31 July 2009

Answer and Win! Are you turned-off by body hair?

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Are you turned-off by body hair?

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29 July 2009

Star Style: Gretchen Fullido

Celebrity news reporter Gretchen Fullido is a celebrity in her own fashionable light. With a familiar and classic Louis Vuitton speedy bag in tow, Gretchen shares with Style and Relax her sense of spontaneous fashion.

Style and Relax interview with Gretchen Fullido

Rainy Schoolday

Don't we all wish we can go back to rainy days at school?

Boots are great for rainy days with all the puddle and mud. The skirt I got from a wet market in Bangkok, yes! The jacket is from Giordano in Singapore. All of which are trips with my classmates during university days. Outfits can be sentimental too :)

What are you wearing today?

26 July 2009

Glutathione? Eat Watermelon!

This week, I received an e-mail about how fruits should be eaten and that is, with an empty stomach. While researching if there is any truth about this, I bumped upon information about watermelons. Who would have known that watermelons pack a great amount of glutathione compared to any other fruits?

Glutathione has gained popularity ever since celebrities started taking them for a clearer and whiter complexion. Today, they are widely available in drugstores but these pills don't come cheap. Glutathione is also available as injectables from dermatologists which costs around Php 2,500 per shot. From the two methods - oral vs. injection, the preferred is injectable glutathione.

However, the BEST and sure way to produce glutathione inside your body naturally is by munching on refreshing watermelons! Not only do watermelons cost cheaper but they also have more benefits that come for free.

No wonder I see Koreans (with super smooth skin) in telenovelas munching on half a watermelon and simply scooping out the fruit with a spoon. Watermelons also contain Alkaline Water which is all the rage these days. Alkaline water removes toxins and acidity from the body. Some say it also reduces food cravings that leads to weight loss.

Aside from glutathione and alkaline water, watermelon is also rich in beta carotene, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin B. Personally, I am surpised at how much we can get from watermelons as I reckon it is only made up of water. From now on, next to bananas - let's add watermelons in our fruits baskets!

With regards to eating fruits with an empty stomach to reap the benefits of fruits, I personally think this holds true. Read more about it here: Eat fruits on an empty stomach

25 July 2009

Throw a Capricious Spa Party at Home

Caprichosa Spa finally allows any girl to live the ultimate party of her dreams - a spa party delivered right into your home! From the setup that includes white taffetas, candles, scented oils and candles, to uniformed and professioanal spa attendants that come fully equipped with their magical hands and kits, Caprichosa Spa provides them all.

Lil and Carlo, managing partners of Caprichosa Spa invited Style and Relax to one of their homes which was transformed into a heavenly relaxation sanctuary. Indeed, any normal looking house can be transformed by Caprichosa. Who would resist to attend a party whose setup looks like this?

Their attendants are well-trained to handle you and your guests like a queen. Treat your guests to foot spas, massages (shiatsu, swedish, or combined), and other spa services that will make your party the best they have attended ever.

Caprichosa Spa doesn't leave any stones unturned when it comes to the perfect mood setting - they even provide you with these golden silky robes and comfy flip flops from Crocs.

What's great about a spa party in your own home is that it won't leave you stressed and exhausted from all the preparations and the works. Instead, you can definitely enjoy much like a guest and have a celebration you will never forget.

Reach Lil and Carlo at or try out their services at Caprichosa Day Spa, 126 Armstrong Ave. Moonwalk Village Phase 1, Paranaque City, Philippines

24 July 2009

When Old Pieces are Combined

That is my inspiration because I have nothing to wear. I haven't gone shopping for a long time but look at what you can create with a white and grey ensemble. The black belt is overused but the thing is - with a bold statement piece, you can combine old pieces into something thematic.

Ingredients: Frilly white sleeveless top, white shorts, long grey cardigan, and glue together with a garter belt. Combining two items of the same color makes them look like a match from heaven.

Style Scene: Fitness First's New You Achievemenent Awards

Held at the Embassy Supper Club, 15 fitness enthusiasts shared their inspiring success stories at the Fitness First's New You Achievement Awards. The night was filled with ooh's and ahhh's as each before and after photos were shown. If you watch the Biggest Loser, the event was almost a live version of that, only more inspiring. Although everyone was a winner in their own right (anyone who manages to lose weight is a winner!), only one emerged as the 2009 Fitness First New You Achievement Awards Grand Winner.

Meet Angelica Balatbat who had a major thyroid problem but after just 9 months of training at Fitness First, lost 45 pounds!

L-R: Ilac Diaz, Fitness First Country Manager, Mark Ellis and Rich Hudson

Celebrating with the winners are the head honchos of Fitness First, celebrities, and more VIPs.

Senator Freddie Web and Pinky Amador

Everyone who were in attendance were strongly inspired that night and I bet, more people would be starting a program at Fitness First - me included. Personally, I believe how weight loss can be life changing and is definitely worth every ounce of determination and sweat :)

See you at Fitness First!

22 July 2009

Readers get these Urban Time watches at 20% Off!

Watches from Marie Claire and Lulu Castagnette available at Urban Time

If there is one accessory today's women can't live without, I am guessing it is the watch. Marry your obsession with time with these wrist candies from Urban Time.


Urban Time gives readers of 20% off on all of these watches! Simply print out and present the coupon below to avail of your special discount. This is valid until August 31, 2009.

Watches kind of tell a personal story, don't they? They become a part of your celebrations when you get them as a reward and become a part of your hair-flipping moments.

21 July 2009

Avon Launches Ultra Moisture Rich 24k Gold Lipstick

Avon launched it's newest product called the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold lipstick by celebrating women's own shining moments. Three outstanding and beautiful women were recognized for the way they live their lives as advocates, entrepreneurs, champions, mentors, and role models. They also conducted a photo shoot that produced two photos of each woman in a different hue of lipstick.

Cancer survivor Crisann Celdran

Entrepreneur Amina Aranaz-Alunan

Champion race car driver Pia Boren

Amazing how a change of lipstick color can change an entire look! If you want to try the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold lipstick, here are the available colors:

Personally, I can't wait to learn how to put on lipstick and try these new babies :)

20 July 2009

How to Look Thin Fast

Make jaws drop and be the envy of girls on your next day out. Looking thin is easier than what you think, although it's hard when people deny you of the truth that your tent dress makes you look like a whale. Here are the REAL ways of looking thin, fast.

image from

1. Gather your hair up - the perfect pony tail can make you look like a runway model. Others may say they rock your curly Goldilocks look but letting your hair down can make your face look bigger. Talk about fashion sabotage! Tightly gather your hair at the back of your head, use a small amount of gel to tame tutchangs and tightly secure it with a black band. Observe how models have their pony tails higher than usual, but don't overdo this. You can position your pony tail just a little above the middle back of your head.

2. Choose a V-Cut Neckline - but be sure it is a narrow V, round necks would make you look rounder but a sharp V-cut would make you look more bony. However, don't overdo the V and show your tatas to the public. The cut should just be above your cleavage for a sophisticated look.

3. Opt for dark colors, BLACK - black is everything, it is the color of fashion. I do not agree on how people assume that all fat persons are jolly. I have been there, and rather than throw a jolly printed happy flowery outfit indeed, grab a monochromatic outfit to make you look more slender and continuous.

4. A little tight can go along way - tights are surprisingly magical, not only in making you look thinner but in making an outfit look bolder. For the purpose of making yourself look thinner, DO NOT get cropped leggings or tights, it is better to get one that runs up to your ankle, or tights that cover the entire feet like a stocking.

5. Wear them high heels - no matter how hard it is to walk on them, yes... Proportions are not only for food but it's also perceived on persons. Heels will obviously make you look longer, your legs longer, and will definitely enhance your proportions.

17 July 2009

Mall Adventure: IMAX at SM North EDSA

If you feel like wearing a cool pair of shades and catching the latest movie like Harry Potter, then head on to SM North EDSA, the home of the newest IMAX theatre in the country. This is the second IMAX Cinema that comes next to the one at SM Mall of Asia. Look's like SM's got all the IMAX eh?

It's hard to compare this awesome 3D cinema to it's predecessor. Yet, I notice that the screen is farther away from the seats and the screen is much wider. The walls also got fancy lighting which is not present at the IMAX of SM Mall of Asia. However, the IMAX screen in Mall of Asia is still bigger than this one.

Aside from that, the bonus when you decide to experience a 3D movie experience at SM North is the possibility of a romantic date at the new Sky Garden. With lots of greens and exciting new dessert shops, you'll never run out of dining/dating adventures.

One desserts shop I badly want to try is Arts Cream Gallery which serves the Toblerone Ice Cream shown above.

Whew, I love all SM Malls and I realize it's daunting to compare and evaluate them. Yet, it seems that SM Malls are being aggressive in offering new shopping and entertainment activities to its patrons. So, relax - grab a popcorn and wow the little kid in you with high technology effects of the new IMAX. Don't forget to grab a date! ;)

Star Style: Anne Curtis Smith

Style and Relax with Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis Smith loves fashion as much as she loves her Greenwich Lasagna, "the best tasting lasagna ever" she adds. At Greenwich Robinsons Galleria, Anne Curtis shares with Style and Relax her thoughts on Australian fashion, fitness, and inner beauty.

Style and Relax interview with Anne Curtis

16 July 2009

Top Chefs meet Corned Beef

Flamenco Maki by Chef Eugene

Corned beef are a staple in the kitchen, all you need is a can opener and your protein enriched meal is ready. As a former muscle builder, I used to eat a single serve can of corned beef with one cup of rice for lunch on a daily basis. Corned beef is a great source of protein, zinc, and iron.

Farmer's Lattic Omelet Corned Beef Wasabe

At the recent Argentina Corned Beef Chef Series, three top chefs showed off their skills on how they have their corned beef. Maybe these creations would inspire you to channel Martha Stewart in preparing these as Hors d'Oeuvres in your next party.

Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne

My favorite is the pasta creation of Chef Eugene whilst the Apple dish of Chef Sam reminded me of Australia, where apples are abundant.

Rosti and Apple Stack Corned Beef with Apple Vinaigretee Dressing

Nutritionist Dra. Zen was present to address health questions such as sodium content per can of Argentina Corned Beef. Too much Sodium is not healthy and to remedy these concerns, Argentina Corned Beef launch their Lite variant. It has the same amount of protein but with less calories and sodium. I would prefer this over any other variant.

Wanting to get a free advice from a nutritionist, I ambushed Dra. Zen and ask her what is the best way to lose weight. One advice she shared is on managing stress levels which contributes to fat retention. Now that is something new.

I guess I won't be having a shortage of protein now with all these corned beef from Argentina. Thank you!

From Belt to Necklace

This is the same belt that I wore as a headband, it came with a soft cardigan and is made of the same cloth.

The buttons of this dress flew off inside the laundry machine in Melbourne, leaving it very plain. Yet, a pinch of creativity can always create a new look with something old (even damaged). Tied the belt into a ribbon and pinned a crown hair-clip (from the flea market) to the middle of the bow. Tada!

Do you have any fashion ideas that you wish to share? Leave a tip or two at the comments section :)

14 July 2009

Style Scene: Greenwich Fast Casual Store opens in Robinsons Galleria

Greenwich fast-casual dining stores are opening just about anywhere and this week, a new Greenwich store opened at Robinson's Galleria. Greenwich endorser John Lloyd Cruz gets to be the first to slice the giant Greenwich Pizza.

John Lloyd versus the giant Greenwich pizza

The blessing of the new Greenwich store was packed with guests, media, celebrities, and throngs of John Lloyd fans. During the store opening, every guest enjoyed the best tasting lasagna of Greenwich, Overloaded pizzas, baked beef rice, and surprising new desserts. Greenwich now serves Brazo de Mercedes which was all the buzz during the event. Around 5 persons asked me if Greenwich serves them, yes they do! :)

Gretchen Fullido, news anchor

Michelle Pador, Greenwich Marketing

Charisse Vilchez of Stratworks

John Lloyd on the other hand shares his mysterious favorite item in Greenwich and his new fitness regimen. Style and Relax tried to ask him about his style but surprisingly, John Lloyd says he puts comfort before fashion. When asked where he gets his clothes, he said "secret".