28 January 2011

Beauty: Inguinal Fold Peeling

I never imagined I would blog about my singit! Of all body parts right? I've been frequenting the clinic more often than usual. I am having my face peeled, my underarms, and now my singit or "inguinal fold" in medical terms.

That's me waiting for the doctor. Beside me is a Nanno Light Machine.. hmmm

Total cost: Php 2,900
Downtime: zero
Procedure time: 45 minutes

The procedure could not be simpler. You lie down, spread your legs, and the doctor will apply the chemical peel solution gently to the area. This is done three times and the only discomfort to expect is extreme itchiness on the last part of the procedure.

You come home with medicines to apply and cannot splash water to the area for 24 hours. I strongly suggest you bring a fan or pamaypay with you to relieve yourself during the treatment. After a week or two, you can now enjoy wearing your bikini bottom with 100% more confidence!:)

Where: Caraderme Skin Clinic

Lala Flores and Angel Locsin team up for Avon Color Philippines

The three-braided cord of beauty is strengthened as three reputable names in the cosmetics industry gather to jump start the year with a youthful glow. Avon, the number 1 makeup brand in the Philippines, celebrates the beauty of Filipino women by launching another globally-competitive product and a set of beauty authorities whom women look up to.

Achieve Angel Locsin's immortal beauty with Avon Color

The country’s sought after actress in primetime television, Angel Locsin, is again brought forth as Avon Color Philippines’ Ambassador along with the introduction of an equally in-demand makeup artist of celebrities, Lala Flores, who steps onboard as Avon Color Creative Consultant.

Lala Flores is the new Avon Color Creative Consultant

“As the company for women, we continue to work hard and find ways to fulfill their beauty needs. We empower women in her totality, one of which is through the range of products we offer,” said Mari Ann Barsabal-Soliven, Southeast Asia Category Head for Avon Color and Personal Care. “We welcome 2011 by juxtaposing big names in the realm of beauty, thus showing why Avon is truly the leading makeup brand in the Philippines.”

Angel shares her delight by greeting the new year with much excitement over her renewed partnership with Avon. “Avon has been my beauty companion for almost half a decade. I am pleased, delighted and excited with the products that Avon will be introducing this year. What thrills me more is having my all-time favorite makeup artist, Lala, working with the Avon family on this,” said Angel.

I am not Angel Locsin but I am also excited for Avon Color's 2011 products. The new year must mean new lipstick colors for the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick. My mom and I share this lipstick! :) Lala Flores says this is a kikay kit must-have. Don't have it yet? Call an Avon Lady at 8642900 or visit to get in touch with an Avon Representative.

25 January 2011

TV: Must Watch for Beauty Addicts

I am currently in idle mode and that means I have (some) time to watch TV shows like Addicted to Beauty, originally produced by Oxygen TV.

I also got a chemical peel so I am hiding inside my shell for at least a month.

Aside from medical dramas, I like watching shows on plastic surgery - especially when they document the procedure. I wish my son will be a doctor/surgeon someday!

Here's the trailer via Youtube:

Love it? love it! Now I have to work and save for future botox injections for my future old self.

24 January 2011

Lola Maria's Fried Suman at Tsokolate, Ensaymada Pudding, and More

Every time I have a new foodie discovery, I am filled with a sense of pride. Though I am sure many have discovered Lola Maria's fried suman at tsokolate, ensaymada pudding, and fish pinipig. Maybe, they kept it to themselves because eating at Lola Maria's is a treasure of experience.

Lola Maria's is located inside The Legend Villas along Pioneer in Mandaluyong. It surely feels like a little secret getaway complete with a modest gastronomic adventure. Lola Maria's serves Filipino dishes from traditional recipes that have been passed on to generations of hoteliers.

I only have a few go-to restaurants when it comes to Filipino food, one of them is Kuse. Lola Maria's is making it to my list because they serve exciting albeit unknown versions of Pinoy food. Must-try starters include vegetable quiche and fish pinipig.

Vegetable Quiche. Baked tender pastry crust with fresh vegetables. Served with a dollop of sour cream.

Fish Pinipig - this is awesome and I never knew pinipig could be this exciting, and it made me eat fish.

Both starters were really tasty, especially after enduring traffic. They were full of texture but light on the stomach. Unlike other Filipino restaurants, Lola Maria's starters were one of a kind. I would have loved to eat these with a cup of coffee but I was sure dessert will be even greater.

On my first visit, I also got to taste two main dishes. My husband loved the Cocido while I am all for the sinful Garlic and Rosemary Rib Eye.

Cocido are beef ribs stewed in rich tomato sauce with chorizo and fresh vegetables. Served with eggplant dip.

Garlic and Rosemary Rib Eye made use of the best beef cut, marinated and seared with fresh garlic and rosemary.

The Cocido is an orchestra with different elements making a beautiful symphony to the taste buds. The fresh vegetables are not swimming in sauce, retaining their crispiness and goodness. The ribs are flavorful with the tomato sauce and the eggplant dip is another first experience. It had a charred taste, with sweet and sour flavor.

My rib eye was sinful. It was overflowing with natural beefy juice and glazed with some natural beef fat. Delicious but if I was mindful of my health, I'd suggest you ask for a leaner cut. Noted that Lola Maria's is not a steak joint yet their steak was tender with a good smoked garlicky flavor. I didn't remember tasting rosemary which is great because I don't like my beef to taste like grass.

If I may recommend one dessert it would be Lola Maria's Fried Suman at Tsokolate. Upon a bite, I immediately made a plan to fry suman on my own and melt some chocolate to dip it in. If you do not like the hassle of doing so then you know where to find Lola Maria's.

Another new and first, is Lola Maria's Ensaymada pudding. Made of day old ensaymada with custard, baked and topped with queso de bola. Each is served in a ramekin and the marriage of ensaymada and leche flan is a win-win.

I was given a box of these and any homemaker would be delighted to see the reusable ramekins.

I also tried Ube & Langka Panna Cotta but my taste buds were still thinking of the Fried Suman at Tsokolate.

Where can you find a restaurant and staff where they give you a chair for your bag immediately? Like I didn't even had to ask for it! Little things make the huge difference. Much love from me to Lola Maria's.

I've decided to spend my birthday here at The Legend Villas, and with Lola Maria. I am sincerely fascinated with their service and I wish to experience the same when I come back with my brady bunch.

After that I shall write my stay-in experience :)

21 January 2011

Shopping: Victoria Casal Couture Opens First Flagship Boutique in Manila

Hello Kitty for mommy and kids!

Victoria Casal Couture has just opened its first flagship boutique in Forbestown Centre, Bonifacio Global City. The continuing success of the French prêt-à-porter label is definitely set to cause Parisian fashion frenzy in Manila as the fashion house is already receiving rave reviews for its Hello Kitty inspired line.

Hello Kitty trolley for Kids (and adults?)!

The “Hello Kitty by Victoria Casal Couture” line, already a big hit in Europe, is the designer’s luxurious, high-end take on Sanrio’s iconic cat image, which has proven over the last few years to be a unique approach towards Hello Kitty clothing designs.

The opening of the new boutique coincides with the launch of seasons 2011 collection, which portrays the joyful story of a Parisian fantasy, allowing Hello Kitty lovers so much flexibility and creativity in terms of designs and the various ways of combining them.

I wish their collection would include the women's range too!

Beauty: Underarm Peel take Two

Before I got pregnant, I enjoyed having good looking armpits whose color did not include dark browns and grays. In short, pregnancy gave me dark armpits and sad to say, they don't go away after delivery.

I finally went back to Caraderme Clinic this afternoon (after checking out blog hosting providers) and saw the same dermatologist who gave me artista-looking underarms. After two years, I had underarm peeling procedure done once more - a very itchy occasion that stings like a mother. The procedure takes 30 minutes which only involves the dermatologist swabbing some peeling solution 3 or more times to the area. Each swab will become itchier but after 20 minutes or so, no more discomfort.

Cost of Procedure: 2,000
Creams, etc: 1,550
Total: 3,550

Thank you to my Santa.

Now all I have to do is follow directions carefully like dealing with website hosting. My armpits have their own AM and PM creams and must never be rubbed. I wish I get the same results as the last time.

Whenever I am at this clinic, I am tempted to get other procedures done haha :) The latest I want is a cheek thermage which costs Php 60,000, under general anesthesia, and you get a slim face after two weeks.

18 January 2011

Home Style: Fancy Electric Fans

I am 70% "moved" to my own house, thank you to Internet service providers who are taking years to process my application. Now I am in the process of buying furniture and appliance, I always remind myself to get interesting pieces. Not the usual. How about this retro desk fan?
This is even older than me, I assume? It looks like a fan from the Jurassic Era which makes it even more adorable! Seriously, this will fit a Victorian/Romantic themed interior design. I am dreamy of an appliance that I could start as a family heirloom. One that can be passed from one generation to the next. This could be one of those.
Well what we have here is not the Golden Globe Award but another desk fan! This is called the Fanimation Fargo Ceiling Fan. I think it can also serve as a table fan. Very fancy. It reminds me so much of a time machine, used in the movie Back to the Future.

One thing I think of though, is how dust would easily accumulate inside a fan like this. We all know how fans are dust magnets. Yet, the caging is an advantage to prevent kids or kids at heart, from poking their fingers into the fan blades.

With pieces like these, you'd have to research on how to properly care for them especially the right way to clean. Now I am split between 'modern' versus 'antique' or 'heirloom' pieces. I was at Mary Grace Cafe early today and I thought their motif was very nice and warm too.

Feel free to go to Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans website to browse through other retro and Victorian inspired Ceiling Fans :)

If you have a home to design, what theme/style would you follow?

Fashion: Ready, Jetset, Pacsafe!

I cannot count with my two hands how many times I waste in searching for my wallet, passport, and cards whenever I travel. Don't you get the worst panic pangs when you can't seem to find your passport on board the plane? My inner voice keeps telling me to check my purse again for my passport, tickets, and immigration forms. I am nervous like that.

Pacsafe has made travel better for clumsy (yet fasionne) people like me. Look how the Coversafe pouch can wrap around the waist and has the perfect compartments for passports, money, tickets, and credit cards. When worn:

It's also available in black but this "tan" color looks more travel-chic. Aside from preventing misplacement of important items, Pacsafe travel accessories are all theft-proof. God forbid that I experience robbery in a foreign city but all Pacsafe items are made of the eXomesh anti-theft technology. A strong wire mesh woven together using lightweight, flexible, high-tensile stainless steel cables. The wire makes it harder for thieves to cut through the material and keeps the contents of your bags in place.

Here's another one of Pacsafe's anti-theft travel gears called Wrapsafe. Have you heard travel horror stories of other persons slipping something illegal into your luggage? That one is on top of my head everytime I check my baggage in. I use anything I can find like paper clips that I curl to secure my luggage zippers. This product would look more decent though :)

You can find Pacsafe at Rustan’s Department Store, The Travel Club, Bratpack, R.O.X., Duty Free – Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack – Naia 3, Hahn Manila, Urban Athletics, Islands & More,
Lonely Planet, Pacsports, Le Grand Boutique – Naia 3 and selected SM Department Store/s.

Have you traveled with Pacsafe yet? Share your comments here!

17 January 2011

Fashion: Pre-Summer Look Book

Monica Belluci, is that you?

Seriously, this is from Penshoppe's Pre-Summer campaign. Whoever styled these models is a genius. If you look closely, the items used simple fabrics and cuts yet when combined, they look dramatically fashionable.

This is so Collin Ferell.

And finally, someone got what men should wear in warm weathers. His pants are the IT pants for men this 2011. That's my fearless forecast. My mom even pointed it out to me, how local celebs wore "prince charming pants" complete with boots. Loafers would do. Boots are for winter.

Check out more inspiring looks at Penshoppe's Official Facebook Page.

16 January 2011

Win a Pair of Whooga Ugg Boots!

I don't know about you but I always find Ugg Boots sexy. BUT it's near impossible to get them in Manila where other types of boots are in street fashion. Followers of ugg boots include supermodel Kate Moss and sultry Latina actress Eva Longhoria.

These massive boots are ultra comfy, wore them during winter and gone are the old styles of ugg boots that made human's feet look like an elephant's. Take for instance Whooga Ugg Boots.

I saw something like this at Aldo but they were more shoes rather than boots. It looks like you're wearing your socks outdoors :)

And here's how you should wear these boots with.

Now Whooga Ugg Boots are giving my readers in Manila (yes!) a chance to win a pair just by subscribing to their newsletter. Head to OR if you can't wait to win, Whooga Ugg Boots are giving my readers a special discount. Just enter this code: 1332RELAX which will give you 10% off for the next week.

I hope you enjoy finding your perfect Whooga Ugg pair! :)

Summer: Everything Cropped

Ironically, it's raining now as I am writing this. But yes, it's getting warmer each day and it's just January. Have we lost holiday weight yet? I don't think so.
Cropped cape?

One trend I am spotting is CROPPED. They've appeared late 2010 but I am making a brave forecast that they'd be everywhere come 2011. Though only a few brands have mastered the art of crop.

During fashion week, I made a mental note to visit Oxygen for their Altered Trend collection. This collection of soft, sheer, loose, and cropped fabric will help anyone look pounds lighter - very wearable too. I also reckon it's perfect for summer. From the lookbook, these tops can easily be worn with shorts.
I badly need to shop. Last time I bought a cropped shirt, it was perfect until after one wash - the fabric came loose and it became a normal oversized tee.

11 January 2011

Home Style

I'm currently swapping fashion styling with interior decorating, and I need tons of inspiration. If our clothes reflect our moods, what more when it comes to our houses right? I am moving soon and selection is key.

I want to have a clean minimalist style of living room and the essential piece here is the TV. I want it mounted on the wall like the Panasonic TVs I saw in one of the showrooms. I don't like to see a hanging USB extension cable or HDMI cable though. So, someone tell me how I can get this look with a concrete wall to work with.
One thing I need are IKEA cable organizers, some of which can also be mounted on the wall.
And to answer my own question, there are IKEA TV benches with panels. No I am not filling my home with IKEA stuff, I am grabbing inspiration and design knowledge from their website. Unless, all their items become readily available in Manila then my problems would all be gone.

Must check out other modern furniture shops then before I get my TV :)

Fashion: Samsung Alter Ego Fashion Show | Forever 21

That's me internalizing Rachel Zoe. I get dead serious whenever I style people, especially during Samsung's Alter Ego fashion show.

I worked with two models, Rochelle from UA&P and actor/dancer Rodjun Cruz. I used clothes from Forever 21 (where I spent the entire day choosing clothes). The show was suppose to be of fashion bloggers but I think most of my usual mates were either busy or are cocooning.

This is my look number two on Rochelle. I would die for this immaculate outfit, I chose all whites and used an intricate bib necklace of pearls and lace. All from Forever 21.

My look number 2 for Rodjun. Inspiration: construction worker + sexy.

Rodjun is so game. I didn't know he actually flashed his abs which I requested him to do behind the stage.

I didn't win. Can you believe it? just kidding! I wish someone snapped a photo of my "daring look". Thank you to my friend Alex Dizon for sharing the photos on Facebook :)

10 January 2011

Shopping: Ayala Malls New Year SALE

I've been a hermit at home and it's just hard to resist the SALE. It feels like everyday, there is a sale but it's not that often Ayala Malls hold one.

Oh god. Let me know if Nine West is on SALE too! Thank me later for blogging about this, and other ongoing sale ;)

Marquee Mall is the one in Clark, Pampanga - which reminds me, it's almost Hot Air Balloon season and I haven't prepared nor booked any hotels. Santa, can you do this for me?

A Pulpy Blog Post from Minute Maid

Digital marketer maven and guru, Janette Toral told me about this Minute Maid Promotion on Facebook. It had a pulpy blog generator and I just had to try it. Here it goes:

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... it would taste like ran down, over-riped oranges. That, or they do not use REAL oranges that come from real orange fruit trees.

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added. So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED! That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens! Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... wonder how'd my body would react to it since everything I eat is laden with preservatives.

Minute Maid's natural healthy goodness should act like a pulply, fibrous, cleansing solution to my tummy!

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right? Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... I get to drink real OJ, freshly squeezed OJ! I've been thinking of how those juicing machines would cost, I bet they'd be equal to bottles of Minute Maid. So, I'll just grab a Pulpy anytime I want to.

So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh- the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna chug one more Pulpy Orange after I publish this post.

I heard celebrities are addicted to orange juice, as natural as Minute Maid's, to make their skin glow with a pinky white hue. Afterall, it's laden with anti-oxidants. I could really use a dose of this.

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)


Lace, The Wicked Blogger

03 January 2011

Shopping: SALE Alert | Penshoppe, Freeway, Solo, and Ensembles

Here's wishing that you still have some shopping money left from the holidays. If there are holiday sales, then there too are post-holiday ones! SM sings shopping shopping shopping.

First off is Penshoppe with the Great Penshoppe Sale. From January 3 to 15, 2011. Tis' the perfect time to get a good fitting pair of jeans from their boutiques.

Next are the shops from Elite Garments: Freeway, Solo, and Ensembles. Though their sale started December 2010, they are still running on red tags.

Now work hard my dear minions and earn your shopping money! :)

Longchamp Apparitions

I haven’t got around buying a new bag for 2011 yet. My Santa at home has been pushing me to get one so I could already stop talking about it.

I was decided to get a Longchamp Metallic in brown until I saw they were being given away for free by this credit card company. It made me feel the same way when this pizza joint also raffled off luxury bags, and then this facial centre too.

Longchamp color guide :)

But more than it’s prestigious brand, Longchamp is the perfect companion for moms like me who want to fit the entire house in a purse. Evidence, I took Ashton (my son) this morning to The Medical City’s Pedia ER and I spotted not one but at least three Longchamp moms.

A lot of us where waiting, lots of babies ended with coughs because of New Year’s fireworks – not cool. I used my time wisely by choosing a good color and realized that a plain Le Pliage would be nice. If I just know how to work these Online Casino in my favor, I’d have all colors by now.

That, or this Eiffel Tower Longchamp Limited Edition. It actually made an apparition at the World Trade Bazaar last December, but I was wearing my thrifty hat then. I think it was around 8,000 pesos. If ever, this should be bestfriends with my Eiffel Tower notebook.

It could bring me luck in planning my trips this year, and insert other great excuses to buy another bag here.

What Longchamp bag are you rooting for this year?

02 January 2011

ToyWatch Philippines | Meet Your New Toy

Let me kick off 2011 with a stylish accessory to keep track of time. After all, most of us obsess about this limited resource. Time pieces from ToyWatch Philippines:

Me, I am obsessed with money, and time is the other half of it. Among all the ToyWatch designs, the ToyWatch Plasteramic or a Fluo Winter Oversized are the perfect ones according to my wrist. Actually, you don't need money to get one. ToyWatch has a Facebook Contest open to fashion photographers (newbies and enthusiasts included).

Here are the contest details: ToyWatchPhoto Contest.

FYI, I am not running this contest on this blog. Though, it's great how ToyWatch is handling their Facebook contest, not with the number of 'likes' or 'comments'.
Chrissie Chau and Sandra Bullock wears ToyWatch

I think I am joining just to beat professional contest kings and queens (insert a LOL cat here). And if I do, Chrissie Chau would be my inspiration. Not so much Sandra, because they call it "Bullock Watch" on her.

ToyWatch is available at Rustan's Gateway Mall, Shangri-la, and Makati.