31 July 2010

Promod Skirt + Mustard Off Shoulder

Eversince I got a ruffled skirt at Forever 21, I realized how girly they look and decided to get another one. This time, from Promod at the Atrium.

Shopping mama at Saizen

I love how these skirts follow my movements. This one is made of layered fabric that looks like lace. I am also wearing new golden flat shoes from Parisian, my guilty shoe pleasure! :)

My baby boy says hi!

The mustard off shoulder is from St. Francis Square and I've had it for ages. Perfect match for the skirt <3>

30 July 2010

At Saizen Trinoma - Crazy, Fun and Funky Japanese Things!

Everything at 85 pesos in Saizen!

I will be doing a series of posts about the newly opened Saizen in Trinoma because they're just so fun and funky to shop at. Just yesterday I was there with my family and I saw lots of tea cups, japanese plates, tea pots, and everything "japan-japan".

You know I am obsessed with tea sets so I got these:

A his and hers tea cups, he's a samurai and she's a geisha. sweet!

and a plain classic tea pot, just the size I need.

Here's my little corner of heaven - lots of tea all from Japan

And for the little boy I got a popsicle maker in pastel colors. Just fill them with chocolate drinks or fruit juices, pop in the freezer, and serve to your little boy on a hot day :)

Also, I got a door stopper because everytime the wind blows, I hear a loud bang x.x

Perfect for Ashton's toy room

Everything at Saizen is 85 pesos, your license to go crazy with Japanese stuff. Here's something that could just be the weirdest item you can get:-

A swinging black cat with glaring emerald eyes.

The pack says black cat's emerald eyes raises the suspicions of cats and birds, prevents them from gathering together. Cats and birds gather together? Only in Japan! Hang the black cat on a tree or anywhere in your garden x.x

A belt for books, I'll get one soon when Ashton starts reading :)

Then there are the kikay stuff:-

Facial massager, which is growing in popularity as seen in Pinoy Big Brother *lol*

And false eyelashes for just Php 85

Camphor sticks etched with words to deodorize your shoes or closet

I could go on and on with pictures of interesting stuff at Saizen. It's so exciting to shop because you find items you wish you'd gotten before from houseware, beauty, and baby stuff. We love it! Thanks Saizen for bringing a slice of Japan in Manila for just 85 pesos haha :D

28 July 2010

Headturning Headbands from SM!

One trend that seems to stick around is headbands! Now it's all about ribbons and frills, no longer feathers and nets.

I was shopping around last week when I saw these:

headbands with sequined ribbons, studs, and some with the metallic rocker look.

Actually it was my sister Joni who discovered the new stocks of headbands in SM. She got one for my niece Anya and we ended up trying it on our heads instead haha :) Since they left for Australia, I had to get the exact same thing for myself.

I lurve it! Can't wait to wear it one of these days.

There are other designs which are puffy-er but this one is subtle and would fit easier with my wardrobe.


21 July 2010

Underarm Bleaching at N2 Derm+ at SM North

My kili-kili with bleach

One rainy day I finally earned a day out from my mommy duties and went out with some Titas. I thought it would be the perfect time for some pampering and R&R, so we headed to SM North to try out N2 Derm because Heart Evangelista says so.

(Heart Evangelista is N2 Derm's endorser

I had to ask the therapist what Heart gets done on her skin and she said laser to make her skin tighter and another service that renews tired skin, perfect for celebs.

They had a buffet of services, from head to foot, from peels to massages. I wanted to get crazy and try everything but my underarms need immediate attention. You see, when some fashionistas get preggers, their underarms get dark - like mine!

I can't get my usual peels yet because I am breastfeeding, so Mhel, the N2 derm staff told me I could get a quick bleach instead. I've tried lots of quick bleaching for my underarms before I found the holy grail of solution for it. Yet, I must say that N2 Derm's underarm quick bleach service has a super more noticeable effect than other spas that offer the same.
N2 Derm+ in Megamall

First, my underarms got scrubed with a hightech brush to remove dead skin cells. Next is a mild peeling solution that was rubbed onto the skin, no stings because it was super mild. Finally, the bleaching solution from fruit acids was applied and covered with cellophane.

Unlike other spas, N2 Derm does not require you to put your arms up for 30 minutes. You can put them down and SMS while waiting for the bleach to take effect.

Start to see results after 3 sessions and white underarms after 6 sessions, 2 weeks interval.

And the result, my underarm was smoother and 30% lighter! I won't put pictures because my underarms are not yet as white as they normally are, but I swear the quick bleach made it better and more bearable to look at :) I think after 3 sessions, you can start to see a huge difference and by the 6th session, you will have sparkling white kilikili.

If you don't want to have your underarms peeled with TCA by a dermatologist, then the quick bleach of N2 derm is a good option. I'll go back again after two weeks if I have the time. This service costs around Php 500, its fast and non-messy. N2 Derm and Nisce are available at SM North and SM Megamall. To see their other branches, log on to

19 July 2010

New Arrivals at Forever 21

I was browsing my Facebook and saw Forever 21's page has been updated with their new arrivals. Here are some I like and want to buy, oh Santa Claus!

reminds me of Lanvin

and I want this as my pambahay, Paris!

simple but preppy

and more ribbons!

I want to cry OR head to Forever 21. Photos from the Forever 21 Philippines Facebook page

15 July 2010

Forever 21 Skirt

The mad dash to Forever 21 is starting to slow down but while everyone was still lining up to shop, I wore this skirt I got during the store's opening.

Sorry I have no proper outfit photo :( Beside me on the right is mommy blogger Pehpot, here we are at the Parentin.TV anniversary.

Forever 21 has lots of layered skirts to choose from including tutus. I want to buy a tutu but I am not sure if it will suit me as a new mom?

How to change diapers in style

My husband took a photo of me while I was joining a contest of who changes diapers fastest (and most fashionably). I won! :)

13 July 2010

Big & Small Anniversary Sale!

To all stylish moms out there who want to sprinkle some fashion dust on their babies, the Big & Small group which includes Havin' A Baby, Orange Juice, Spin, and Big & Small company, is having a SALE!

Up to 50% off because it's their anniversary. This starts July 9 until August 31. I can't wait to go back and buy some clothes for my little Ashton, last time I went he was still inside my tummy :)

The sale covers all brands to provide moms variety of choices for kids of all ages. They can check out fun, bright, classic clothes with character whether for boys or girls aged zero to eight at Big&Small. For boys until 14 years old who are energetic, and always on-the-go, you can explore the clothes from Spin. Let’s not forget the ‘tween girls who are striking the balance in their choices of clothes between being young and fashionable. The clothes from Orange Juice will surely interest them.

St. Ives' Fresh New Look

When I was in College, one of my guy friends swore by St. Ives Apricot Scrub. He kept on telling me how it cleared his face and removed nasty blackheads. I kept a small cute apricot scrub in my purse ever since. It's just so refreshing and the feeling of new exfoliated skin is wonderful.

I just don't remember how it disappeared from my stash, maybe I outgrew St. Ives. But now, they have a new look that will surely make you remember - remember to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

If your busy work or school schedule is causing your skin to breakout, St. Ives Naturally Clear Skin Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub or Naturally Clear Blemish Fighting Apricot Cleanser can do the trick.

To help soothe tired and dull-looking skin, slather on St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Advanced Body Moisturizer, Soothing Aloe & Chamomile Advanced Body Moisturizer or Hydrating Vitamin E Advanced Body Moisturizer.

I also remember using their AHA masque that lifts off dead skin cells. I wonder if they still have it? For now, I can't wait to be reunited with St. Ives and let you know if it's still friends with my skin ;)

12 July 2010

Flowers, Braids, and Hats

This was my outfit last Saturday when I toured my sister Joni to the Salcedo weekend market and also shopped at two different malls. First time wearing a hat after many years. This hat is super vintage - my sister and I got it when I was in gradeschool and she was in highschool. This was the trend before, including sunflower pins, do you remember? :)

My hair is a side braid, looks messy here but it was rather cute during the first few hours x.x

Get Your Plains and Prints with Pond's

I literally get my plains from Plains and Prints, like my favorite white tunic and black shorts. Now they have partnered with Pond's and came up with this collection of reds and whites:

It's time to get a plain sleeveless white dress if you still don't have one. I like this because it has lots of possibilities and opportunities to accessorize :)

And for a hot date, stash one or two of these in your closet. You'll never know when you'll need one ;)

All of these are now available at Plains and Prints, if you buy Pond's you can get Php 200 off from the original price of each piece. I saw more interesting pieces during the fashion show and they will be available come August.

08 July 2010


Cardigans, I've been looking for nice ones and ready to buy some until a friend from US passed this on to me. It's from the Loft and I like how cardigans add a bit of sophistication while protecting you from the biting cold.

Cardigans also allow you to wear your revealing pieces without making you feel too uncomfortable :)

Style Scene: Globe x Blackberry at The Republiq

Whew! I just got home from a BBM party at the Republiq. It was being hosted by Globe and if you don't know what BBM is it stands for Blackberry Mobile. Apparently, more and more people are using Blackberry here in Manila and this party is dedicated to them.

Blackberry Icons for Globe - Cris, Phil Younghusband, and Bea Soriano

Globe also launches new plans so everyone else (including me who doesn't have a Blackberry YET) can grab hold of a BB and start BBM'ing. For as low as Php 1,799 a month, Globe users can avail of a FREE Blackberry Curve in white, red, or black. That's so tempting just like Phil!

The three Icons were there to explain how much they love their Blackberries and how they can work and play with it.

Chica Globe girls Menchie and Vecca

After a brief meeting, everyone went on to party with the rest of Blackberry users. I didn't even know they already have a Facebook page.

Party people


06 July 2010

This is not a normal phonebooth - Globe's Webphone at Trinoma

I was walking at Trinoma and noticed this new phonebooth webphone.

That screen just screams hightech, I wanted to try but was in a super hurry. Anyway, this booth allows you to surf the Internet, text, call, record a video, etc.

Globe deployed its first Web payphone at TriNoma in Quezon City as it is currently testing this service for the local market. But I hope to see lots of these e-stops soon! According to my friend from Globe, soon these E-Stops would allow bills payments and other services :)

05 July 2010

Driving By Freeway's Jose Garcia Villa Collection

I was at SM Megamall last Saturday and saw Freeway was also on sale! Most SM Malls are having their end of season sales as we speak.

The chic outfits of these mannequins lured me in then I remembered that Freeway also just launched another collaboration with a National Artist. This time it's the poetry of Jose Garcia-Villa.

Your literature teacher will love you for this!

I remember how in class we would discuss some of his works and get consumed by his words. If only these dresses were available then! Here is how you wear the work of a National Artist -

Aside from clothes, Freeway also embedded Jose Garcia-Villa's words into their accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and tote bags.

I like this, it reminds me of Edvard Munch's Scream.

All items will have their own gift packaging, a swing tag of Villa’s bio and a Jose Garcia Villa authenticity stamp printed on the merchandise. To view the entire collection, visit

01 July 2010

Style Scene: Forever 21 VIP Launch

It was my super lucky day and I got to squish myself in the massive A-listers inside the new and first ever Forever 21 shop in the Philippines. Inside SM Megamall, shoppers were so excited their wallets are shaking in fear!

Yet, I was greeted by affordable accessories and I love how I am one of the firsts to get the first dibs :) There are so many looks or themes at Forever 21, certainly one is the love of ribbons inspired by Louis Vuitton.

Ribbon love! <3>

I got two accessories and one piece of clothing but will make it secret first :)

I went with my little fashionista baby boy Ash and explained to the 1 month old how Forever 21 has chiffons, laces, studs, and knits all under one roof. Super happy with their stocks and pricing, and did you know that you can use your SM Advantage cards here to earn points? I did!

Again, here's the style scene from my camera phone:

Me and Earth

Mitch Dulce, Cecille Van-Straten and friends

Tricia and Crissey

With beauty bloggers Nikki and Shen (thank you girl!)

Fashionistas were all going gaga and I had to leave right away after paying for my shopping haul, me and Ash might get squished! :) Forever 21 is officially opening on July 2, find them at Mega A in SM Megamall.

The crazy mob of shoppers at Forever 21

Line of cashiers waiting for your money! earn points with your SM Advantage card ;)