30 June 2009

The Practical Maybelline Makeup Kit

Makeup purchasing mistakes are not cheap and when everyone's tightening belts and purses, a little advice goes along way. Readers, I would like to share the most practical but beautiful makeup kit I've ever assembled.

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Powder
- I've written about this before here but just to add, this container has been with me for around 5 months! You only need a few dustings for a neat look and one container would last you a very long time unlike pressed powders which could only last you for 2-3 months.

2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Blush - blends seamlessly with the Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Powder. Tap a little amount on the cap and dust on your face lightly with the Kabuki brush (free with the clear smooth minerals). If you look closely, you'll see it has a little bit of shimmer for that natural glow.

3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - the best mascara of all time according to makeup artists. If you smudge some on your eyelids, it easily comes off with a swipe of a q-tip. Apply as much as you want and it won't clump your lashes in a weird way. It also easily comes off with our favorite makeup remover, Pond's Cold Cream.

4. M.A.C Eyelash Curler - gets the job of primping those lashes up fast. It has a good grip and the curls last very long, even without mascara.

5. Lucas Papaw Ointment - I use this as a lip balm, thank you to my sister who introduced this to me in Melbourne. If you have a relative down there, ask them to get you a tube which will last you fairly long. Available at pharmacies in Australia.

And these are all you need for a daily "neat" look, except if you are a makeup expert. But for us non-pro's, I think this everyday combo is already a winner.

If you are finishing off your old makeup and want to try something better, then keep the Maybelline combo in mind :)

P.S. Don't forget to add Johnson's Oil Control Film to keep oiliness at bay.

27 June 2009

VNC is on SALE!

VNC is having a mid-year sale! Time to add more shoes to your rack at discounted prices. VNC is also known as Vincci, if ever you go visit to Malaysia - Vincci is selling shoes like hotcakes. I always keep a pair of VNC pumps inside my bag, ever since I got them :)

This is the best time to try VNC shoes for yourself!

24 June 2009

Style Scene: LG Health Collection Launch

The LG Management and Marketing Team

At the Shangrila Hotel Makati, LG gave home appliances a new meaning. Stylish, healthy, and eco-friendly, the LG Health Collection would stir any homemaker's curiuousity.

Eco-Moms: Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino

Angel Jacob hosted the event and introduced another Angel of health and the earth, Angel Aquino. Angel shared how she loves opening her refrigerator and the excitement it brings to her. As a model and actress, being health conscious is natural for her. She is also an active "attorney of the earth", taking part in environmental campaigns together with Green Peace and other organizations. LG chose Angel Aquino to be the eco-mom and the perfect face to represent the LG Health Collection series.

Style and Relax with Angel Aquino

A tour of the LG Health Collection was lead by Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino. Our favorite would be the refrigerator which has a sleek design of flowers, not your usual refrigerator. It also increases the Vitamin C retention inside the crisper and has Catechins from green tea inside the air filters to reduce bacterial growth. All appliances such as the microwave, vacuum cleaner, airconditioners, and air cleaners have the same style and technological element that fits the new breed moms. Stylish, health-conscious, and green.

In keeping with the healthy theme, a yoga master straight from Korea shared simple yoga postures that everyone can practice at home.

Can you believe that this eye candy is an air purifier?

The LG Health Collection series would make any homemaker relaxed and healthy. Just like those nice appliances you see in Koreanovelas, now you can bring them home :)

22 June 2009

Brunch like a Gossip Girl at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Is brunch the new lunch? Could be, when Blair and Serena are doing it stylishly in the Upper East Side. Majority of ladies skip breakfast, those delicious sausage rolls, sunny side up eggs, and coffee to mention a few. Why not do like a Gossip Girl and enjoy a hybrid of breakfast and lunch? The brunch.
Style and Relax with Bobby Chin

At Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) and with famous chef Bobby Chin in tow - brunching in the city had never been this good. Brunch choices include muffins and a meal called Brek o' day. And yes they have creamy eggs for brunch :)

CBTL has plenty of choices to suit your level of hunger or craving. Other than brunch, they've unleashed tempting new desserts best with your favorite cuppa. Enjoyable at anytime of the day!

Style and Relax picks for desserts and pastries:
Chicago cheesecake and Oreo blueberry cheesecake
The Triple Berry Cake is served warm and is surprisingly, one of our favorites

Also, for drinks, if you are getting tired of lattes - maybe the Malibu Dream will remind you of "scrabble" - that tasteful drink in grade school from the street vendor. We also discovered that CBTL is selling Matcha Green Tea yey! These fun tasty drinks will surely start your day bright.
The Malibu Dream tastes like your childhood Scrabble drink :)

19 June 2009

Sexy Curls in 5 minutes

Really?! Yes, oh yes. And all you need is a hair straightener, not even a curling iron. Watch this:

It's important to have a nice brand of hair straightener, for this purpose - the edges must be rounded so you can easily roll your hair in the straightener.

Also, she used a hair heat protectant cream which hopefully, we can find in the department store.

Thanks for sharing the video Bubbi! :)

18 June 2009

Hang out and Chill at Home

These days, everyone says they don’t have money yet they need time to chill out too. In a perfect world, all of us could be getting a back massage, then watch a movie, and cap the day with a latte. Heck, even a latte costs Php 100. Hold on because there’s still hope, and you can find this at home.

Plan of attack for chilling out in your own crib:

1. Breakfast ala Coffee Shop – if you have time in the morning, sure you can replicate your favorite breakfast meal. Like pancakes? Prepare the mix and just cook 1 or 2 pancakes. Refrigerate the rest of the mixture for tomorrow. Be sure you have pancake syrup and loads of fattening butter :D

At home, breakfast is 24 hours

2. Watch a movie, in your room – sure you have a copy of any of the latest movies right? Microwave a pack of popcorn, grab your bean bag and shut the curtains. Peace and quiet, just you and your favorite movie star.

3. WiFi is in the house – WiFi or wireless internet is a bag of joy already, sure you want to relax but maybe you also want to connect with friends. We love surfing in coffee shops, restaurants, and malls. A different view is already a source of inspiration and it’s fun to eat while surfing. At home, grab your laptop and position yourself in the dining area. Prepare some tea and cookies for your self to enjoy. You may want to pop in your earphones and listen to internet radio. Yes that would keep your housemates at bay ;)

4. If you don’t know yet, drinks are an important part of chilling out. Coffee in the morning, a fruit juice in the afternoon, a cup of tea midday, a cocktail after dinner, then coffee for the night. All of these are available in your refrigerator or in your house bar. If not, time to stock up on cranberry juice, rum or vodka, and fresh milk for a latte at home.

Be creative and wait for the drought season in your wallet to pass. Relaxing at home can save you some money for a big day out in the city. Meanwhile, imagination goes a long way.

14 June 2009

Night Out Dress Up

Dressing up for a night out is not easy. Whether you plan to go dancing or just hang out with friends, strive to shine like a star in the darkness. Unless you plan to blend with the walls or the night sky.

Yet again, no need to go on a shopping spree for a hot black dress. Why not try your old plain white shirt? Make it into a dress by tying a belt around it. Garter belts are available everywhere but take time to find something unique. I would avoid the garter belts with nice buckles in popular flee markets and opt for one of a kind ones found in boutiques inside shopping malls. You may want to wear the outfit safely with boyleg undies or shorts to avoid panty shots during the night :) Dash a little spice by wearing your favorite pumps.

Have fun ladies!

P.S. A shiny black bag will also help :)

12 June 2009

How to Shop at Saizen - the 85 Peso Store

Find Saizen, a 100% Japanese store at Robinson's Galleria and you've made an extraordinary fun shopping activity for yourself. Everything here is sold at 85 pesos, from cosmetics to funky Japanese housewares and stationery. Visiting Saizen could be the nearest taste of Japan in town.

Here are some tips when shopping at Saizen:

1. Don't be overwhelmed by the many isles and sections. Choose your target and take your time comparing products. Some products are the same but some come in "kits". Example, there would be an eyebrow scissor on the shelf, but there would also be an eyebrow scissor that comes with a lash comb and a tweezer. Of course, opt for the one that comes with more stuff :)

Japanese beauty products

2. Check the cosmetics section for your supply of make up sponges, brushes, or q-tips - load up on these. If it's made in Japan then it means quality and safety.

3. Make sure to bring a friend, to double the fun of discovering funky or even weird products from Japan. Saizen gets new products in store every month. We found this funny looking banana container, perfect for those on the banana diet!

4. Read the labels. Some packagings may look the same but the quantity is different. Like wet tissues, some have 100 sheets while some only have 24 sheets and both are priced at 85 pesos.

Pet collars, accessories, and toys for Fifi!

5. Don't forget to get something for Fifi, your pet. Saizen has a stylish collection of pet collars, toys, and accessories for your little one.

stockings, hats, bags, etc.

6. It's best to go when you are not in a hurry. Saizen is a super interesting store that will make you so much engrossed that you'll forget about time.

Aren't we lucky? Finally everyone can still shop with just 85 pesos to get that shopping fix. And even with just 85 pesos, you are sure to come home with something funky and useful - straight from Japan!

11 June 2009

The Latest Fashion Gear - Philips Go Gear Aria

How does one keep her poise while waiting for a date, avoid talking to random men, and enjoy the latest episodes of Gossip Girl on the go?


Meet my new toy which I've converted as my own fashion/style gear, the Philips Go Gear Aria. Available in 4gb up to 6gb, fill it up with videos, music, images, and even e-books that you can enjoy anywhere.

Love the sleek black color as it can blend as an uber-techy accessory. What's inside my aria:

Blair and Chuck's romantic ending, fashion inspirations, runway music from the Victoria's Secret fashion show, and more :)

Can you imagine the many style possibilities with this gadget? :)

09 June 2009

Melbourne Black

If Melbourne, the most fashionable city, has a color then it would be black. Channeling this now here in Manila, we're lucky the skies are gloomy and black won't be too warm for the weather. Mysterious, serious, sexy, and slimming - won't you love black too?

Also, amazing these jet black shiny VNC pumps are, I walked in them all day and I am still alive. Wore a long sleeved, pseudo-layered, and collared shirt, the Minty meets Munt puffy skirt, the black tights from Myer, and used the snake skin bag from Nine West.

As always, when you feel good with what you are in, then you would probably have a good day. Otherwise, at least you can sail through stressful situations in style :)

What are you wearing today?

07 June 2009

The shoe fits at VNC

Collect them All!

Fairy godmother has heard my wish for a new pair of pumps. I've wrote so many times how I have forgotten walking in them and so many readers have suggested heels for a fiercer look. Shopped around Melbourne, and even tried stealing my sister's pumps only to fail the "walk in high heels" test.

Yesterday, I got the chance to talk with the honchos of VNC also known as Vincci in Malaysia. Frances, one of the owners of VNC is an absolute shoe lover and she was the perfect person I talked to about my dilemma. Over a cup of tea, she shared how Vincci was huge in Malaysia and that every person she talked to recommended shoes from Vincci. Her husband/partner was also there and shared how many shoes Frances got from that trip, which were countless. I would do the same if I found the perfect pair of shoes.

And I did! Right after our meeting I ran to Glorietta 3 to try on more shoes at the VNC store and voila, no wobbly weird looking walk at all. The VNC pumps were easy to walk in, at VNC, I am a size 6. Their size range is 1 size smaller so if you are an 8 then you are a 7 at VNC. I've also realized how important it is for the pumps to snuggly fit your feet to avoid accidents like tripping and to ensure good posture.

I got not one but two pairs of pumps from VNC. Shoe love at first sight. They have an ongoing promo as well, buy 2 pairs and get the 3rd pair at 50% off. Maybe this is yet another start of another fashion addiction.

Pumps really make any outfit look more gorgeous, and when the pumps you have are comfortable to walk in, it feels like you have found true love :)

01 June 2009

Bath Robe Inspired Outfit

Ever wish you can go out in your bath robe? Just a fun thought to hold on :) I've always loved bath robes and wrap around dresses, they look like kimonos and feel very comfy. This long wrap-around cardigan came with a tie, layering it on top of another dress made the sleeves appear longer.

To avoid that just came out of the bathroom look, I pinned the spider brooch I got from Degraves St. here in Melbourne.

Today is officially winter.