31 August 2009

Tried and Tested: Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder

Manila's hot and humid weather has forced me to finally buy a pressed face powder. In the many make-up workshops I have attended, make up artists always tell us to top off our foundation with a dusting of loose or pressed face powder to set our make up and prevent them from sliding (melting) off. However, I had the notion that dusting powder creates a cake-y looking face but I was wrong.

Enter another classic from Maybelline, the Clear Smooth Face powder at Php 199 is worth the space inside your make up bag. I asked the attendant if this was okay to use with Clear Smooth Minerals - she said no but I thought otherwise. This time, I am right! Ladies, the Clear Smooth Face powder is the best finishing touch to Clear Smooth Minerals powder foundation. Even if they are powder x powder, they work seamlessly well if you use a kabuki brush (free with Clear Smooth Minerals). Using a brush to dust on powder to your foundation ensures that you do not put too much and the powder is evenly spread. Swirl the Kabuki brush lightly on the face powder and shake off excess.

Ultimate Trio: Clear Smooth Minerals, Clear Smooth Face Powder, and soon to be reviewed - the new Clear Smooth Minerals Natural Concealer

Wearing the Clear Smooth Shine-Free Face Powder, my face felt and looked more matte. I also could not decipher why my face feels lighter and more comfortable with the face powder on. The box reads:

1. Lasting oil control: combined oil absorbing ingredients remove shine, for a clean shine-free finish for all day.

2. Silky smooth texture: the extreme fine powder glides like silk and melts smoothly on the skin. It covers flawlessly but looks perfectly natural.

3. UV protection SPF18: It contains high UV protection to prevent skin darkening and to have a fair, natural skin tone.

Whenever SM Malls are on sale, Maybelline Make Up stands are too!

The shade of my Clear Smooth Minerals is W02 Natural Ochre and it goes well with Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Natural shade. If you have extra Php 199, this face powder is worth your dime :) It will save you trips to the lady's room to re-touch and more so, oil absorbing films.

30 August 2009

Spotted: Michelle Obama?

At La Dolce Vita Cafe in Makati, you can have your photo taken with the first lady of USA.

Looks like we have the same chic taste of lavender and pearls :)

29 August 2009

Because Havin' a Baby is the New Black

If you are expecting a baby and are having a fashion emergency, check out H.A.B. which stands for a stylish fashion boutique for moms to be - Havin' a Baby & More. In Hollywood, babies are the new black with baby bumps emerging here and there. Having a baby definitely should not equate to loose fitting clothes that look like curtains or table cloths. Baby bumps now mean empowered and ultra-stylish moms to be.

Channel Nicole Richie or even Angelina Jolie with chic finds at H.A.B

H.A.B also goes beyond maternity in the sense that the clothes can be worn by those who are not pregnant but are looking for stylish and fashionable outfits. Personally, I like the length and cut of their tees which are very flattering to any woman - pregnant or not.

It's not too late or too early to enjoy shopping at Havin' a Baby & More, hopefully we'll see each other there next time ;)Visit H.A.B. stores now at Alabang Town Center, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Greenbelt 5.

Star Style: Diane Medina

Chal Lontoc, Mica Abesamis and Diane Medina

At the TV5 1st Anniversary party, former Banana Split cast Diane Medina chats with Style and Relax about fashion and beauty.

Catch Diane and her Insomnia co-stars on TV5, everyday at 12.30AM starting this September.

High Waisted Skirt


An investment that would create for you many looks, the high waisted skirt :) Anything high waist makes us kind of thin-er. Thank you to for the top!

Spotted: Christian Vasquez

27 August 2009

Crazy for Crocs: SS09 Collection and Promo

Are you one of the plenty who are still going crazy for Crocs? I suggest you look at these Summer/Spring collection that remind me of Barbie's sandals. As usual they are superb in comfort but this time, I am digging their style more than ever:

Crocs have seriously moved on after Mario Batali's orange clogs.

In other Crocs news, Magic 89.9’s Good Times radio show has joined the Crazy for Crocs wagon and you can win awesome prizes too. Every week, various Crocs-themed video challenges will be announced through the radio show. You can then upload your video entries to and what do you know, you could be the next Internet star ;) Contestants to the weekly challenges will get the chance to win prizes such as Canon digital cameras, while contestants to the monthly challenges stand to win P100,000 each month.

For the less daring, simply shopping at Crocs could win you instant prizes at each branch's fish bowl or at the Grand Raffle Draw where you can win 26” Samsung LCD TV’s, Canon camcorders, and a Honda Jazz.

Happy shopping at Crocs barbies! :)

26 August 2009

Be a Hong Kong Foodie at the Hong Kong Food and Wine Year

Every trip to Hong Kong is a super memorable experience especially with food. There are just so many restaurants to choose from, whether you are on a budget or want to experience 5 star dining. Each dining experience in Hong Kong is an adventure - from menus that you cannot decipher and being lost in translation with a waiter, it all boils down to the great Hong Kong experience.

Style and Relax Foodie Hong Kong Picks:

Superstar Seafood Restaurant- a fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Chinese dishes including dumplings and roasted duck. The ambiance truly is a 5-star experience with quick service.

The Spaghetti House
- when tired of eating oriental flavors, run to the Spaghetti House somewhere near Nathan road. They offer authentic Italian dishes at reasonable prices. Try their soup served in French bread, lovely.

Sushi Bar in Mongkok
- sushi has never been this fresh and big! After shopping for hours in Mongkok district, find the hippest Sushi Bar where plenty are lining up to enter. I do not know the name, wish someone could tell us through the logos and Chinese characters on the photo above.

A random eatery near Panorama Hotel
- lots of Peking ducks hang in local eateries that would make you drool on the streets. Yet, never judge a restaurant by it's appearance in Hong Kong. Some of the best flavors come in modest places like this.

The Asian Food Channel and the Hong Kong Tourism Board invites everyone to experience the taste of Hong Kong during it's Food and Wine year. From October 30 to November 8, 2009 - the first-ever large-scale outdoor wine and dine event in Hong Kong will happen. There would be street carnivals, food sampling, and wine appreciation classes. Don't forget to drop by the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade where most of the activities will take place.

At the Mandarin Hotel, Maria Cordero with the Asian Food Channel and Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Personally, I wish upon a star that I can experience the Hong Kong Food and Wine Year :)

To make the most out of your Hong Kong Trip, log on to or tune in to the Asian Food Channel available on Sky Cable.

25 August 2009

Shopping at Rustan's

Top and Bottom from Red at Rustan's

Shopping is like oxygen, and when you haven't had it for a long time - it feels so good to just breathe it in and have as much as you can. That's how starved for shopping I am and maybe, most of the busy ladies as well.

One of the best places to enjoy shopping like a royalty is at Rustan's. Eversince it has been known for upscale brands and luxurious shopping experience. Unlike other department stores, it is very obvious how fewer shoppers come and go at Rustan's. The staff look like they work in a hotel and it is very easy to get help.

The golden ticket to shopping heaven

The fitting rooms at Rustan's is spacious enough for a photo shoot, perfect lighting, and a neat couch to plop on when you get tired of fashion decisions :) As the items do not come cheap, you need all the brain power to imagine your closet, pick up items that you can mix and match, and make sure that they are the right size.

There's a small cafeteria on the 3rd floor near the toys section

Yza, the store attendant was very helpful in getting all the colors I want, in different sizes. I was so comfortable shopping that it was fairly easy to decide which clothes to get. In paying, you don't even have to stand up waiting as there are plenty of nice couches to sit on and they'll just hand your purchase to you. Lovely!

Spend your next shopping time at Rustan's, won't you?

24 August 2009

Have a Picnic at The La Mesa Eco Park

Tired of the usual places for the weekend? Plan your next trip to the La Mesa Eco Park where trees replace sky scrapers and fresh air - city pollution.

The Amphitheatre looks like the Rice Terraces

La Mesa Eco Park is the best place to make your picnic dreams come true. Finally, like Guida de Laurentiis, you can prepare a wonderful picnic basket for your family or date to enjoy. You don't have to worry of overcrowding or having to race with other families to find a perfect spot - you can setup your picnic mat almost anywhere: Lopez Pinic Grounds or at the Amphitheatre. There are free tables and chairs to occupy, and you only have to pay for the Php 50 park entrance fee. Bring as many food as you like! :)

Aside from eating, enjoy walking at the fitness trail or the orchidarium trail. The two trails take around 45 minutes to conquer. Don't forget to wear your rubbershoes and bring your face towel.

The best thing to do at the La Mesa Eco Park is to try boating. You can rent a boat for Php 100 for 30 minutes. Each boat fits 4 persons. Take turns paddling and see who the best mamamangka is.

A humongous salt-treated swimming pool also awaits guests to take a dip. Entrance fee is around Php 50 (if I am not mistaken). The pool is clean and well-maintained but could be filled with super energetic kids.

Biking as well as horse back riding are available for all ages

A trip to the La Mesa Eco Park is a day well spent. There are plenty of photo opportunities with nature that you don't usually see in the city. For more information about the La Mesa Eco Park including their map, visit and support nature.

22 August 2009

Star Style: Dingdong Dantes

Who is more delicious than a mocha roll but Dingdong Dantes? Spotted at Bonifacio Highstreet, Dingdong shares with Style and Relax what he really likes in women:

Thanks Dingdong! One of the friendliest stars to interview so far.

20 August 2009

Style Scene: At The Row

Melvin Tugade, Ali Melquiades, Sheila Panelo, Carissa Torres-Cruz and Mo Twister

The newest shopping destination - Glorietta 5 now houses a new concept store called The Row. The Row combines all of the hippest local fashion brands like Ensembles, Freeway, and Solo. This is also where you find all the fashionistas huddling together.

Noelle, Mo, and Giselle Toengi

Jocas De Leon and Ninin Sampiano

Rene, Bernice, and Nikki

Me and Kael

Krispy Kreme's Fashionable Fan

If there is a Krispy Kreme branch close to my heart, it would be the Krispy Kreme in Boni High where the Chocolate Carnival was launched and where we celebrated Krispy Kreme's 72nd birthday.

Krispy Kreme inspires different people in different ways, wherever they are - our favorite Krispy Kreme makes our life more special. Personally, Krispy Kreme inspires me to write better with a cup of their signature coffee and a plate of their Original Glazed doughnut. It's the perfect combination to get over a writer's block. With the strong WiFi signal in Krispy Kreme branches in Manila, it's easy to update Twitter, Facebook, and be connected with friends while enjoying your favorite doughnut.

The Krispy Kreme in Bonifacio Highstreet also houses my favorite fashion magazines. Instantly, I can just sink into one of their couches and bury my face in various readings. This also reminds me how fashion and style are meant to be enjoyed and not limit an individual.

Win a Year's Supply of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and a Trip to USA

Join the Krispy Kreme Favorite Fan promo by sharing how Krispy Kreme has made your life special :) Simply log on to and click on the Submit Entry link.

Select your country of residence (Philippines) and submit your original photograph or art piece along with a caption of 72 words or less that answers the question: "How has Krispy Kreme made your life special?"

This promo runs only until September 15, 2009 and is open to all US Visa holders. From October 1-31, 2009 an online voting will take place and you can ask all your friends to vote for your entry to win the grand prize.

You can also be connected with other Krispy Kreme fans by joining the Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo Facebook page.

Goodluck! :)

19 August 2009

Online Shopping with GCASH Click

Loaded and ready to shop!

It's always a great surprise receiving GCASH from friends and family, or reloading your GCASH wallet for a therapeutic online shopping spree. Almost every one of a kind multiply online stores accept GCASH and it has saved us lots of time from depositing money to our seller's bank accounts.

And just when we thought it couldn't get better, GCASH has improved its service through a safer and more hassle-free method of online buying and selling. Meet the new GCASH Click!

GCASH Click! services both buyer and seller with its partnership with a renowned courier service company - Delbros. Sellers are sure to receive payment and at the same time, buyers are sure to receive their item and only pay for it after inspection. Like with most deliveries, buyers can track the current location of their purchase whether it be a stunning black dress or the latest shade of mineral make up :) Delbros also picks up the item from the seller making it more convenient from them. It's shopping and selling without leaving your home.

One of the early adopters of this online shopping revolution is the famous ran by Anna. Her top selling beauty items include Natuform, Kojic Soaps, Zhen de Shou, Erase, and more.

So start shopping and selling 'till you drop, log on to