31 January 2010

Gourmet Farm Tagaytay Tour

Here's an escape plan that is easily attainable for stressed out girls and boys. The Gourmet Farm in Tagaytay is around1 and a half hour away from Manila and for just Php 80, you can enjoy walking in nice weather coupled with breathtaking views of plants and other greens!

I've always known Gourmet because of their Roman Garlic. At some point, I was very addicted to this spread which I get during food expos. Gourmet also sells lettuce and mixed greens, sometimes you can spot them in the grocery. When I checked out their website a long time ago, I learned that their farm is open to those who want to learn about planting herbs, etc.

Finally, I was able to drop by Gourmet's farm and experienced for myself nature tripping at its best. Fresh rosemary, thyme, basil, and parsley where systematically planted in the farm which is almost the size of a hacienda. Lettuce were bountiful and one can imagine bringing their favorite dressing, sit by the plants and just pick on the leaves for an instant salad.

The landscape and weather are perfect for a relaxing getaway, breathe in as much fresh air as you can :) Gourmet Farm also has a restaurant where you can enjoy their produce among other menu items. We tried their banaba iced tea which came with the tour fee of Php 80, super refreshing, fresh, and healthy.

Gourmet farm offers catering and their venue as well for weddings, children's parties, and other occassions. They also have a retreat house which was closed during our visit because it was being occupied by a private school having their retreat.

The place is also wifi enabled, I will definitely be back soon with my laptop :) I went home with parsley and corriander plants for the kitchen, now I can enjoy fresh herbs from the pot. They are sold at Gourmet's for Php 90 each.

28 January 2010

Nike Sportswear's N98 Track Jacket and Air Max Gen II

Since its inception, Nike Sportswear has made a virtue of the ethos of evolution, crafting iconic products with innovative materials and defining designs. Nike Sportswear pushes the invisible wall between where the athlete stops playing and starts living.

The Spring/Summer 2010 product fuses innovation and sport heritage to enable Nike Sportswear to create new expressions of sport style.

The Nike Sportswear Icon series will see two newly remixed classics: the N98 Track Jacket and the Grand Slam Polo take center stage. The N98 Track Jacket was introduced in 1998 and was worn by teams like the Brazilian national football team. Its 2010 redesign features enhancements such as a flat knit rib collar and cuffs, bonded seams, and double-welded, zippered pockets. The Grand Slam Polo traces its heritage from the tennis court to the sidelines of sport stadiums around the world. Its new incarnation has been crafted to keep the wearer cool and dry with details like a subtle vented collar, the flat-knit fabric for the interior and even the size of buttons.

FROM MEDAL STANDS TO THE STREET Inspired by a match that moved the world, the N98 Track Jacket stands for “National 1998,” notably paying tribute to the 1998 Brazilian National Team. The N98 design takes off from the debut Brazilian team kit by Nike, tapping the classic zip-front track jacket’s deep heritage as a true icon of sport style. The Nike Sportswear team has made it a signature piece for spring, integrating it throughout the line, including creating a premium version for NSW Collection with Gore Windstopper fabric, laser-cut bonded RiRi zippers and reflective film across the back piping.

In preparation for a summer of football, the Nike Sportswear footwear design team joined forces with Nike Football to explore the needs of some of the world’s greatest footballers when they leave the field of play. Focused on solving the needs of the athletes, the result is a technical solution called Torch


Torch is a lightweight, moisture-managing, supremely comfortable three-layer textile. The outer layer features a visually stunning, protective diamond pattern that holds its shape and won’t crease at stress points like traditional materials. The middle layer offers a lightweight structural element that stands up to a post-match cool-down or an active day around town. The inner layer provides moisture-managing breathability to keep the foot cool and allow for a period of rest after a game.

Torch has also been integrated into several classic Nike silhouettes for Spring/Summer 2010. The Air Max BW Gen II, Air Force 1 and Air Maxim 1 all get the Torch treatment, as well as technical enhancements such as welded uppers and natural motion soles. The Air Max BW Gen II was originally introduced in 1991 and has been a cult favorite of runners and sneakerheads ever since.

26 January 2010

Beauty by SM Launch - Bigger, Better!

Bigger beauty hall in SM Makati

Enhanced by spacious aisles, new and exclusive brands, and expert service, the brand new beauty section of SM Department Store in Makati is now bigger, better, and even more beautiful.

SM Makati’s brand new beauty hall boasts of 1,390 square meters of 7,000 unique products, 72 fragrance brands, 36 cosmetic brands, and 52 skin care brands, and 16 exclusive brands including Tri-Aktiline, Clinelle, Colorescience, 4U2, Ardell, Kiss, Beauty Credits, and Ianti.

Last January 22, 2010, the beauty section of SM Makati was awash with activity as Beauty by SM was officially introduced to VIP’s, partners, beauty professionals, media guests, and VIP’s. These includes celebrities like Tim Yap and model Karen Pamintuan who were the hosts of the evening.

Guests and shoppers were also inspired with the fashion show that featured clothes found in the department store and makeup that can be tried out at the Beauty Hall.

makeover station

The event was the perfect time to get free makeovers, try out hair products such as hair curlers and straighteners, and get to know more about the latest beauty products.

SM's new beauty hall will continue to serve its customers in a much bigger and more beautiful way. Visit and try out their new offerings for yourself! Personally, I cannot wait for the Beauty by SM sale *fingers crossed*

20 January 2010

Levi's Jeans - Modern Vintage Collection Launch

Levi's has unveiled another collection from their illustrious archive called Modern Vintage. The jeans' colors and details scream vintage, like a pair of your favorite jeans but the cut and fit suits today's modern style.

For women, the Modern Vintage collection is available in slim fit and boyfriend fit. Both look great with the right ensemble and always, with a pair of high heeled shoes. After watching the show, I am convinced that Lev's is aiming for a sexy rock chic look which they have clearly achieved.

Take a cue from these models on how to wear you favorite Levi's jeans.

As I am on my 4th month of pregnancy, I got a pair of jeans that would hopefully fit me post-pregnancy. I like how Levi's jeans perfectly fit my buttocks and thighs at the same time without extra spaces hanging in unexpected places.

The collection is now available in all Levi's outlet and stores nationwide. It is the first offering of the brand to their fashion forward fans this 2010. In connection with the Modern Vintage collection, Levi's is also launching a website where you can put your favorite Levi's ensemble in a virtual time capsule.

19 January 2010

Star Style: Milena Krahulcova

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen model, Milena Krahulcova of Czech Republic shares with Style and Relax her beauty secret and how she maintains her sexy body!

Milena is appearing soon in a commercial with hot hunk Derek Ramsey for San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen.

P.S. Pardon my super loud voice because the venue is also super noisy :D

15 January 2010

The Body Shop brings back the Originals

After a long hiatus from events, I just had to go to Body Shop and celebrate their originals line which they have brought back from the 80's. With other beauty bloggers, we smelled, swiped, and even tasted Body Shop's flavor with the help of White Hat.

Here are the originals, I like both passion fruit and cucumber flavors. The originals range from moisturizers, body washes, cleansing water, to make-up removers. I got to bring home and try the cucumber milk cleanser - so soft on the skin and mild.

It is suppose to remove your makeup without the need to use a makeup remover. So, it is a cleanser and makeup remover in one bottle :) It leaves a moisturizing film on the skin, I can just feel it but as my skin is oily, I think I will use it sparingly. This product is best for dry skin.

Then, for the preggy me - I have the famous Body Butter of The Body Shop too in Shea Butter flavor. Super yummy! Don't you wish you can just eat it? It glides easily on my tummy and is best used after your warm shower. It should keep your tummy and other parts of your body moisturized to prevent stretchmarks from forming. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All the preggy ladies! Me, Kim, and Billie :)

Thanks to The Body Shop team for the wonderful time, girls just love quizzes and surprises. Not to forget, our favorite White Hat yogurt which was overflowing during the occasion.

14 January 2010

Face the New Year with White Glowing Skin!

The holidays are over! After the feast-and-fete season, most of us are most likely to start the year fully resolved to get back into shape and regain our state of fitness. On this score, we must not forget that our skin needs to get back into shape, too. All those late-night partying and holiday food would have taken its toll on our skin, making it look dull and sallow.

Face the new year with healthy, glowing white skin with Avon Solutions Refined White AM & PM skincare regimen. All-new Refined White boasts of a unique formula composed of the Healthy White Complex that includes an Avon-Exclusive whitening ingredient, vitamins to protect and nourish skin. It also has the Glowing White Complex which includes the Ulex Europea Extract to help skin retain more moisture so it glows from within and Silk Peptide to remove dull skin cells for whiter and smoother skin.

Beautiful, smooth, glowing and healthy-looking skin is yours 24/7 with Solutions Refined White AM Day Cream and PM Night Cream. The AM Day Cream has the advanced UV defense technology which protects skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The PM Night Cream repairs and nourishes at night by removing dullness and making the skin tone clearer and more even.

Go ahead and get back into shape as you make your skin look healthy, white and glowing with Avon Solutions Refined White AM and PM Creams. These breakthrough products are available starting January 16, 2010 through Avon Ladies nationwide. As a special introductory price from January 16 to 31 only, Avon Solutions Refined White AM Day Cream and PM Night Cream are available for only P299 each from its regular price of P450 each. Get great looking skin and great savings!

10 January 2010

Winners of The Kotex Luxe Promo

Thanks to all those who posted their comments on why Kotex Luxe is the right choice for 2010. And you're right, with it's new technology, it is fitting for the new year ahead for us girls :)

Congratulations to the first 15 posters:

1. Kathrina Benito

2. Carissa Ohbrey Arzaga

3. Leira Pagaspas

4. Lesley Herrera

5. Ramin Viloria

6. Rowena Wendy Lei


8. Araceli Cadiente

9. Anaserlita "Apple" Dela Cruz

10. Marie May Acabal

11. Jo Marie Jarnaiz "dickory"

12. Rajamin Viloria

13. Helena Benito - no address sent yet

14. Carla Mago - no address sent yet

15. Bhaby69 - no address sent yet

Please email your addresses if you haven't so everyone can receive their Kotex Luxe Pads soonest! :)

09 January 2010

Kotex goes Luxe Promo!

Everyone's having a makeover this 2010 and Kotex has joined the fash pack in introducing a new kind of sanitary napkin. From its new attractive packaging to Kotex's new features, Kotex Luxe is a must try for any lady looking for comfort during an uncomfortable period.

No more picking between cotton soft cover or a secure net cover, Kotex Luxe has combined them both through its fusion technology! What I like too is the longer wings that would protect from stains especially when moving around.

Do you think Kotex Luxe is the right choice for 2010 and why? Post your answers in the comments section below and win a Kotex Luxe gift pack delivered to your doorstep! :) First 15 ladies to post their answers win! Don't forget to include your name, address, and contact numbers.

07 January 2010

Greenwich Pizza Levels Up with New Hawaiian Pizza and More!

Even fast food chains have new year's resolutions! And with Greenwich, it's to be something they have never been before, to try out new things they've never done, and to "level up"!

And so our first pizza for this year is the new Greenwich Hawaiian Pizza that has leveled up from the usual Hawaiian flavor that Filipinos love. Welcome more toppings, more cheese, and more flavor *yummy*

I like how Greenwich satisfies our pizza cravings for a more affordable price, letting every one enjoy a slice. The Hawaiian pizza is available in both thin and thick crusts but my favorite is the thick crust pizza as it holds the cheese well. Thin is good but I observed how the cheese changes color into a brownish tone whilst with the thick crust, the cheese retains its yellow yummy color :)

Crispy and flavorful, Greenwich Pizza Fries is the perfect barkada snack

Since it's a new year, we tried new menu items like the Greenwich Pizza Fries. Generous serving and crispy with lots of flavor. The cheese flavor is a winner, we like cheese that much! It's perfect with my favorite Greenwich lasagna.

Even their pizza box designed by Team Manila has leveled up!

Their endorser, pizza lover John Lloyd Cruz also levels up with a new movie! Or is it? Check out this video:

What do you think? I think Greenwich is getting better every year and I am seeing me and my family eating more often here. I just hope they don't do anything with my favorite lasagna :) If it's not too much, I also wish for more delicious desserts like their must-try Brazo de Mercedes and Chocolate Ganache.

06 January 2010

Ayala Malls Biggest Sale!

04 January 2010

Sex and The City 2 Movie out on June 2010

Here's what's in store for us girls this 2010! New York, New York!

Watch the first sneak peek of Sex and the City's second movie. You'll find yourself asking, haven't we seen it all? Hmm, think again ;)