31 December 2010

Shopping for Luck?

Every New Year, almost everyone turns into a Feng Shui expert. Surely you have at least one feng shui guru now at home orchestrating the number of fruits on your dining table.

Meanwhile, here are more stylish ways to wear your luck. See more by visiting this link:

Lucky bracelets from Joy Lim

Of all the bracelets I saw at, these are my picks. I've had my share of collection trouble this year. As in collecting payments from clients. Hopefully, 2011 would be an easier year in terms of collection with the help of these:

Buddha Speed Up Transaction Braceletand Citrine Mantra Bracelet by Joy Lim

"Citrine is a Merchant Stone, also known as Success Stone, because it is said in folklore to promote success and abundance. It also enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Peridot is always a great transaction gem as experienced by successful people.

This one I also found while browsing the shopping site.

Amazing, we don't have to stick our heads in Divisoria or 168 to get these, or if you want to look for amazing deals on cellphones for sale. They'd make wonderful gifts too, shipped directly to the recipient's doors :)

Though I'd prefer lucky bracelets/accessories rather than gigantic home displays.

Happy New Year and I wish you luck in money, money, and money!

30 December 2010

Catching Up on Medical Series | Grey's Anatomy
Spending New Year with my favorite doctors!

Today I'm pretending to be on vacation mode and want to be a couch potato transfixed on cable TV. I missed a lot of episodes from my favorite medical drama series, Grey's Anatomy, now running on their 8th Season in the US.
I am missing the stars on cotton nursing scrubs especially Dr. Shepherd, not so much Meredith Grey haha. The picture above is from Season 3, notice the cast (TR Knight) whom they killed on the series is still there.

I also missed this scene, Phelps meets McSteamy who makes body scrubs for men look h.o.t.t. The last episodes I watched were from Season 7, before the season finale. So much for being a workaholic.

I've been asking about digital boxes for our TV so I can record episodes and TV shows, I heard they're a bit expensive though (especially if you'll provide a box for each of your TV sets). My agenda is to grab a DVD copy of the series and have a Grey's Anatomy marathon (and their gorgeous nurses in uniforms) while waiting for midnight.

Enjoy your idiot boxes! :)

29 December 2010

Where I'm Staying at this New Year | Dusit Thani Hotel


Okay make that next year's new year.

If I had mind reading powers, I would've planned differently and booked a hotel room. But hey, you on the otherhand have time to change plans and reserve a room here.

New Year's Eve Countdown - December 31, 2010 only

Deluxe: Php 9,788 ++
Suites: Php 11,788 ++


New Years always stresses me out, the smoke, the noise, and gory visuals of amputated fingers. Forget all that at Dusit Thani's Devarans Spa.

  • Crossover Dinner for 2 persons
  • New Year's Eve Countdown party with unlimited drinks for 2 persons
  • 20% discount from Deravana Spa
  • In-room wine


I'd love to wake up to this pool instead of the warzone-like scene New Year leaves behind. And I'm also excited to see if my 7 month old knows how to swim :)

The Crossover Dinner takes you across Dusit Hotel's 4 restaurants for a spectacular fest.


Basix which serves International Food


Umu for authentic Japanese Cuisine


Tosca for exquisite Italian food, Manila's latest fine dining restaurant


Royal Thai dining experience at Benjarong

I think I'll try the famous Dusit Crossover Brunch this Sunday, first day of 2011! So far, I've only dined at Basix where I spotted Amazing Race Asia winner Richard Hardin.

Time to race to Dusit and begin the year with a luxurious feast!The Crossover Brunch happens every Sunday, 11.30AM to 3.00PM. Php 1,600 for adults, Php 800 for kids aged 6-12, for kids under 6, it's free of charge.

For reservations contact 867-3333 ext. 3888

See you!

28 December 2010

Fashion: Dressing Up for New Year 2011

Just 3 more days to go and 2010 will be two thousand and late. It's just recently I learned the value of being "dressed for the occasion". I've taken this to heart not just for fancy pictures but for the fun of it.

Are you wearing red for luck?

I told everyone they should wear red if they are attending my New Year's Eve party, that's after me and my sister took a look around for blaring red dresses and blouses in a mall.

Lucy Torres for Kashieca Luxe

Surprisingly, we ended up at Kashieca- for some reasons they have lots of red items on display. I got three items, one for my sister and another for my mom. They even had a polka dot red dress (I got that too!).

I hopped to their Facebook Page and saw this! I completely forgot they are having a lifestyle sale at Dimensione.

Or am I too late?

27 December 2010

AXN is Number 1 in 2010 because of Hawaii Five-O Star Grace Park

Not really! But time to wrap up 2010 and I just remembered how I watch marathons of reality shows on AXN every holiday season!
The cast of Hawaii Five-O says cheers!

AXN once again cements its position as Southeast Asia’s number one international channel, averaging 10.2 million viewers every month to take the top spot in results tabulated from January to October 2010.
Hawaii Five-O star, Grace Park is my new year's resolution!

Says Mr. Ricky Ow, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SPE Networks –Asia, “Our report card for the first 10 months shows some really great result for the year as a whole. Especially with superb ratings from two key shows in the last quarter – The Amazing Race Asia and Hawaii Five-0 – it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that AXN will finish strongly as Southeast Asia’s top English channel for 2010.”

The Richards of Amazing Race Asia Season 3

Indeed, viewers can expect an exhilarating run to the finish-line in the fourth quarter, starting with a chart-topping performance from the highly-anticipated premiere of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-0 that airs Sundays 9PM on AXN. The elite team of crime-fighters led by Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett in the reboot of the TV classic certainly mesmerized viewers as the original series did 42 years ago, passing the ratings test with flying colours. Asia’s very own reality production, The Amazing Race Asia, is another favourite that never fails to thrill viewers across the region.

Keep up the good work AXN! You know the drill, beautiful people means beautiful ratings ;)

25 December 2010

What's IN: Christmas Funny Hats!

Merry Christmas to my wonderful readers! I hope everyone is having a blast this Christmas day with matching red lipstick ;)

This Christmas, I made it simple and fun with Christmas funny hats and headbands which I distributed to everyone. Instant cuteness and holiday cheer!

21 December 2010

First Bite: Bon Chon Chicken at Ayala Triangle

When a lot of people are talking about a certain restaurant, I don't get my hopes high because most of the time, it's just a fad.

Or so I thought.

Surely you've heard about Bon Chon, the latest "it" chicken in the metro, next to KFC's Double Down burger.

They say Bon Chon is Singapore's KFC. I took the chicken by its wing and ravaged it for the first bite. It is different from all the fried chickens I ever ate.

It's a wonder to me how Bon Chon's chickens have caramelized crusts. This separates it from the rest of the poultry. While eating, I completely forgot about the gravy. It wasn't served, I doubt if they have it, and I doubt if I need it.

Bon Chon's chickens (wings, thighs, legs - you can choose what parts you like) are tasty by themselves and in their crusty crispy glory. My mates tried the spicy wings but I chickened out. I could see how red their faces were turning.

Though Bon Chon is much more expensive than the usual, say Php 125 for 6 pieces of chicken wings, I can vouch that the taste and experience are worth the price. Next time, I'm ordering rice.

What I also like about Bon Chon is how you can order by parts, like wings are cheaper than legs, and you can also get some chicken breasts. It's also located at Ayala Triangle where the Holiday Lights Show is ongoing.

I am going back to Bon Chon tomorrow because my taste buds tell me so.

19 December 2010

At Ayala Triangle Park

Continuing with my Saturday field trip, at Ayala Triangle Park.

30 minutes before leaving my house, I repaired this old dress by removing the ribbon near the chest. I also removed the garter from the bottom seams. I don't think balloon dresses would come back..

It was also my necklace's first day out, only Php 120 from Landmark. Makes a whole lot difference on an old dress.

I walked from Dusit Hotel to Ayala Triangle wearing my thigh high boots. I deserve an award or a non-surgical liposuction.

Dear Santa, I hope you're reading. Thank you!

Amazing Lunch with The Amazing Race Asia winner Richard Hardin from Team Philippines

Aren't we lucky we have good-looking representatives for Amazing Race Asia? Yeah Team Philippines!

But yesterday at our lunch at Dusit Hotel, the other Richard (Herrera) was absent.

Rich says as early as now, they're flooded with offers for TV commercials, shows, and hosting gigs.

I wish I asked Rich for aguinaldo. Their team won US$100,000.00

Did you know that Rich proposed to his girlfriend Rachel after the race? Here's the lucky girl called Andrea.

Amazing team Joyce and Az.

Here's our table vs. paparazzi. I hope they didn't overlook this nirvana of desserts at Dusit Hotel.

While munching on these, Rich shared with us that there is more to the Reality TV Show that's not aired. Like how they must do their own laundry during the race. They wouldn't want to spend their Leg Money on laundry.

Then there's how team mate, actor and model Richard (Hererra) is a self-confessed OC that they'd sometimes fight about how toiletries are messed up.

Joyce who's handling gazillion accounts as an International Publicist, had Rich raffle off minor prizes like trips to Misibis Bay, US, and another Asian country I failed to remember.

I went home with some L'oreal makeup and hair products which was the prize I really was wishing for haha.

Braving the streets of Manila in December is like an Amazing Race by itself. Especially the part when the taxi driver speaks gibrish. Yet I'm glad I didn't miss this one! Congratulations to the Richards for winning The Amazing Race Asia.

17 December 2010

Even Celebrities Love Freebies - Dove Chocolate

I received this pack of Dove Chocolates yesterday while being hypnotized by the Internet. Of course, I couldn't help but rip open a bar of the Milk Chocolate which is Dove Chocolate's best seller.

While munching, I thought I'd search for celebrities who receive freebies like this one. Just for fun and to make issues on schwags even funnier.

Here are celebrities caught in the act of getting Dove Chocolate freebies.

Becki Newton from Ugly Betty poses with her loot bag

Neil Patrick Harris who plays the infamous Barney Stinson in "How I Met Your Mother" TV Show.

Look oh, he even got an extra piece from the back!

Chandra Wilson who plays Doctor Miranda Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy" TV Show.

I'm going to stop now before this turns into a crazy wicked blogger post but this is how I spend my me time. Good thing this Dove Chocolate comes in a bar which is just the right size, or else I can finish a whole block of it and hate it for making my thighs big.

Now I order you to try Dove Chocolate and spend your me time moment with the silkiest, smoothest, and highest quality chocolate. Stare at how they look like so you can recognize them on the shelves!

And in case you want to see more celebs with schwags:

16 December 2010

Lola Maria takes over your Christmas Table

I am seriously thinking of just ordering Noche Buena for the family this Christmas. Every year, I am sweaty and smell like spaghetti because I am the assigned cook.

One of the places offering holiday take outs is Lola Maria's, located at Legend Villas. I'd love for my holiday dishes and table to be stylish like this!

Choose from a wide variety of mouth-watering yuletide specialties from appetizer to dessert and enjoy them at the comfort of your own home.

Available to go are dishes like canapes (crabstick, tuna or egg salad), tomato soup with tortellini, chicken relleno, beef morcon, cocido, beef salpicao, baked fish with garlic mayo, home-baked ham, and brazo de mercedes.

Stylishly packed and easy-to-carry, Lola Maria Restaurant’s holiday take-out dishes are also ideal for potluck events and gatherings on few days notice. Just call Lola Maria Restaurant’s hotline and order away.

Visit Lola Maria Restaurant at The Legend Villas located at #60 Pioneer corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City.

15 December 2010

Winners of Giordano Shirts and Planners!

Merry Christmas to the winners of the Giordano Promo! :)

1. Jeman Bunyi Villanueva

2. Katherine Sicat

Next 3 winners after the jump! :)