15 December 2011

What’s your 2012 beauty resolution?

Aside from the threat of an apocalypse we have other things to worry about in 2012. That’s right! If we’re going to die then might as well die pretty - right? The quest for beauty is a never-ending journey and it makes for an exciting year full of discoveries, beauty hauls, remedies, and friends along the way.

I hope my blog has indeed, helped a few with their beauty dilemmas. I still get massive feedback from previous posts I did about skin treatments and I believe some readers have found great remedies as a result. This year I was quiet busy with motherhood and enjoyed too much, the comfort of old house clothing and staying at home.

Nevertheless, it meant late nights, breakouts, weight gain and some things I wouldn’t dare talk about :p So just to share and hopefully, inspire you to create your own list, here are some of my beauty resolutions for 2012:

1. Drink more water – do as the stars and drink up gallons of H20. Hard when you’re working 24/7 but easy if you setup a pitcher on your desk.

2. Eat more vegetables – because vegetarians look hot and we wonder why. Should also cover for not having a critical illness insurance yet ;)

3. Eat more fruits – instead of cakes (this one’s a real bummer!)

4. Catch more sleep – some of my friends have turned to sleeping aids like Avipaxin supplement and they wake up gorgeous. Most of the time we’d rather FB and tweet than catch some zzz’s but the skin needs to rest and fight oxidation.

5. Restart my skin care regimen – I’m sure by this time you found yours but could be you are skipping steps or skipping an entire beauty routine for being too busy. Look at the mirror, I think you and I need to dedicate time for beauty!

6. Learn new makeup tricks

7. Try a new slimming/tightening procedure or treatment for my big chubby cheeks – I hope it’s non-invasive!

So what’s your 2012 beauty resolution? I hope you had a beautiful 2011 : )

04 December 2011

What's a Roxy Girl?

When I hear the brand Roxy, images of surfer chicks come to mind, add to that the movie Blue Crush starring Kate Bosworth. One weekend I was at Nuvali and checked out their newest branch, lo and behold - real surfer girls!

This is Roxy, who conveniently has the same name as the brand she manages. With her is Sprint Asia's Denisse.

Another au naturale beauty from the Roxy staff. I started to think, is fitness and beauty one of the credentials? Take note, all of them are either into surfing or wake boarding. Really cool.

Any lady who sees them will quickly consider to become active in sports if it will yield the same wonderful skin and physique like what these Roxy girls have. The store is complete with merchandise both functional and stylish.

The essentials of any Roxy girl will definitely include a rash guard and as I've added surfing to my long bucket list, I ended up getting a pink Roxy rash guard (and some other Roxy girl stuff). I mentioned this before, but rash guards are great swimming attire if you want to swim in peace and without worrying of nip/butt-slips what have you.

Roxy is not just about having an active lifestyle, according to Roxy (the cute brand manager). Roxy is all things fun, chic, and stylish too!

Here's a cropped tee I got from Roxy, as it was light and comfy it was perfect for a sunny day out with my one and only descendant. We DID have our own adventure :)

Aside from sports gear, Roxy houses a lot of comfy dresses in print, cropped shirts, bags, flipflops, and so much more. The items easily let you celebrate summer anytime at all - even if it rains cats and dogs.

Are you a Roxy girl? Check out their Facebook Page to know more about the brand and where to locate their stores.

25 November 2011

SM Department Store Holiday Fashion

How many parties are you attending this season? One, two, perhaps your fingers are not enough to count. Holiday means reuniting with family and friends, frenemies included ;) So I am sure the big question is, what are you going to wear?


If you're smart you know you don't have to cut an arm and a leg to afford updated and chic cocktail dresses. And that's why I am sharing with you these ultra-chic pieces from (drumroll please) SM Department Store! Take note, most cost between Php 300-Php 1,000.


Gorgeous artistic prints will make you stand out instantly


And classic plain pieces is the perfect attire to wow. Match it with your favorite jewelry.


Below is perfect if you have "belofied" arms, I don't *yet*


I like this too, comfy and carefree look with the right pop of color


Which of the items above do you fancy? There's more inside the SM Department Store - I'd recommend the one in Southmall because it's newly refurbished. Last time I went, every ultra fasyon pieces were available :)

Shopping shopping shopping!

23 November 2011

What's your escape? Mine's Beauty and the Beast

This post is for my sister Joni who loves blogging about Disney Movies. Lately, it's difficult to find quiet time being surrounded with a few chatterbox. So I was thinking some ways to escape and relax, perhaps reflect on life and go back to fond memories of childhood.

I reckon I should revisit our VCD collection, lock myself up and discover something new about my favorite characters. For instance, Belle from Beauty and the Beast - reminds me well of my sister and I who find solace in books to escape the norm. I just love the scene when Beauty sings "Oh isn't this amazing, it's my favorite part because you'll see.. Here's when she meets Prince Charming and she doesn't notice that it's him, 'til Chapter Three!"

Watch this video for the full effect:

Belle (Little Town) - Music from Beauty and the Beast

It's been awhile since I sunk myself in a Disney Movie, well except last week when I watched Cars 2 with Ashton. I found it too distracting and noisy perhaps I am becoming old like that. Whatever happened to singing princesses and mermaids eh?

I'd love to talk more about Belle now in a more relevant fashion blogesque way. Of course the main event in the animation is her yellow ball gown and I am sure quiet a few millennials have requested for wedding gowns just like this.

Amazing how she can turn from a nerdy bookworm into a stylish date for a prince. Also, if you're a die-hard Beauty and the Beast fan - you will have knowledge of the capes she wore. I can note a blue cape without fur and a red one with some fur because somehow - it snows where Belle lives.

How about you what's your favorite Disney movie and costume? :)

Disney Movie Club is the official Disney-owned movie club giving access to great deals on all the best Disney movies.

Currently the Disney Movie Club is offering 4 Disney DVDs for $1.00 total, plus free shipping and handling, to new members.

14 November 2011

What's so hot about the new KFC Zinger Double Down?

You've seen the TV ad but have you doubled down yet? It's as hot as it sounds - made with two Zinger fillets, it's got double the heat and double the meat.

So after hearing so much about it, I doubled down and tried what they say is the most kick-ass sandwich on the face of the planet. For starters, it really is not your ordinary burger because there's no bread in it! Two slabs of spicy chicken meat are used instead and sandwiched between are cheese, bacon, and mayo.

Now onto the verdict:The KFC Zinger Double Down, which is priced at Php 120 is hot - but not that hot for me. Take note I love Indian food, Kimchi, Bicol Express, etc. and I eat chilis for breakfast. The sandwich has got the usual Zinger Spice which is my favorite KFC sandwich because you guessed it, it's the only burger in town which has got the kick.

Obviously KFC wanted to satisfy the palette of the majority who indeed, clamored for the return of the Double Down. Philippines is lucky because we got it here whereas in other countries - they created pages to petition the arrival of KFC's double down sandwich to their shores. Going back, what KFC did was to bring back Double Down in the Philippines and intensified the fire started by its predecessor - literally.

Have I fired up your curiosity yet? Don't be square and try the KFC Zinger Double Down.

Just to share, I enjoy my KFC Zinger Double Down with gravy and sometimes, with rice :D

Based on a survey I ran amongst my foreign friends who've tasted KFC in Manila, they say it's simply the best in the world. So no wonder we get first dibs on brand new items! Visit KFC Philippines on Facebook.

09 November 2011

Starbucks Cup Magic - Reveal augmented reality with your smart phones!

Check this out Starbucks fans: This year let's bring the season to life with the Starbucks Cup Magic app. Use the app to find and scan all five Starbucks Holiday Characters - on Red Cups, Christmas Blend bags, in-store and more - and watch as they magically come to life through augmented reality on your mobile device. Who knows what holiday magic you'll discover...

I am going to try download the app later and sprinkle some merry magic to my next Starbucks experience ;)

08 November 2011

New shopping buddy: BPI my ePrepaid

Used it this week with to get the best deals on dining and shopping without the hassle and worry that comes with credit cards!

Date with my husband at Manila Hotel at 50% off!

Exclusive ME-time at Oils and Scrubs Spa at 63% off!

Find out which BPI card is best for you at: and shop at :)

04 November 2011

Super Girl Talk: Of Pads and Red Days

I've been meaning to write about this because I want other ladies to feel organized during days when they have their period. We already know how our hormones can drive us crazy so the least we can do is stay on top of our feminine pads!

I still see women buying the wrong type of feminine pads, as in they only pick one type for the entire duration of their red days. If you are like that, then you won't feel confident and are actually wasting money. Here's my tip, get 3 types of feminine pads.

For initial days (day 1-2) and heavy flow - use the maxi type with wings.
For median days (day 2-3) and regular flow - use regular types with or without wings.
For the final days and zero to light flow- use a panty liner.

Make sure you have these feminine pads stocked up, as well as tampons just so you have a choice for special days you don't like to deal with pads.

Libresse pads has four quality variants; Maxi Wings and Ultra Thin Wings for regular red days, Maxi Overnight Wings that is specially-shaped for longer nights and Libresse Super Slim Pantyliner , a stretchable liner that is flexible as your undergarment to give you absolute comfort in movement, it has a breathable back sheet and soft cottony surface which keeps skin fresh, dry and comfortable.

02 November 2011

'Tis the Season to Indulge in Starbucks Christmas Food Items

Starting today you can experience these exclusive Starbucks Christmas food items at your favorite Starbucks store. I've picked out the four most delicious items from an entire bunch - so gather your friends and celebrate Christmas with these perfect treats!

Collection of stamps to earn your planner also starts today ;)

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Roll (served with butter and jam)

For just P50 - you can delight in crispy, crunchy crust with a slightly chewy and soft center. It is made more flavorful by adding sun-dried tomatoes and basil. Best served warm with butter and jam on the side according to Starbucks, but according to me, I like it just as it is with a cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend (it's back too!)

This is also an excellent choice for the Christmas morning breakfast with the entire family. I'll definitely buy it by the box so I can have that Starbucks Christmas experience at home :)

Chicken Alfredo Turnover

Is the excellent light, buttery and flaky snack filled with moist and juicy chicken breast cubes marinated in Italian seasoning then sautéed in Alfredo sauce. For just P90 this will surely fill you up without breaking your Christmas shopping budget.

Pair it with the newest addition to the Christmas beverage family: Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha. It's not as sweet as you will imagine and gives a delightful tang, very Christmassy indeed.

Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap

This savory treat is super sulit at P140. You will love the sweet, spicy and smoky flavor of strips of chicken breast fillet fried to perfection tossed in barbeque sauce with Texas style salsa, grated cheese and drizzled with sour cream wrapped in soft to chewy flour tortilla.

It's a pleasant gift to anyone who's hungry and on the go.

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Get cozy during silent nights with this giant chocolate chip cookie made into a cake then topped with thick and chocolaty dark chocolate mousse filled with mini chocolate chip cookies. Aahhhh Best served warm from the oven topped with whipped cream and drizzled with the Starbucks caramel drizzle.

Pair it with none other than the Starbucks Christmas Blend (available in VIA) that seems to go with all the Christmas treats! :)

Merry Christmas!

28 October 2011

Starbuck Planner 2012: First Look!

Starbucks Planner 2012 (1)

The only planner you'll need this coming 2012 is the most eco-friendly Starbucks Planner. This year's theme is Shared Planet that celebrates shared stewardship. I dearly hope this planner will remind everyone to think and act green.

Starbucks Planner 2012 (2)

Starbucks' 2012 planner was produced in a facility that is FSC certified. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council which is an independent, non-governmental, non- profit organization established to promote that the world’s forests are responsibly managed. The inner planner pages are made from 70% recycled paper. For every planner redeemed, a donation will be made to SparkHope- Starbucks Philippines flagship program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF.

Green Tip: Order your favorite Starbucks hot drinks in a for here mug or bring your Starbucks tumblers along daily. Only get planners as you need them (don't ruin the holiday fun by putting your extra planners up for sale!) and don't waste the pages! You can also re-use last year's planner for your to-do or grocery lists.

Starbucks Planner 2012 (3)

Your planner comes with a mesh cloth sleeve that is re-usable any time of the year.

How to earn stamps for the 2012 planner

Option 1: nine (9) Christmas beverages plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers

Option 2: 23 core beverages except bottled drinks = 23 stickers

You can start collecting stamps starting November 3!

Starbucks Shared Planet

26 October 2011

Style Star: Fergie in Manila | Black Eyed Peas


Fergielicious looked ultra-chic during the press con of their Manila Tour. I know I am over fashion but her white ensemble just inspired me to blog.


Blazers like so are everywhere but I seldom see the style in white and accentuated with gold. Plus, do you know how hard it is to wear all white? Of course - she is Fergie and looks like a Barbie :)

What do you think of Fergie's outfit? I think she rocked the simple dress.

22 October 2011

Have you heard about Nasofix?

It's been a while since I considered how I looked like, really. Then I remembered the quest to aesthetic perfection when I received a Nasofix. Naso-what? Lookie below:

I love my nose but just like anything in the world - it can be improved but I won't consider surgery nor take the time for it. So when I read how someone's nose can look even better non-surgically and for just 10 minutes a day and for just 10 days, I said I will try it.

I said I will but when I tried it without reading the instructions, excited curious me could not breathe. So, this post is a preemptive feature until I send a proper nasal photo of myself to Nasofix - then they can give the CORRECT instructions on how to use it and specifically for your nose type.

Curious? Check out

11 October 2011

Marriott Cafe Buffet at 50% off until October 31

P875 is the magic number and who said you have to go 4 digits for a 5 star treat?

Marriott Cafe is celebrating their anniversary with a 50% off their usual Php 1,700+ buffet from Monday to Saturday. From appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert, Marriott Café satisfies discerning yet practical folks - just like me!

What I love about M Cafe is how relaxed and quiet the ambiance is. Tables are spaced generously that you can have an intimate lunch with whoever you desire and peacefully enjoy dishes like stuffed turkey, butter fried prawn on a bed of asparagus, blue marlin with tomato coulis, and Arabic chicken. All of which you can ask the renowned Chefs to prepare for you.

Everyone at this place is friendly and helpfully at your service. Don't hesitate to ask which sauce goes with what or what dish can be made out of giant lobsters and prawns. Otherwise, you'll miss much of the gastronomical adventure.

In this photo: Chef Marian shows how Mongolian rice is prepared, look for her at the Mongolian section. I also think my date fell in love with her through his stomach!

In this photo: Cooked Mongolian rice that's sweet and spicy. Perfect for a hot interesting date ;) I suggest you pair this with cooling bites of dumplings or the giant shell fish from the seafood on ice area.

Look for the live sections (seafood on ice, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and Mongolian) to find a selection of fresh ingredients that chefs turn into masterful dishes while you watch. My date and I adored the Mongolian Rice that the chef made for us and the sinful roasted duck with it's ultra crispy thin and glistening skin...

Grab a duck at the Chinese food station shown below:

Here are more photos we personally took (in between bites) to entice our readers' palette.

In this photo: Vegetable dumplings, shu mai (siomai), hakaw, roasted duck, and prepared prawns (sugpo).

My husband and I call this dish District 9 Prawns. If you watched the movie, the aliens there are called prawns but these creatures from the Marriott Cafe are more delicious. Above, the seafood is prepared in Asian spicy sauce.

In this photo: An assortment of sushi and sashimi are available on the Japanese section. Of course, the tempura won't be missed.

I also have a knack for Indian food and tried their Shawarma, Kebabs, and so much more my brain cannot remember but my tongue does.

And before you even think that M Cafe is all about Asian, be surprised that they also serve Western selections which are actually their specialty and most requested spread during banquets.

In this photo: A generous slab of US Rib Eye steak served with grilled veggies.

In this photo: Italian pizza that you can enjoy with a wide array of pasta.

Finally, desserts come last and here are my top picks:

In this photo: Opera cake, coconut pudding (a fantastic version of the usual taho), eclair, and an exotic fruits tart. Order green tea to wash down the guilt like I always do.

You can choose from assorted petite cakes, pudding, pies, pastries, commingled with sugar-free desserts. Aside from these selections, Marriott Café also boasts its in-house made ice cream choices from sinful to guilt –free such as Maracaibo, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, and sorbets.

Plus, there’s also a fondue station complete with assorted cookies, fruits, and pastries to fully enjoy dipping from this Belgian-made pick me upper.

Did you know...

I just discovered how Marriott Cafe donates left-overs to the Red Cross. Here's a photo of their Executive Chef and a Red Cross representative. It also makes their buffet operations greener since food is not fed to the landfill but instead, meet food safety standards and served for charity.

02 October 2011

Saizen: Daiso in Manila

I had my share of dreaming about a trip to Japan and exploring concept stores like Daiso. Well, we can all stop dreaming because the very first authentic Daiso store has opened in Manila under the name - Saizen.

Saizen has opened several stores but their latest branch at Robinson's Place Ermita is the closest to the Daiso stores in Japan. If you step inside Saizen, it's the same as stepping in a real Daiso store. From the look, the shelves, and the items - everything is crazy Japanese.

Go loco over Japanese cosmetics. Rows and rows of affordable makeup to try.

Unlike other price point shops, the items in Saizen are always worth your 85 bucks. Beauty addicts can feast on Japanese cosmetics like pearl powders, compacts, eye shadows and wait for this - nose shadow!

Then there are the Saizen favorites, surely you've heard about their charcoal natural pack that lifts black heads and other impurities.

And when it comes to healthy snacking, trust the Japanese on that. Green tea, dried seaweeds - take your pick. No wonder local celebs love snacking on these :)

The store is huge but the thick excited crowd who want to shop Japanese during the store's opening was overwhelming. The counter was brimming with shoppers, carts in tow.

Aside from beauty and food products, there are kitchen wares, toys, cute stationery, and even gardening products.

Saizen Shopping Tips:

I suggest going by yourself so you can concentrate on each and every item.

Take time to read the labels, this way you'll find out how to use the products and discover surprising gems!

Use their mini Japanese shopping carts to free your hands and browse more conveniently.

Plan your visit and list down items you need, take note of your interior design themes - Saizen gives you interesting Japanese designs that can add pops of colors and fun to your space.

Visit Saizen at Level 1, Padre Faura Wing, Robinson's Place Manila.