30 September 2010

Style Scene: Ashton's Baptism Party @ Lancaster Hotel Manila

What a wonderful day September 28 was! The solemn baptism of my son, Ashton at EDSA Shrine was celebrated thereafter at Lancaster Hotel Manila. Both places were almost just across each other and doing the ceremony and celebrations in these spots was a great idea.

Our celebration was held at The Peak, 41st floor of Lancaster. View from the top:


Just imagine the 360 view with the evening skies.
Banquet by Josiah's Catering

And of course, the wonderful guests

My friend Joy and her cutest family!

Alma, Brad, and Sam of Geiser Maclang Inc.

Lovebirds and godparent of Ashton, Jeff and Melody

Bloggers Abet, Jori, and Jane

Our host and fashion blogger, Sai

Internet Celebrity Mike Abundo
And of course, me and the newly binyag Ashton!

Thank you to Josiah's Catering who turned this:


To this, a banquet fit for a cute baby prince:

Satin blue and white linens, floating candles, floral centerpiece, and the works. Now you know who to call - Josiah's Catering and Lancaster Hotel Suites

Everyone had a great time, especially the manila bloggers!

26 September 2010

Fashion: Joni and Anya's Headbands


Now that makes 3 of us with the same headband straight from the department store :)

I wonder where my sister got her Rachel Zoe bolero. I envy.

25 September 2010

Promo: Win Spanaticz Gift Packs!

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24 September 2010

Beauty: Montagne Jeunesse Masks

These masks kept on nudging my curiousity every time I pass them by at Watsons. First, who would miss their fancy packaging with funny photos of models wearing masks. I find them funny :)

Today I tried the Ceramides Montagne Jeunesse Mask for sensitive skin, which is actually a 2-in-1 product! Step 1 is at the bottom which contains the masque. Step 2 is the top part that contains the ceramides serum.

Cut it in half with a pair of scissors to prevent the product from spilling. Remember to use the bottom part first. It's the Zen Flower Sensitive Masque.

The mask was relaxing indeed, it had a minty feel and you can apply a generous amount, as much as you like. Keep it on for 10 minutes or so. The packaging says remove with water, but I would suggest you damp a face towel to wipe the mask off, then rinse with water.

Now onto the ceramides serum, it was very light and I had a good time massaging it lightly onto my skin. The serum was absorbed fast and gave my face a matte finish.

The product gave me a powdery glow and I feel like it also lifted off some dead skin cells. It's perfect for the pockets of time you get from work or traveling. Think of it as a spa in a sachet. There are other variants like the Chocolate Masque I also want to try because it's just so fun and easy unlike factoring polynomials. Do this before an important date, when you feel super stressed out, or just want to be refreshed.

This post is brought to you by math problem solver and college algebra.

23 September 2010

Fashion: A Lesson on Nine West Bags

Ever since I saw this Nine West bag in one of their shops, I could not stop thinking about it. I've worn Nine West for as long as I can remember. They are durable, stylish, and not that high end. I've no problems matching it with my outfits, taking it to the bus with me, or partying with it.,255,255&wid=327&qlt=90,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg

Central Time satchel

I even received a comment saying I am wearing the same bag in every picture. It's because I prefer quality over quantity, and I am not filthy rich unless I win in the online casino.
Element 9 Bags

My sister and I have been searching for a Nine West bag that looks like their classic Element 9. What I saw in their shop recently was another classic design called Central Time. Both designs look very similar but the attendant taught me that these classic pieces are not always available. It's as if they are teasing the market and only release them every now and then.

I have another Nine West bag which is definitely not a classic but is also easy to wear anywhere. I've been using it almost everyday since I got it in Melbourne. Now it is damaged.

The attendant could have felt I wanted to get it so much and I looked like a beggar, haha. She told me they have lay-aways too! Lay away means you pay for the bag in installments and they can keep it for you. When you've completed your payments then you and your bag can live happily ever after :) Good because you get to "reserve" or get "security" on the bag especially when stocks are limited.

That ends our lesson for today baghags!

22 September 2010

Beauty: Goodbye to my Long Hair

I've been itching to cut my hair, just for the heck of it because I need change. I have this belief that whenever I cut my hair, I get good luck. Sometimes, I also like cutting it whenever I am frustrated. weirdo.

Headed to the nearest Tony & Jackey in the neighborhood, it was my first time to go there and I prayed hard for my hair not to look like an isosceles triangle. I was aiming for a fierce sharp haircut like Anna Wintour's.

Because I want to look like this in the front row. Wish ko lang. But I don't think I have hair like that, in equivalent fractions. Plus, my husband would kill me if I get hair as short as Anna's.

Instead of looking fierce, I looked like a sweet little girl x.x I wish I can have line plot fringes like but the stylist said the cut would look better without the full bangs.

Wearing the Tiffany scarf my sister Joni sent me from OZ. At least, now I can use all the headbands I've brought because most of them suit short hair.

Here's my black i dont know what to call it headband, same as my niece Anya's pink one. Honestly, I prefer fierce rather than cute. Will bring out my giant sunnies tom. and work this hairdo.

Fashion: Louis Claparols x Ensembles

No need to go to Maarni's room now when Louis Claparols has collaborated with Ensembles. Collaborations make me happy, one, because it makes designers more accessible to a normal human being like me. Second, collaborations in RTW are much more affordable!

Yet, I'd love to look snobbishly fashionable in these (and channel Victoria in Magkaribal!)

Right now, I am loving jackets and/or overcoats. The more oversized the better! This would look nice with the usual short dress. If you don't know yet, boleros are one of Louis Claparols' strengths and a handful of celebs have walked the red carpet wearing them.

Take a cue from Mama Carmina on how to wear RTW like haute.

The Louis Claparols holiday collection is obviously retro inspired, retro-sexy I must say. Perfect for the joyful Christmas season but not so much as you would look like a Christmas ball.

The patterns remind me of Austin Powers' girls and Barbie dolls wearing bright intricately designed clothes. Speaking of barbs, look at how Louis Claparols made these Barbies work their sequins.

Now you can work Louis Claparols straight from the racks of Ensembles, visit their website for more information -

19 September 2010

Phiten! - The latest accessory from Japan Japan

Leather Rakuwa Phiten Titanium Bracelets

Why do I like anything from Japan? They are like the cool factory churning out all the cool stuff in the world. Including Phiten which lots of celebs and sports people wear.

Now bloggers wear them too. Say, Phiten! I am wearing the pink and grey leather rakuwa bracelet. I bought it at the Phiten store for Php 995, original price was Php 2,800!

Ronnie was the first person I saw wearing it, I was so envious with his black leather Phiten. He promises he'll let me know if black is in stock. If I were you, get your leather Phitens na, they are now endangered species because they are no longer being produced. Yikes!

Jayvee wearing the Phiten 3 line Rakuwa Bracelet.

Az wearing the same bracelet. They are nice on men, makes them look sporty. But I still like the leather type. There's also the leash x100 model worth Php 15,000. I heard Hans Sy (SM tycoon) wears it.

What's the fuss about Phiten products? It is made of Titanium Oxide which balances the electrodes in the body making you feel more relaxed, balanced, and it lessens chronic pain. My right hand is always in pain because of blogging and breastfeeding. So, the leather phiten bracelet was just perfect for me.

Shen, Jayvee, and Jonel at the Phiten room.

You can try Phiten for yourself at the Phiten building located at Kalayaan Ave. corner Neptune street in Makati. Here's some chismax, Yuko Yamashita works in Phiten!

17 September 2010

Shopping: Robinsons BF

Everyone living in BF Homes Paranaque are so lucky! Why do they have everything, Starbucks in every corner, Conti's, that Yoga place, and lots of spas. Every shop and joint are walking distance from homeowners. Hmph.

Who knew they also have their own supermarket?

Just last week, I visited Robinsons Supermarket in BF. Not really just a supermarket but they also had Robinsons Appliance, a mini Toys R' Us, Handyman, and Robinsons Department Store.
Diet busters. But more than food, there's always a great find in every Robinsons Mall. When I went to Robinsons BF, they were having a bag sale and I found this little creature:

Animal Print Bag for just Php 300. Rawr.

And some more interesting stuff at Handyman like this, which reminds me of Boy Bawang:

Garlic holder from Handyman

And what every fashionista needs to fit into size zero.

Healthy You Rolled Oats

Just one more cool item to fit in your purse. Sanitizer in a pen:

Most importantly, they have these:


Squid Calamares

I enjoyed my visit with friends because I was able to spot these items and shop in the grocery, hang out at their al fresco food court, then walked to Conti's for my favorite cakes. That was a great Saturday in BF, now I wish I lived there!

15 September 2010

Style Scene: Starbucks Launch VIA Ready Brew

You'll never be without great coffee again. It's Starbucks in a fresh foil pack, instant, just add hot water.

Woke up super early for this! The much awaited "instant Starbucks" or "Starbucks 3 in 1" is finally here. Officially, it's called the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. VIA means "road" in Italian, coffee on the road and anywhere you go.

Given two cups, one made with the instant coffee, the other brewed - I wasn't able to tell the difference. I actually mistook the instant coffee as the brewed one. Fail.

Brought home some Starbucks VIA Ready Brews home, I shall test with my housemates if they taste the difference. I bet they won't!

Starbucks Philippines with Starbucks International representatives happily hold up the ready brews.

Here are the crowd including me.

I want this to be my uniform.

Guests waiting for their coffee while munching on cookies

The Philippines is the third country out of Northern America and Canada to have the ready brews. Second to Japan! Did you know that the instant coffee industry in the Philippines is worth Php 30 Billion?! At least now we have another choice :)

Noey Lopez

DJ Host of the day


Grab your Starbucks VIA Ready Brew now at your favorite Starbucks Coffee Shop. Available in packs of 3's and 12's. Stylish packaging included ;)