31 January 2013

Flip flops: Back for the Summer!

The cold spell is now dwindling and it only means one thing. Summer is here and a long one it's going to be! So as early as now, I'm writing about a summer must-have and I'm talking about flip flops :)

If you're like me who can't have enough comfy pairs, there's a brand of flip flop you might be overlooking. When it comes to flipflops, different brands not only mean different styles but different comfort levels too.

And don't forget that comfort should be on top of your list. These Caribbean flip flops almost makes me feel bare feet. As if my feet are sking on the rubber soles. I want to get the most out of this summer and these are perfect to keep my feet going whilst staying pretty!

Caribbean footwear says these soles are artistically formed to create proper foot formation and posture that will enhance endurance while walking or running. 

I have two Caribbean flip flops whose designs are fairly simple (see above, those are actual photos of my own pair). I think that's what summer is all about. Letting your hair down, keeping it casual, light, and fun.

This season, we're seeing more shear long dresses and skirts that have dipping hems. I'm talking about these:

I officially declare these are equally good-looking with my Caribbean flip flops. Look for these styles when shopping trendy this summer. Don't forget to bring your flipflops to dry-run your outfits with.

Shopping for summertime is really exciting - tell me about it! Just writing this post makes me want to go to the department stores (where Carribean flip flops are also available). One of my goals is to be more organizes when packing for the resort. Hence, I think another must-have is a clear bag like this:

Also perfect for stuffing and showing off your cute flip flops! By the way, if you frequent The World Trade Bazaar, Caribbean was one of the top sellers. So expect to see more pretty feet wearing this brand. Don't be surprised, a pair only costs around Php 200 - so get as many as you want without breaking the bank.

Photo: Make sure you don't miss out! Remember 502 - it's our booth number :)

So, where are you headed this summer and what are you wearing? Tell me via comments below!

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