31 December 2008

Glitterati Online Shop - Tutus and all that glitters!

Ultra-chic fashionistas Nina Estacio and JL Ladrido (as seen in Chictopia) have just opened shop online! The online shop's name is Glitterati and it offers no less than highly fashionable items for the chicest and smartest city ladies.

nina estacioJoanna Ladrido
Style and soul sisters Nina Estacio and Joanna Ladrido rock Chictopia

Tulle Tutu Skirt | MissBehave Body Electric

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Their current collection includes among others - a playful tutu dress, a figure loving satin dress that lets you channel the queen bee and a striking Tequila Sunrise jump suit.

shop glitterati multiply
Iconoclast Tequila Sunrise

Grab these stylicious items while they're hot!

Special thanks to JL Ladrido :)

Celebrate New Year with TV5's Caravan

tv5 caravan

Shake up 2009 as TV5 hosts a Live Caravan on January 3, 2009. Enjoy live music from Imago and Sandwich, and watch as TV5 celebrities strut their style during the Caravan!

For more info on how to become part of this fun event, visit the TV5 website

Dark Underarms - the Peeling Solution

dark underarmsDark underarms? If you have tried countless whitening deodorants, creams, and whitening or bleaching treatments to no avail, try an underarm peeling treatment with your dermatologist.

I personally tried underarm skin peeling at Caraderme, my dermatologist's clinic in Makati. For only Php 1,000 and for less than 30 minutes. Here's what to expect during and after the treatment:

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During underarm peeling treatment:

It's better not to shave or wax or put anything at all on your underarms at the day of treatment. Doing so will increase the burning or stinging sensation. The dermatologist will put at least 3 coats of peeling solution at 10 minutes interval per coat. Your underarms will feel very itchy but if you feel pain, tell your dermatologist right away to avoid unpleasant skin reactions.

After the underarm skin peeling:

You can resume you daily activities right away but shaving should be skipped or at least, minimized to avoid abrasions. Do not expect white underarms right away! The skin will look dark as it will peel on its own after 2-3 weeks.

You will be asked to maintain your underarms with creams and a special deodorant that has a skin whitener. Commercial deodorants contain certain ingredients that are the main cause of dark underarms. The maintenance kit cost around Php 1,000.

Look out for:

Red patches on your underarms, look closely - if the skin has just peeled off, better put a small amount of maintenance creams and toner on it. If not, the skin will sting and might be painful for a couple of days (based on personal experience).

Total damage: Php 2,000 ++

Results: After 1 month, white underarms!

30 December 2008

Pink Ribbon

style and relaxWore my little sister Liza's Christmas gift and styled it with a pink ribbon. I'd love to mirror Betsey Johnson with my skirt from Tokyo Fashion but I'm not that brave yet, so I stopped myself from being too creative ;)

29 December 2008

Dreaming of Style

A pink ribbon around a long pearl necklace

A mustard leather bag

A flower brooch that can pin the two corners of a collar or style a plain white shirt

A hand-painted flowing light skirt

A black wide brimmed hat and lace patterned stockings

illustrated by: Style and Relax

28 December 2008

Style Scene: Proudly Filipina Launch

proudly filipina launchproudly filipina launch
proudly filipina launchproudly filipina launchproudly filipina launch

At The Spa at Bonifacio High Street, chica Pinays from around the world gathered as Proudly Filipina was launched. The event was energetically hosted by TV and Internet personalities Christine Bersola and Mike Abundo.

proudly filipinaproudly filipinaproudly filipina

Proudly Filipina's mission is to bring together and unite Filipinas from all over the world where they can all learn and laugh, improve talents, meet new Filipinas, and collectively, guide each other to reach their goals and dreams.


Guests enjoyed delectable cocktails from C3 Cuisine and Dory's Lambanog, soothing back massages from The Spa, fresh lovely roses from Island Roses, and exciting raffle prizes.

Men also strut their fashion like Internet star, Mike Abundo whose butterfly belt cannot be missed.

Congratulations to the founders of Proudly Filipina for a successful and memorable launch - Maan Tolentino, Mirella Santiago,Mica C. Kerkdijk, Rissa C. Gimenez, and Jason A. Banico.

Scarf Play - 2 Ways to Wear It

marie calica(scarf around the neck)

Here's my outfit with the fabulous fashion and beauty editor of Marie Claire magazine, Marie Calica. She is sporting a jet black and silky balloon skirt last night. Perfect for dancing the night away :)

michi calica-sotto(scarf tied on the bag)

I was lucky to meet couture and bag designer, Michi Calica-Sotto as well. Her lovely purse is one of her works, check out her creations at

26 December 2008

Star Style: Aga Muhlach

Award winning actor Aga Muhlach shares his fashion sense with Style and Relax.

Watch the video interview with Style and Relax below:

Aga prefers wearing anything he is comfortable in and is not brand conscious. His rule is to wear outfits that are most appropriate for an event like basic suits without any frills.

"I can survive 6 or 10 years with only two pairs of jeans, and I am okay." - Aga Muhlach

Oh my thighs! Nivea My Silhouette Review

nivea my silhoutteAfter watching the advertisements on TV incessantly, I gave in and bought this Php 560 lotion. Now my bottle is empty and I can give you an honest review of Nivea My Silhouette.

My Silhouette is gel based and is easy to apply. The lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin, it gives you "just-out-of-the-shower" freshness with its light refreshing scent. This scent will not last very long. After application, the skin feels silky soft - an added bonus since the main use of My Silhouette is for fat reduction.

However, my hands feel sticky after putting it all over my thighs so I usually wash my hands after using. The bottle suggests that it be used twice a day but I used it only at night.

After consuming Nivea My Silhouette, bottoms up - I can say that it works. I often feel my inner thighs rubbing against each other when I walk but now I barely notice or feel them rubbing against each other. It also reduced "waves" on my thighs which may be classified under cellulites. My skin is also smoother but I feel that My Silhouette is not very good at moisturizing.

Maybe, it would be better to use Nivea My Silhouette at night and a moisturizing lotion at daytime. I recommend Nivea My Silhouette, your sweet thighs are worth it :)

Be Cool as Cucumbers

cucumbers beautyCucumbers are another cheap and easily available beauty and relaxation source. When eaten raw, it instantly cools your body which helps you to calm and relax.

Here's what you can easily get from cucumbers:

Silica - helps produce collagen for the skin and increases skin elasticity. Silica is also great to strengthen muscles, bones, and ligaments. It is included as one of the top 5 nutrients for healthy skin!

Ascorbic acid - or Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which reduces free radicals that damage our skin by reducing collagen. It also reduces inflammation.

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Caffeic acid - together with Vitamin C, reduces water retention. This is why placing cucumbers are effective in reducing eye puffiness, treating burns and dermatitis.

Potassium - naturally reduces stress and anxiety, maybe because it helps oxygen get into the brain.

Cucumbers pack a lot of nutrients for its very small size! Other minerals found in cucumbers are magnesium, molybdenum, calcium, and folic acid.

Most of these benefits can be found on the cucumber skin, so better eat it unpeeled but wash it properly. I also recommend eating cucumbers as is to reap all its natural goodness :)

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas Hauls!

Thank you to all my Santa sponsors this Christmas! :) I finally got a Nine West Element 9 Medium shopper, a new nice shirt I can style with, a new yoga mat (from cash donations), and Camilla Morton's A Year in High Heels.

23 December 2008

Cosmetologie 2009 - an all out beauty event!

Ladies, mark your calendars! On February 26-28, Cosmetologie 2009 unveils the latest beauty breakthroughs and trends at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Cosmetologie 2009 is the biggest trade show of its kind in the Philippines.

cosmetologie fair 2009
The event will be attended by the greatest stylists and industry icons like Fanny Serano and Cherry Reyes of Toni & Guy. Expect to be one of the firsts to see and try out new beauty products and services (make ups, body and skin treatments, spa and gym services). Co-located in the expo are the World of Beauty, the Fashion Fair Runway Show, and the Health & Wellness Expo. Cosmetologie 2009 is surely a must-visit and enjoyable event for you and your friends!

For more information, visit their website at

22 December 2008

The Best Ways to Organize your Closet

organize your closetCleaning your closet is not the most appealing activity on a weekend (or any given day). It is a mystery how clothes get buried so deep and how a woman’s closet seem to mess up itself. Yet, everyday we face our closet in the hopes of finding something to wear, if we can still see through the mess!

Here’s how we can end our closet dilemmas and ease the stress involved in organizing our closets/dressers.

1. The best time to clean your closet is at night – cleaning your closet involves walking to and from one point to another, lots of folding, and a handful of thinking. You will be more comfortable decluttering at night when there are less distractions and activities around you.

2. Do not empty out your closet at once – make your bed available as a standing room for your clothes. Never put down your clothes on the floor. This will only create for you a stressful maze that you might accidentally step and slip on.

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3. Start by folding and transferring clothes that are on top to the bed. Group your clothes accordingly: house clothes, underwear, sleeveless garments, long sleeves, shirts, shorts, pants.

4. As you declutter your closet, evaluate – Let go of clothes that are too small and give up items that you don’t intend to wear. Have a pile for clothes that you are ready to give away to family or any charity. Doing this will buy you a lot of space in your closet.

5. When the closet is finally empty it’s time to move in! – get ready to lift the clothes that you grouped on your bed. Never lift one pile all at once. Put clothes that you rarely use at the bottom and back. Clothes and other items that you normally use should be on top and front of your closet.

To maintain the orderliness of your now clutter-free closet, never pull out an item from a pile of clothes. Lift the clothes on top of the item you want to use. Pulling out your clothes from a pile messes everything on top and bottom .

Make your closet cleaning activity more fun by mix matching and styling outfits while playing your favorite music! Not only do you have a clean closet but a pocketful of outfit ideas that can save you time and money.

The 16th Travel Tour Expo 2009 - Travel in Style!

On Feburuary 6 to 8, 2009 - travel and lifestyle enthusiasts can attend the much awaited annual event, the Travel Tour Expo 2009. The event covers everything there is about travel with this year's theme "Travel in Style".

Travel Tour Expo 2009

The Travel Tour Expo 2009 will be held at the most sought-after venue today, the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

The event will feature the lifestyle aspect of travel which covers health, wellness, fashion, and food. Attendees will be treated with entertaining activities such as games, a daily raffle draw, and cultural presentations. Of course, jet setters can shop for the best travel deals that will be offered exclusively during the expo!

See you there!

21 December 2008

Stockings Story

At the foot of Ayala MRT bridge, as I walk to the Fort. A medium-weight manang (woman) in plain clothes called my attention (miss, miss!).

Manang: Miss, where did you get your stockings? They look great!
Me: Oh, it's a gift from Australia
Manang: Aww, your stockings just gave me an IDEA.

Style Scene: The 50 Must-Buys in Manila Launch

The fashionable crowd together with top designers and stylists gathered at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street as Janina Hoschka and Michael Salientes launched their book, 50 Must-Buys in Manila.

The who's who in the fashion scene were present and all were falling in line to purchase the much-awaited book. Attendees were treated to freshly brewed coffee care of Figaro and delectable but healthy cocktail food with wines to match.

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Luxurious raffle prizes were given away at exactly 5PM. This was the event's climax as everyone awaited to hear their names drawn. The grand prize was a set of jewelry worth Php 30,000 from Ms. Jul Dizon. Luckily, I also got to bring home a beautiful and delicious Park Avenue Desserts cake from Chef Buddy Trinidad. The cake is called "Quadruple Chocolate Climax Mousse Cake", beat that!

Everyone went home happy and with Belgian chocolates from Benoit Nicolay. Congratulations and thank you very much to the authors Janina Hoschka and Michael Salientes for an amazing book launch.

20 December 2008

Star Style: Sarah Geronimo

At the Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko celebration, Sarah Geronimo shared her Christmas message for her fans, and her fashion sense with Style and Relax.

Video Interview (Style and Relax with Sarah Geronimo)

When it comes to fashion, Sarah Geronimo prefers wearing outfits that she is most comfortable in. Yet, she notes that sometimes, it is needed to wear complicated items such as high heels when it comes to her job as a star.

All Black and Grey

Traveled with nephew today so had to wear a comfortable outfit that would be okay on a red carpet premiere. I overheard one day on TV about wearing an all black outfit like Audrey Hepburn which spelled simple and classic. That inspired today's humble outfit.