30 June 2011

Coke in can, the glass version via McDonald's

The Coca-cola can glass has arrived in Manila! Whoopee, they were a big hit in the US and the UK and finally you can have your name on one of these. Of course McDonald's is Coca-cola's pow-wow partner in this promotion.
Check out this advert from the UK because I can't find the Pinoy version:

Someone is giving a set of Coca-cola can glasses away, if you want.

But if joining promos is not your thing it's easy to get and collect them all. Just add P25 to your favorite value meal (mine is Big Mac with shake shake fries!).

6 colorful designs available – Blue, Charcoal, Purple, Lime, Green, and Pink. Whether through dine-in, take-out, drive-thru or McDelivery (8-MCDO,, the Coca-Cola Can Glass set is available all day, every day at all McDonald’s stores nationwide. Visit for more details.

Getting the fash back

So I haven't been out very much and now I want to push myself outside the door. Otherwise, I am in the danger of becoming a hermit. Somehow the urge to dress up is gone, maybe it goes away with age. Though maybe all I need is a little spark, like this:

As a consequence of overly cocooning, I missed the entire Philippine Fashion Week - including Ipanema's participation.

Love the music on this video, makes me want to go shopping!

Best of the summer wine

No, not Last of the Summer Wine – that’s a TV show. The summer has only just started, and we have at least two and a half months to enjoy wine in the sunshine. But what varieties are the best for the numerous sun-drenched events you may be attending? Here are a few ideas…

Best for a barbecue…

It’s always good to bring something along to one of these occasions. A bottle of wine will be much appreciated and will also bring some sophistication to proceedings. Although beer is the most popular drink for a barbecue, a nice full-bodied red wine would go perfectly with the carnivorous menu. You might want to choose the Lebanese and rather excellent Château Musar.

Best for a picnic…

Whether you’re meeting someone you just met on a black dating website or a group of close friends, it’s important that everything’s perfect for a picnic. Getting the drinks right is a big part of this. Have a couple of bottles of a light white wine tucked away and match with some delicate cuisine – salmon and cream cheese on Bath Oliver crackers, for example. Also, make sure you have a cold-bag and keep the bottles out of the sun, because these will taste best chilled. Try the Frascati Superiore Italian white wine.

Best for a party…

Wine is also a great thing to bring to a party. You need to make sure you go for a middling variety that will meet everyone’s tastes, as you don’t know how many people will be trying it. A fizzy wine is probably in order here, particularly if you’re at a celebration. A nice Prosecco will more than fit the bill, this Italian fizzy white being very palatable for everyone. Make sure you get the dry variety rather than the extra dry, though, as you don’t want to put anyone off.

Best for the beach…

For a trip to the seaside, why not try something fruity? A light rosé would be the perfect accompaniment for a summery snack of ice-cream and strawberries – an idyllic seaside scene… For this, go for the French Cuvée Fleur Pays d’Hérault and make sure to keep it chilled.

Best for a romantic evening…

Whether you met through an eHarmony review or on a train, romantic evenings are better with wine. A deep-red dessert wine always sets the right tone and goes well with chocolate cake and gentle jazz music playing in the background. Why not try the Italian Chianti Classico here, which has a unique chocolaty finish.

Enjoy wine this summer with these five top choices!

28 June 2011

Food adventure at Venice Piazza | McKinley Hill

My family and I can't help but drool whenever food is featured on TV. Actually, it's the only thing that we all agree on. And when we saw this feature about the Food Adventure in McKinley Hill at The Fort - the room was filled with ooh's and aah's.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

So I am not letting this pass me by, especially when it happens on weekends. It's a good excuse to go out plus, experience something exciting with friends or family. Great food events like these are hard to come by.

I have my eyes on the exotic food like fried frogs but they might be extinct soon so no, but maybe fried baluts and the sweet desert egg-che-flan. You have to buy a food adventure passport worth Php 500 + to try samplers inside the restaurants. But as seen in the video, there are stalls that you can buy food from as you wish. No passport required.

See above poster for more information on the happenings. The place is spacious and if you are bringing kids then that's a plus. Don't you think this is also a perfect place to have a romantic delicious date?

See you all there!

25 June 2011

Fashion: So you wanna look like a celeb

Not just a celeb, but a celeb in New York, possibly who sidelines as a stylist like my mother Rachel Zoe. Obviously I've been watching too much of her and The Kardashians (got my eyes on Kim) while drinking Coke Zero. Feels like a very bad vice ain't it?

But here's my personal lowdown on how to put together a celebrity look.

1. Quality - there are a sea of clothes out there but quality stands out. Quality in terms of fabric, measurements, and design. Surely you've experienced finding a style that stands out but doesn't fit well. Check the tag, you're right - you get what you pay for.

There's a reason why branded clothes are expensive and that includes quality checks and hours spent to get the right fit per size.

Above are some bcbg pieces I found on who retails designer and branded clothes online. They also have bcbg shoes like below:

2. Stand out on heels and platforms - rarely do I find celebs wearing flats, indeed they need to literally stand out and tall in a sea of normal human beings. Boots are natural love for me but closed shoes are also flexible and more comfortable than open toe stilettos/platforms.

3. Accessorize with drama - huge Jackie O shades, glasses, statement necklaces
and cocktail rings are never out of fashion. Clothes are just clothes until you personalize them with your own jewelry.

Turquoise is tricky to wear but adds a classic/goddess effect everytime. Gold links add weight to light fabric and anything with pearls is a great contrast to dark pieces.

Shop for these pieces at, they have international shipping so checkout the FAQs depending on which country you are in. DHL and UPS are their shipping options, superb :)

24 June 2011

Shopping: SM Accessories RED SALE

Have you experienced any of SM's RED SALES? If not then here's your chance to join the shopping mayhem.

The SM Accessories RED SALE is happening today at the upper ground floor of SM Manila until June 26. Fashionable items for men and ladies are up to 50% off and as low as P50. If you're looking for accessories that fit your style and budget, then don't miss out on SM Accessories' RED SALE!

I have an exclusive peak of items to look out for:

Bangles and cutesy headbands for you and your little sisters :)

Purses and scarves

And don't forget statement pieces that are budget friendly.

A word of advice, browse the latest copy of your favorite fashion mag to find out what are the latest trends in accessories and how to wear them. Choose accessories that have the most drama or, the most versatile pieces if you are on a budget.

Enjoy shopping and don't forget your green bags :)

23 June 2011

Fashion: Capes for the Rainy Days

My fashionable alter ego gets excited every time it rains. Layering, boots, and capes! Other cities have been there caped that but in Manila, seldom do I see femme fatales getting comfy in trench and twill.

I think their sweet and perfect, don't you? If you watched Little Red Riding Hood, plus points for you.

Capes from Diane Von Furstenberg, Sacai, and Nordstorm.

My international friends who study in Online Colleges can't live without these, they are fashionable staples in winter. Above is an attempt (yet again) to make a set in Polyvore, I just can't work it and wish I was signed up for online degree programs in graphic design.

Going back, these pieces are great with boots. Now don't be tempted to purchase cheap boots from the flea market (the truth hurts) and used clothing shops. First, they are not worth the investment and boots need to be sturdy, reliable, and comfy. Most I've seen are synthetic leather which can peel off during an inconvenient time. Embarrassing.

Wear the capes + boots with skinny jeans, faux leather tights otherwise it will be too warm, or even shorts + dark leggings. Now who wouldn't enjoy the rainy days when you are fashionably geared up?

Some stores worth checking out and might have these goods: Zara, Mango, Terranova, and Nine West for the boots.

On a side note, this post reminds me of opportunities in finding an education abroad where there are actually four seasons! You may want to check out for some information on student aid.

21 June 2011

Bald Lady Gaga performs Hair

I've written this before but again, Lady Gaga is a performer who can actually sing. Her voice and creativity is one in a million.

Do you like bald Lady Gaga? :)

14 June 2011

5 Ways to recharge at Bonifacio High Street Global City

Rarely do I get out these days and when I do, I like to maximize it and have the most enjoyable time ever. So Bonifacio High Street may not be something new and exciting but for people who have cocooned like me, this is the perfect place to unwind and relax in peace sans the crowd. The open air setup is lovely at night, so follow my lead on an evening say 6PM onwards.

1. Grab a grub at Italianni's - I am not a blogger endorser of this diner but I love how the place always have space for me. Lets me cross out waiting for a table on my hassle's list. Plus, the atmosphere takes me to Italy (I know). I am a sucker for interior design and the framed photos of great Italian places sends me a romantic vibe.

What to order: Their spinach and artichoke formaggio is good stuff but when on a budget, I love their free focaccia bread dipped in E-V-O-O and balsamic vinegar while waiting for my roast pork. Did I mention they have both Perrier and San Pellegrino?

2. Enjoy The Spa - remember to walk-in The Spa before you go for dinner but don't slip on that robe just yet. Simply make a quick reservation for when after you have enjoyed your food. This way you don't have to, you guessed it, wait for your turn once you are ready.

What to get: A full body massage at The Spa starts at Php 800 and you can already enjoy both a sauna and a dip in the jacuzzi. Perfect for burning the calories from dinner.

3. Window shop - at night it is more breezy to walk along the different shops Bonifacio High Street has to offer. I like spending some minutes in Make Room and Havaianas to try on the latest flip flops. Muji also recently opened which could also fancy you for 30 minutes or so.

4. Bookworms crawl to Fully Booked - a book lover can stay for hours inside's Fully Booked's 6 storey worth of books. My latest guilty purchase was of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic and Mini Shopaholic. Further your enthusiasm for reading by browsing in areas you wouldn't normally read on.

For the next item, you may wish to purchase the latest issue of your favorite magazine. Mine currently are Working Mom and Smart Parenting. Go figure.

5. Cap this perfect night at Starbucks
- and you don't have to leave Fully Booked's building because Starbucks is on the fourth floor. For a more interesting time here, make it a frappucino happy hour. Order something different like the new Soy Green Tea Frappucino or for a warm mug, try their hot Chai Tea Latte.

And if you are not ready to go home yet, Serendra is just right across the High Street. You can find pastry shops in there and one must-try for takeaways is Conti's and Mary Grace.

09 June 2011

Because I love Kim Kardashian

After watching hours, make that days, of The Kardashians and Kim and Kourtney take New York - I realize just how much I love Kim Kardashian. The fact that they are three lovely sisters which reminds me of my own two wicked sisters is just one of the many reasons I am hooked.

Now Kim is about to get married to basketball star Kris Humphries after dating for so long. Well Kourtney is right when she said that Kim is "in love with being in love" and probably daydreaming of first date ideas. Kris didn't even appear on the reality show unlike Australian ex-bodyguard Shengo Deane. I thought they'd get married and my heart really melted when Kim said no after suggesting the idea.

Bye-bye Shengo.

Kim is a smart lady and a hardworking one. I am not surprised she is getting a prenup drawn up for her and future husband Kris. Oh wait, isn't it funny Kris Jenner and Kris Humphries have the same name? I hope they get along and wish Kim a happy ever after :)

04 June 2011

Reduce garbage from shopping

At home, I have a huge container of plastic bags, paper bags, and straw threads - all from shopping trips to the grocer, hardware, and retail stores. Inside my bag are rolls of receipts, flyers, and unwanted catalogs. Every now and then, I wish I can reduce junk mail that comes in our doors.

Is there a way for us to break free from unnecessary trash? Some ways I try to lessen the carbon footprint of my purchases is to shop online. I ask online retailers to use recycled plastic in packaging the goods and skip fancy wrappers and unnecessary flyers.

With small items, especially at the pharmacy - I think it is useless to put those small medicines in small plastic bags when they can easily fit inside your purse. I do this when shopping at Watsons, I tell the cashier I do not need my items in a bag and just hold on to the receipt. Another plastic saved and not to forget, those wire staples!

By now, everyone has a green bag but not everyone remembers to bring them. Plan when you shop so you can put them inside your car for that day or, if you forgot - ask for goods to be placed in recycled boxes. Our local groceries have plenty of these. If you can, tell the baggers to skip tying the boxes with a straw thread. Your items are unlikely to be opened or spill if you are putting them inside your car trunk.

Be a Modess Angel and WIN-WIN

Who knows girls better than Modess, yes that brand who has given us that pair of special "wings" to let us enjoy life carefree. If you are unaware, Modess has its own community of girls that empower each other to make a huge positive impact in the society.

The first 1,000 Modess Angels were rewarded with a pair of statement tees from Tomato. You can still join the community, LIKE Modess Angels on Facebook because other than community projects, there are more engaging promotions for you.

Modess Angels is a gathering of women giving comfort to other women who need care and support. It is a community of sisterhood, sharing, fun and love.

Check them out today and do something for you and your bestfriend/sister, you may just win a pair of iPads for both of you to enjoy :)