28 May 2009

Fake Cigar

I was reading the city paper today and read that The Sartorialist is in Melbourne. Wow, I can't believe I am at least in the same city where he is.
All puffy in knitted jacket from HK, pinned with a flower brooch, balloon skirt, and metallic flats.

26 May 2009

The Brooches of Degraves

Early today I walked to Degraves, a small tiny street in the city where coffee and pastry shops are plenty. In between are small boutiques selling clothes, shoes and accessories.
These animal brooches caught my eye

My mom collects them and I often borrow, this was a great opportunity to add more pieces to her collection.

Spiders, lady bugs, sea horses, octopus, swans, etc. It's a zoo of brooches! :)

24 May 2009

1870 Victorian Dress - Self Portraits

Lace Llanora, 1850-2009

Preparations prior portrait photographs - different hats for different times and occasions of the day.

Victorians change clothes at least 4 times a day, for breakfast, tea, dinner, etc. Don't you wish you lived during the 1800's?

Family Portrait

22 May 2009

Real Marching Bands

Best fashion experience so far! Matching the Ralph Lauren Marching Band top with the real marching bands:

The place is called Sovereign Hills, time must have stopped here during the Victorian Era. Horses, soldiers, chivalry, and ladies in olden attires.

Kryal Castle

Dressed for the occasion? Check.

21 May 2009

Nine West Upscale Large Cross Body

Meet my new glitzy shiny bestfriend:

Convert this stylish snake print bag from a cross body to a hand held tote. Metal hardware, nylon lining and mobile phone pocket.

I like the Nine West stores here in Melbourne and Sydney because they have more updated stocks and hip styles. Usually, I wait for relatives to send me Nine West bags - thank you all!

But this one, my mum got for me while shopping at Don Caster.

19 May 2009

Try not to Fall - Balloon Skirt

Balloon Skirt from Sports Girl - can make any girl very happy!

Perfect for Iceskating in Wonderland Park, Docklands

I like this Window

At Don Caster Shopping Centre, Peter Alexander's Store Front

Never Single

Don Caster Shopping Centre

You're never alone girl - real friends hang inside the closet. Magical shoes take you to places and bags always ready to be filled with love and more stuff.

17 May 2009

Bowling and Dancing

Afternoon: Bowling at Strike Bar Melbourne

Tricks: The white dress (yes it is a dress) belongs to my older sister. Make a dress into a shirt by gathering the fabric at the back, tie with a rubberband and insert under the back of the dress. The headband is not a headband but a white rope that came with the dress. Secure with hairpins

Evening: Dancing in Baraki

Just changed shoes from bowling to metallic flats perfect for the night out.

15 May 2009

Shiny Metallic Steve Madden Flats

Browsing some of the local magazine's here in Australia, I read how a pair of metallic flats can save time and money as it can go with anything. I think it wouldn't hurt to add a silver flat into the shoe rack would it?

Metallic flats make your feet and legs look hot!

Then I found these Steve Madden Silver Flats for only around 20 AUD. Steve Madden is just opening stores in Manila (SM Megamall Atrium) and this is a good time to own a pair :)

They seem to change color - from gold
They also have wicked shoes in stock here in Melbourne but I'm not ready for pointed devil wears prada type of heels. And when in doubt, one should go for a classic style.

to silver, magic!

Do you own metallic flats and what do you wear them with?

14 May 2009

Underarm News: Rexona Skin Light is Launched

Host Angel Jacob exposes the real causes of dark underarms at Rexona Skin Light Launch

Recently, a major breakthrough was launched in Manila. It's all about underarms, dark underarms and how one can be saved from being too self conscious because of this problem. Dark underarms are really a pain in the arse, especially when you want to be active flapping your arms up nonchalantly or just want to wear sleeveless tops, bikinis, or dresses.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Jean Marquez discusses how plucking and shaving causes underarm discoloration during the event

I've talked about underarm peeling on this blog as well, but here's news - Rexona has added sunflower oil to their formula and even had an underarm doctor speak about the product. You read it right, underarm doctor.

Dr. Satish Goel, Unilever’s Research and Development Director for Asia-Africa, Middle East and Turkey, talks about how Rexona Skin Light offers a solution to dark underarms during the product’s launch

The product is said to give noticeably whiter underarms in as early as two weeks. Maybe if you're not ready for a drastic solution like having your arms peeled, trying Rexona Skin Light would be a nice step.

13 May 2009

Here comes the Marching Band

I've been hitting on military style jackets more known as the "marching band" style. Probably, the most famous is the one by Balmain.

There have been jackets of simpler design donning the side by side buttons but not really the intricate details. While searching the net, I found that long sleeved tees sporting the same style has hit the runway as well.

While shopping here in Melbourne, I heard the angels sing when I saw this:

Marching band long sleeved tee by Ralph Lauren. Yey!

Reminds me of Emilio Aguinaldo too :)

10 May 2009

Wet Tights

Can't get enough of these shiny tights available in Melbourne. Bought another pair at Collins St. and wore it to the Great Ocean Road.

Paired the cat shirt dress with a faux fur around the neck. meow ^^

Lovely stylish weekend everyone! :)

08 May 2009

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada at Collins Street

Collins street is the best place to go for luxury brands here in Melbourne, Australia. All lined up in one row are Louis Vuitton and Gucci right beside each other.

Walk further down the street and you'll see Chanel with their latest display of the Chanel Leather Shopping bag.

Prada is also found along Collins Street near to Hermes, Bvlgari, and Ralph Lauren.

All the brands you've ever dreamed of are conveniently present at Collins Street. Personally, I liked how the Louis Vuitton shop stocked up their store displays with bags that appeal to both young adults and adults. Trendy Stephen Sprouse bags alongside classic looking Almas.

The Gucci shop was a bit smaller but they have equally interesting stocks of accessories like key chains, wallets, belts, and shoes. I am more interested though with their bags :)

07 May 2009

Guylian Chocolate Shop at the Opera House

Are you familiar with these yummy chocolate seashells?

If you are a fan of Guylian chocolates like me, you're heart will surely skip a beat when you see this:

A Guylian Chocolate Cafe/Shop at the Sydney Circular Quay.

I made it a point to dine and experience the cafe. Not only do they offer chocolate drinks and desserts, they also have salads and some meals. We tried the Opera Cake, since we are in the Sydney Opera House :)

Their hot chocolate which tastes like the traditional cocoa in Manila. What's interesting is they provide you with a chocolate square on your cup. You pour the hot cocoa on it and let the chocolate melt. Yummy!

Then, you'll also get extra chocolate squares for you to enjoy. Drop them on your cup of hot cocoa or enjoy them as is.

My niece Anya enjoyed delicious and crispy belgian waffles. It came with chocolate syrup and a scoop of ice cream. It was nice but the waffle was very light for me, more carbs please :)

Max Alexander Hat

I always wanted to own a hat but never bought one, until yesterday I saw this hat by Max Alexander in David Jones. It was love at first sight. I put it down once, twice, and thrice - I just had to own it forever.

Max Alexander Hat

This, one can wear even in Manila as a fashion hat. In Melbourne, it's easy to get hats, berets, and other head/hair accessories. They are readily available in malls like David Jones or Myer.

There's always a first time for everything, even for a lovely hat! :)

06 May 2009

In the Safari, Hello Gorgeous Coat

Polka dot Hello Gorgeous Coat and tights from Myer. Kangaroos from Sydney :)

This coat, I just borrowed from my sister Joni. She said it's from Hello Gorgeous, a fashion boutique here in Melbourne. She has many unique and classic clothes of this brand. Next mission is to personally visit it and find out more. :)

Fashion Show Alert!

Make your Thursday fun and catch the Baileylicious fashion show at Embassy Fly. Show starts at around 10pm, be in your most stylish self and be awarded as the fashion girl of the night by Make Up Forever!

Click image above for more details.

05 May 2009

Royal Shopping in Sydney - Queen Victoria Building

Sydney Opera House : PVC tights from Sports Girl, Vintage Belt from Supre, Tops and boots from HK. :)

And we're back! Sydney was wonderful and adventurous but what's most amazing are the Victorian buildings and structures of royal style. Shopping malls like the Queen Victoria Building or QVB would bring you back to castles, palaces, and queens.

In 1898, skilled craftsmen completed the building - it housed coffee shops, tailors, and hairdressers. Now the Queen Victoria Building is home to high end brands such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo and more.

While shopping, you can bask on the glorious sights of stained glass windows, painted ceilings, majestic and intricate clocks that were given to the Queen, an antique elevator (lift) as well as staircases.

Coach Window Display

Since prices are also royal, I reckon it's best to enjoy the building by having a coffee in one of the cafe kiosks, under the sculpted ceiling. Although if you have planned a big purchase like a nice coach bag, Sydney has more stocks and choices to offer. After all, Sydney is one of the most stylish cities in the world.