost everyone is blonde and every hair is colored. Most girls have curled hair and it looks real good. One thing you'll learn is if you take care of your hair and with the right hair color/style, your look is automatically updated! Blonde though is too striking for me so I chose light plum brown.

Where do you get your hair colored? I prefer buying this DIY boxes and bring them in a local beauty parlor. The staff will do the coloring and you just need to pay them for labor, around Php 100 or $2.

06 October 2008

Dream Bag: Jelly Jacquard Lil Riz Tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Time to dream about the boldest bags that will add shock to any outfit.

I was looking at an online shop called ShopBop and saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag:

Jelly Jacquard Lil Riz Tote

Black and pink says "rock" and I think this bag is edgy whilst maintaining a pinky girlish side. I am no fashion guru but I guess a simple casual outfit would go best with this $300 designer bag.

Have you ever tried shopping online for bags/clothes? I haven't and wish I could try it soon.

I also have a crush on this Standard Supply Bucket bag:

*images courtesy of

05 October 2008

Tea Time!

Is your boyfriend, boss, husband or anyone stressing you out and you just want to get away from it all?

Take a deep breath and consider this quick escape that's good for both mind and body.

Ever since ancient china, people have been drinking different types of tea. This explains the many tea cups and pots complete with their majestic designs that are unearthed after thousands of years.

The ritual of tea making is relaxing as it is, the images of flowing water and rising steam, the light tea leaves floating on your tea cup - it can take your worries away and let you focus on this calming experience.

Find yourself a nice spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Some place quiet with openings to let the air touch your face, maybe a place where you can see some trees or greens as well. Open up your windows and bask in this "me" time.

It doesn't matter if your tea is instant, it will wake your brain up (caffeine) and let you consider things more carefully. Should you dump him, should you resign, etc. you can think of these slowly with a clearer mind during tea time.

Tea time gives yourself an opportunity to center your thoughts, just like in Yoga. Also, there is a saying that in silence, you will find the answer. If you are just starting this ritual, have a sweet cookie with you or even a piece of chocolate - it will add sweetness to the bitter taste of tea and give you a more enjoyable experience.

Tea is alright without sugar or milk, how do you prepare or intend to prepare your tea? I drink tea everywhere, do you have a special spot for tea time?

04 October 2008

First Post and Shoe - Hush Puppies Sonnet

If Cinderella marks her transformation with a glass slipper, I mark the first post of this new blog with a Hush Puppies black patent Sonnet. Like Cinderella, I wish for a whole new world - free from demanding work and filled with bright and shiny tomorrow.

My first pair of Hush Puppies are from overseas, it is a pair of black boots that are the most comfortable boots ever. When I bought it, I overheard a lady said "This is my first comfortable shoes ever! I have never worn anything like this!" and she is right. I could not wait to grab a second pair of Hush Puppies ever since. It's the perfect shoe to celebrate a new comfy lifestyle and freedom from work.

What is your favorite brand of shoes?

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