23 February 2011

Beauty: Add Luster to Your Hair in 30 Minutes

What's the difference between a celebrity and a normal human being? My sister and I agree that the answer is hair! Celebrities will never come out on screen with unkempt and dull-looking hair, unless their star is about to fade. Many want the same celebrity-like mane on top of their heads and here's one product I tried that can help many normal human beings like us to have head-turning tresses --- and in just 30 minutes:)


Before: Super long roots that are screaming for a haircut and color.

Demi-permanent hair color, this is the first time I heard about it as I prefer real permanent hair color. Though I heard how many heads Splash has transformed through their newest product, the Kolours Luster Demi-Permanent Hair Color. The transformation is not really about color but making the hair shine and come alive with natural looking tints suited for Filipina hair. In short, you can have hair that's full of luster and shine with this product.


With 30 minutes to spare, I gave Splash Luster a try with the help of Head Zone Salon's chief color expert, Monette. Kolours Luster comes in three delicious and natural looking shades, chestnut, mahogany, and brown. These shades can last up to 6 to 8 weeks which is good for women who always like a change of look but bad if you've already fallen in love with Luster. In that case, Kolours Luster are available in Watsons.

Monette and I decided to play with the Luster shades and used two colors, brown and mahogany. After 30 minutes she and her apprentice JM cut my hair as inspired by my new highlights. Monette gave me new fringes and layered ends that made me look a lot younger! Oh the elixir of youth!


After: My hair has a life of its own, maybe its own career even!

Everyone kept reminding me how Kolours Luster will not be very evident if not under the light or the sun. In my case, my new hair color shines at the right time. Like when I flip my hair and a beam of light falls on my tresses. I like the subtlety and natural effect it has but most especially how shinier and more alive my hair looks.


Thank you to Head Zone Salon, hair experts Monette (Shangrila Hotel's Yuko Yamashita) and JM (the cute blondie apprentice). With us in this photo is my friend Jennie who also had her hair Koloured :)

Depending on your hair, the coloring effect of this product will vary. I noticed some of my friends who used it had lighter hair colors after. You may want to try to leave on the product longer like what I do with other brands. Though, Kolours Luster is Amonia-Free and that means your hair won't stink after! Perfect for immediate make overs and for breastfeeding moms like me :)

18 February 2011

Fashion | Valentine Chic: Lacey Love

It's still the season of love bugs and is the perfect time to wear romantic pieces inspired by lace! Fashion runways dictate how lace and other "subtle cut-outs" and "see-throughs" reign 2011. To give you some idea on how to incorporate this trend, here are some of the pieces I love from Unarosa:

Picture 82

Unarosa Lace Yoke Top Php 1,330

What's to love: the cut and the subtle lace details. The sexy back will surely drive any man crazy while sporting a casual look.

Picture 81

One shoulder lace dress Php 1,590

What's to love: This dress reminds me of local celebs doing their regular hosting gigs. Hence, this dress is perfect for evening parties and more importantly, dinner dates!

Picture 80

Lace Sweetheart Dress Php 2,590

What's to love: If you are skinsational as in you have really good skin then there's nothing more perfect than this dress. A tip though, make sure you get the right size and wear the right undergarments which could include thermal clothing to give you warmth from within since this dress is a bit bare.

Picture 79

Lace Backless Top Php 1,160

What's to love: Perfect for women who take time to firm up their arms! The back is really a hot surprise for your date, wear it with a necklace to avoid looking too plain a white lady.

Like my previous forecast, 2011 would be all about light colors, softness, and subtle prints. This look is a perfect spin around from the gothic-metallic era that was so 2010. Find these timely pieces at Unarosa in Shoppesville Greenhills, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, The Block at SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall and Marquee Mall.

Shopping: Penshoppe Weekend Summer Sale

If you've already seen Penshoppe's Summer Lookbook for 2011, you'd jump for joy to know this:

The brand has been on a roll right eversince PFW and now they are releasing a summer campaign featuring Penshoppe model Bea Soriano.

Cropped cardigan with bow detail, P999. Spaghetti-strapped baby doll blouse with pin tucks, P699. Styled khaki shorts with folded hem, P649

Take a cue from the poster, the sale is a good time to buy flattering tank tops to mix and match with flirty skirts or denim. Or try Penshoppe's nautical and nomadic ensembles.

Striped scoop top with puffed sleeves, P599. Styled inky blue shorts w/decorative cut & sew on front, P699

Want more? Visit Penshoppe's Official Facebook Page now where fashion and promos await!

15 February 2011

Tried and Tested: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

During the Robinsons Department Store's Beauty Fair, I got to try the liquid version of my HG mineral makeup. That is, Clear Smooth Minerals from Maybelline. I've always veered away from liquid foundation as past products I've tried make my face look literally dirty. I don't know why but most liquid types slip off of my face, as if mud is trickling down my skin. You get the idea.,+P299.png

When I tried this product for the first time, the makeup artist put mineral powder over it. The effect was a matte, clean, 95% flawless finish. Though I wanted to see if it can survive on its own, independent of a loose powder.

Sans a makeup artist, I tried Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation on a sunny day. The weather felt like hell but my face felt otherwise. The makeup feels light even in harsh locations, I was in an industrial shop on the side of a highway for 5 hours. It didn't slip off my skin and a gentle pat with facial tissue instantly resolves some oiliness.

I also observed how even when I wipe dust off my face, Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation stayed put. No traces of it left using a facial tissue. After my stint in a shop, I checked my face at home and I am impressed at how dependable this liquid foundation is. Never did I have to worry if my face was caking, cracking, or slipping off.

Now on whether it made my skin breakout, I discovered a blemish before going to bed but it quickly resided using my derma products :)

Definitely 5 stars for this product!

13 February 2011

Calling on Fashion Bloggers! Penshoppe X Status Magazine Summer Street Chic

Only two days to go before deadline! Submit your summer street-chic looks and be featured in Status Magazine's summer fashion editorial. This is you and your blog's time to shine! :D

11 February 2011

Travel: Boracay Garden Resort | Pay as low as P1,900 per person!

Boracay Garden Resort is a subsidiary of Henann Management Group, owner and operator of the Boracay Regency and Regency Lagoon. Formerly Hotel Seraph, it rests on a two-hectare property located at the center of Station 2. The resort has 201 well-appointed deluxe and premiere rooms with charming and elegant interiors. It has premiere rooms with direct access to the pool and family rooms that can fit up to six persons.

The spacious rooms each has a private terrace, wi-fi access, bath tub with separate shower area, individually controlled air conditioning, cable television, direct dial phone, in-room safe, coffee and tea-making facilities and personal refrigerator.

The resort now features a newly renovated business center, swimming pools, fitness center and landscaped gardens.

Visit Boracay Garden Resort’s booth at the 18th Travel Tour Expo at the SMX Convention Center from February 18 to 20 and get up to 80% off on room rates. Based on quadruple sharing, pay for as low as P1,900.00 per person for a three-day stay in a deluxe room. Travel period is from February 19 to June 3, 2011.

For inquiries on room rates, packages and reservations, call Boracay Garden Resort’s Manila Booking Office at 353-1111 or email

Beauty: Silk Peel better than Diamond Peel?

The past few days have been hectic and I wanted to give my skin a break. I went to the dermatologist to have my underarms and singit checked (read about underarm peeling and inguinal fold peeling). Both were doing fine, I could wear my sleeveless tops really soon! Bikini wise, I think I'd have to wait two more weeks.

getting ready for my silkpeel

My face is also reacting well to my old anti-acne skincare regimen but while I was waiting in the lounge, I read about Silk Peel and got curious. The doctor said it is nice to try and can help solve some acne scars that are still on my face. Procedure is done for 30 minutes, I said go go go.

In a matter of seconds I found myself lying on the table waiting for my Silk Peel. It started with cleansing via brushes that almost felt like a facial massage. After 10 minutes, the machine did its work. Silk Peel feels like Diamond Peel but the main difference is that silk peel has a solution and feels wet. It doesn't hurt unless it is pointed to active pimples (I had one on my cheek and chin). You will feel that your face is being vacuumed like a dirty carpet.

After 20 minutes, I am done. I inspected my face and it felt like the skin was more refined. Like inches of dead skin have been sucked out (including oil plugs). Active pimples look like they have surfaced. I had both active acne injected so they'd be gone the next day. (Now I no longer see them).

You cannot wash your face for 24 hours after the procedure. I woke up this morning with a really bright face! Since inches of dead skin are gone, I am sure my skin will respond better to my regimen. In my opinion, silk peel's effect is far more noticeable than a diamond peel. Although more expensive at around Php 2,200 - it's definitely worth it.

This procedure is perfect for people who hate facials with extractions like me. Although I think you cannot undergo a silk peel if your face is suffering from severe acne and is still bumpy. Read about the anti-acne skin regimen here.

What Guys Should Wear on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is 3 days away. It could be very romantic or baduy for you, but heavenly if your guy knows how to dress like this:

Why this is hot: simple, rugged, and confident. Leather man accessory says this guy knows how to look good without sacrificing masculinity.

Why this is hot: navigator shades! this guy looks like he has been out and about places. He'll take you there if you let him.

Why this is hot: For those who like a bulky looking guy, this outfit is purrfect and oozing with Parisian style. Sockless leather shoes, folded khaki pants, and rolled up sleeves. This man looks ready to sail away in a love boat.

Give your guy a clue on what you'd like to see him wear, take him to the nearest Penshoppe boutique now where they are having a Friday SALE! :) For more fashion ideas for you and your man, visit Penshoppe Official Facebook Page.

09 February 2011

Shopping: Robinsons Department Store Beauty Fair @ Robinsons Midtown

Robinsons Department Store is having a Beauty Fair until February 28! Every weekend, there are crazy marked down items from our favorite brands like Maybelline, Revlon, L'oreal, and beauty products like Pond's.

I was just here and the beauty fair is the perfect venue to discover the season's hottest makeup hues. I couldn't resist but raid the Maybelline display and begged for an instant makeup lesson. Thank you very much to Thelma for letting me discover Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation (P299) and Maybelline's Eye and Lip Makeup remover (P199).

After my makeup session with Maybelline at Robinsons Department store. Now I am ready for lunch with the girls!

Products used on my face: Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid and Powder Foundation, Minerals Blush. Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds Glow and Hyper Diamonds Shadow, Volume Express Cat Eyes, Eyebrow Definist Powder.

20% off on Maybelline items every weekend of February. sweet! If you want to maximize and get the best out of your trip to Robinsons Department Store - you really have to ask for a makeover. Even other brands (like Revlon) offer this, just ask and come without any traces of makeup. This way, you get to test the products and don't end up with the wrong shade. You'd also walk away fully made up, for free!

I met up with my new friends Ava, Honey, and Ana to grab lunch after at Superbowl. Robinsons Midtown is great for girlie-girl day outs like this. Shopping on a sale, great ambiance, and lots of dining choices.

While munching, we were all gushing about the Maybelline x Hello Kitty Volume Express Cat Eyes. I was trying to introduce Tin to Revlon's Just Bitten but it was out of stock :( My schoolmate Carisse is also with us here.
Maybelline x Hello Kitty

I really want to go back on the next weekend. I want to have something like this in my room:

But I am currently researching on MAC because I can't believe I haven't tried it yet :)

Also check out their fashion section where Liberte is. They have the latest trends, like dresses in natural beige (this season's color?) for as low as Php 650 and the usual flattering tees. Happy shopping at Robinsons Department Store!

Sleeping Beauty: How to Maximize Sleep for Skin Rejuvenation

My housemates have been too lazy and tired to eat midnight snack while watching late night news on debt consolidation. In effect, I've been sleeping earlier and getting 8 hours of sleep the past few weeks. I noticed how my skin healed faster and had less bumps! :)

It now seems that our nighttime sleep cycles are not just biologically vital; they are also dermatologically restorative. Discoveries made by researchers on the chemistry and physiology of sleep show that there just might be no better time for the natural rejuvenation of our skin than when we’re in bed at night, peacefully dozing off.

And while sleep may easily be perceived as nothing more than a state of programmed inactivity, it is actually a dynamic peak period for beauty and renewal. It is particularly at the “deep sleep” stage of the nighttime sleep cycle –that the body does most of its dermatological wonders. Energy supplies are replenished, growth hormones are released, and body tissues and cells – including collagen, the naturally occurring proteins in our skin and connective tissues – are repaired, rebuilt, and rejuvenated.

Here are ways to Sleep Better and Wake up Beautiful:

Do not drink coffee at night. I initially thought coffee lulls me to sleep but then after skipping coffee on evenings, I am able to sleep earlier and longer.

Relax your mind, save thinking about credit card problems and debt consolidation for the next day (check out for your finances). Or, program your mind to stop thinking about work when you arrive home.

Take a warm bath just before bedtime to ease muscle tension and raise the body temperature to a level that induces sleep.

Eskinol Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream

Try antioxidant drinks – like natural pomegranate juice or organic teas – that help provide protection from free radical damage to the skin and other healthy cells.

Use soft pillows, wear an eye mask to block out light, and get a pair of skin-soft sleep socks: these increase the level of bedtime comfort and prevent sleep interruptions;

Practice aromatherapy, using essential oils that promote natural healing and relaxation

Avoid losing sleep or going late to bed. Lost sleep means lost time for skin renewal which in turn can lead to having dull skin in the morning and cause skin flare-ups.

Finally, aide your skin’s repair and rejuvenation with products like Eskinol Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream for a smooth, radiant and whiter skin. You can get this in 30ml tube at P89.00 and 10ml sachet at P10.00, available in leading supermarkets, department stores and drug stores.

I can vouch that Glutathione is great for the skin but I was too lazy to continue my supplements before. Try this product if you want the benefits of Gluta without the supplements or injections :)

Valentines Day at Ayala Triangle

I am wishing hard not to stay at home during Valentines Day! And I wish Daddy Cupid has something planned because I have no time to plan this red panties letter day.

Here's another place where you can spend heart's day <3

I love the Ayala Triangle, especially Bonchon. It would be wise to make reservations with your favorite restaurants so you have sure seats.

Now make love not war.

08 February 2011

Tweetie de Leon's Beauty Secret (read my interview with our local version of Heidi Klum!)

Tweetie de Leon has been in the hotel for more than 8 hours. I just arrived yet Tweetie looked like she just woke up from a beauty rest. Yet I had no choice but be seated between two supermodel goddesses, Tweetie and Pond's Ambassador, Rissa Mananquil. Both look amazingly fresh and bright, it is hard to believe they are just humans telling me to start my dinner. Eating was my last agenda though. I have been itching to ask the Pond's Gold Radiance endorser if she really does use the product.

Tweetie graces the cover of Rogue Magazine this February

The mother of four told me her Pond's Gold Radiance morning and evening beauty routine in detail. She loves the facial foam which she says is a powerful cleanser that effectively removes traces of makeup. Followed by the day cream and the anti-aging serum.

Tweetie shares how she has been using Pond's cold cream as well to remove makeup especially after photo shoots and fashion shows. Asked if she felt any difference since she used Pond's Gold Radiance, Tweetie says her face became less bumpy and fine lines were diminished. I asked the supermodel if she ever had skin problems and she said Yes! I experienced acne in my 30's. Hard to believe but true, Tweetie even had her skin treated by a dermatologist to remedy her skin problems before.

Now in her 40's, Tweetie maintains her youthful and radiant skin through a healthy diet (with lots of water), exercise like playing squash with her beloved husband, and using Pond's.

Pond’s Gold Radiance is the first Pond’s product which has real gold micro particles. These gold micro particles is blended with Pond’s patented anti-aging ingredients which in harmony fights dullness and recaptures youthful radiance and gives instant glow to the skin. The gold micro particles used in Pond’s Gold Radiance is 99% real gold which has known good effects on skin. Gold as a natural mineral is known to give instant radiance to the skin while enhancing skin’s renewal process (replacing dead skin cells with new healthier ones) and skin elasticity (ability of the skin to go back to normal state once stretched).

She is also the cover girl of Metro Magazine February 2011

More than a pretty face (and Tweetie agrees that beauty is an investment!), our local version of Heidi Klum is also a jewelry designer. Sometimes, she also wish there are more hours than just 24 in a day but she loves her work and the many roles she play.

Asked about botox (yup I had the courage to ask), Tweetie rather age gracefully and naturally yet she has nothing against cosmetic procedures. That also gives us hope that with Pond's Gold Radiance, we won't need botox in the future.

We joked on how we should use Pond's Gold Radiance serum on our legs because it had a wonderful effect on facial skin. If I had a liter of this serum, I would do so! Do you want to try Pond's Gold Radiance?

03 February 2011

Where are you spending Valentines Day?

I've been pestering my husband and asking him where we are spending Valentine's Day. It happens 3 days before my birthday but I feel the need to celebrate it nonetheless. Top of mind choices are a dinner buffet (which I assume are now on waiting list) and an overnight stay somewhere.
Executive Suite, should have an LED TV though.

Lancaster is one hotel with a Valentine's Day promo, sounds cheesy but this room look lovely. I can easily imagine me and my husband working on that table! Both of us are inseparable from our notebooks.
The bed at the Junior Suites.

Love Above the Metropolis

Buffet breakfast for two, two glasses of wine, complimentary Internet connection, and complimentary shuttle service to Ortigas shopping malls. As a special treat on February 14, guests get a long-stemmed rose.

Rates for this package are as follows:

PHP 2,900 for the Junior Suite
PHP 3,350 for the Executive Suite
PHP 4,800 for the Deluxe Suite
PHP 5,900 for the Lancaster Suite

Promo is valid from February 1 to 28, 2011

I am still undecided. I bet we'll just stay at home and watch TV! Or, surprise me.

02 February 2011

Who wants to get FIRED? Revlon Fire & Ice Relaunched after 60 years!

Revlon's Vintage Fire & Ice campaign 60 years ago

I don't mean being sacked from work silly! But Revlon is firing up the season with a lot of reds. I think most ladies need the extra fire to heat up a toxic lifestyle.

Actually I already got a Red nail polish with the vintage Revlon logo. In 1952, Revlon launched Fire & Ice, Revlon solidified its place as the beauty authority of that time.

Jessica Biel as inspired by the vintage Revlon poster 60 years ago

The iconic advertisement, including the provocative questionnaire asking women “Are You Made for Fire & Ice?” was hard to forget, and almost 60 years later still one of the most recognizable advertisements in Revlon’s rich history. The lipstick it featured, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice, remains a top-selling shade for Revlon to this day.

I confess how Revlon inspired me to wear red lipstick more often. I love the Just Bitten Lip Stain and cannot wait to try their Vintage Fire & Ice collection. To be out on February 2011 and that starts today!

Match your lipstick with your nail polish for a classic va-va-voom!

3 new shades in Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick with matching Revlon Nail Enamels: Siren, Temptress and Demure. Shades that pay homage to the classic colors that put Revlon at the forefront within the cosmetics realm.

01 February 2011

3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? I will! And even if you are not Chinese, it's a good way to gather friends and family! Here are some simple ideas on how to have a Kung Hei Fat Choi party at home.

1. Table Staples - tikoy, dumplings, fish, shrimps, and sweets. I got mine yesterday at Powerplant Mall where they are having a Chinese food fair. Just for fun, I think I'll use instant noodles (Lucky Me!) too.

2. Decorate - don't overdo this, I just want a Chinese lantern with a drawing of a boy and girl. Hopefully, this would make me and my husband get along more (lol)

3. Wave your wishes - I recently saw on TV how you can get these sticks with flowers on its end. There's a small envelope on it too, where you can insert your wish. Wave this on February 3 12AM towards the moon.

Some luck wouldn't hurt. I am going to check out another Feng Shui shop today at Shangrila Hotel. I did visit another one yesterday and had an unpleasant experience. I bet they had an unpleasant experience with me too! I am not giving up on Chinese New Year though ;)