30 June 2010

Style Scene: Pond's x Plains and Prints

I always love it when Plains and Prints come up with a collaboration and I always get a piece whenever that happens! Tonight I witnessed their collection with Pond's that celebrates beauty's finest. I'll let you in to the view from my cellphone camera :)

Here is what I wore:-

I stole my sister's sequined flats!

Pond's beauty muses which includes Divine Lee, Celine Lopez, Bianca Valero, and Rissa Mananquil

Beauty overload with Pond's beauty bloggers

Ageless beauty Carmi Martin

Myrza Sison with friends

I will separately upload pictures from the fashion show and of course, the collection of clothes by Plains and Prints, and Pond's beauty products that go with them. Stay tuned!

Canvas High Heels by Toms Shoes

I've been looking for this style of platform/wedge heels especially after seeing Jimmy Choo's rafia wedge shoe. And then I got this in my email (how I wish I get them on my doorstep instead!) -

Tom's Shoes Tacones Calypso High Heels in different colors: Red, Black, Yellow, and in stripes.

I think it's sexy and comfy, plus according to my source - Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly and Liv Tyler have fallen in love with the canvass flats. Who wouldn't? I wonder how much each Tacones cost because I really want one.

TOMS Shoes is known for comfortable shoes. But what sets it apart is the One for One Movement. The company will give one pair of shoes for every TOMS shoes purchased to a child in need in a developing country.

28 June 2010

Eskinol Moms and Daughters

Joyce Velasco with Mom

I am so envious of these Eskinol moms and daughters. One, they look great and second, they look like they have a great mom-daughter relationship going on.

Soleil Capulong with Mom

Eskinol says that even in skincare, moms know best which is why Eskinol moms have passed on great skin to their daughters. I remember Vilma Santos days when she graced Eskinol commercials and do you remember this classic packaging?

I used Eskinol once but my mom didn't really teach me how to use it so ~ but I want to try their modern stuff. From old to new:

And glutathione on your face powder, anyone?

Shucks, I wish I had clones so I can test every product x.x

Style Scene: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Launch

Inside the Society Lounge in Makati, bloggers and media people got cozy as the new Neutrogena Fine Fairness line was launched. It was a simple gathering and a mini educational session on how the sun damages the skin and give imperfections to our true complexion.

Bianca Valero, I like your necklace :)

Ladies in waiting (for the program to start) : Shen, Shane, and Shina

No matter how fair or tanned you want to be, the use of sun protection products are vital to maintain beautiful skin. I remember one of my dermatologists told me at how the sun can make acne scars and brown spots darker. That reminds me, I should start using sunblock daily again!

Beauty bloggers Earth, Me, and Jennie

Taffy Ledesma, Gabby Roxas, and Robert Kwon

I haven't tried these new products from Neutrogena but they will soon arrive on my doorstep.

27 June 2010

Chain Bag

I've seen lots of people wearing chain bags or bags with chain straps. Everyone looks inspired by Chanel but not all of us can afford it (sad). What's great with chain bags is how they double as an accessory, chains could either be gold, silver, black or combination like what I have here.

It's a combination of small silver and black chains, feels classy without going overboard. My outfit today was simple and I had to think of accessibility for breastfeeding purposes. Then I thought of how supermodel moms don loose polo shirts and look great in them. I wish I did but I tried my best here :)

The chain bag pulls the outfit up one note from plain simple to classy. Still, I am wearing my new pair of flats from Parisian. I tried to look for more shoes today at the mall to drown in but today is not my feet's lucky day.

Guess where I got the bag!

26 June 2010

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

One day I was roaming around like a headless chicken in the beauty department and found this:

It's Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream!

Wow even Maybelline has a BB cream now and it has a more affordable price of around Php 300. I've been a Maybelline junkie ever since highschool and I'm happy to find this one. I haven't tried it yet but I pushed a friend to try it on the counter.

She applied it all over her face. The effect increased skin clarity meaning it covered minor flaws like freckles and brown spots. It seemed easy to apply yet it did not offer that "glowing" effect that some other brands offer.

However, I still want to grab a tube and try it. I am frustrated at how my Elianto BB Balm made me break out and gave me cystic pimples on my chin and jawline :(

25 June 2010

Stepping into Parisian Shoes

It's been a while (a long while) since I seriously hunted for shoes. I cannot afford to wear heels at this time so I must find flats that are interesting enough for myself. Lots of fashion bloggers are raving about how cool and stylish Parisian shoes of SM have become and I just had to see it for myself.

I've vowed to grab this pair of interesting flats and actually saw them for the first time at SM Makati. Yet, my size was no longer available. I wanted to cry! It was in black but it was in size 6. I tried to squish my feet like an evil step sister in Cinderella but to no avail.

Yesterday, I went to SM Bacoor and yey! My size was available but I had to settle for brown. It wasn't actually on display and I had to show the photo above from my cellphone to the salesladies. Good thing they were really helpful even the stocks-man who scavenged in the stock room for my size.

They have lots lots more interesting pieces and I wish I could get them all, even the towering ones but I have to stop myself. Til the next pair!

FOOD: O'sonho Portuguese Restaurant

I have no idea what Portuguese cuisine is besides that it should be similar to Spanish cuisine which we Filipinos are used to. But, upon first bite I didn't know that Portuguese cuisine is a different story that has a spicy happy ending.

The first dish I tried is this pasta which is a combination of chicken and pasta noodles tossed in a unique blend of oil and spices. For me, this is the best dish in O'sonho that I have tried. It is a well-balanced meal with the lightness of the sauce and the weight of the flavorful chicken. But unlike the usual pasta tossed in oil, you can eat as much as you want without too feeling saturated.

For meat lovers, here's a back rib rubbed in coffee beans. It is served with a scoop of mashed sweet potatoes (kamote) which makes for a bitter-sweet entree altogether.

I tried two more dishes, one is the chorizo sisig which O'sonho is known for. However I am not a fan of sisig and had great expectations that were unfortunately unmet by this one. The other dish is an interesting viand made of fried potato strings and spicy pork. Anything spicy, I love.

Overall, if there is one thing O'sonho is good at, it is the ability to mix and blend different types of spices that are unique in taste. Out of the four dishes I tried, 3 of them are like 'first-times' for my palette which is a virgin when it comes to Portuguese cuisine.

My experience deserved a nice dessert from O'sonho, chocolate cake topped with a cherry. Thumbs up for every restaurant that doesn't forget to offer a sweet ending to every meal.

O'sonho is located at Eastwood City Mall where more interesting dining spots and flavors await you! :)

Style Scene: Artistry Foundation Launch at Shangrila Hotel

Last night at Makati Shangrila Hotel's Rizal Ballroom, Artistry unveiled their new liquid foundation amongst people from the beauty industry.

Artistry models wearing the creations of Francis Libran and make up by Artistry Brand Spokesperson and famous makeup artist - Victor Ortega

Me and my sister who just flew in from OZ, she's a blogger too. I am wearing a dress from Cotton-On and my new bib necklace from the department store ;) Joni is wearing a sequined blouse from Target.

The launch was hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdez who was the shiniest person in the venue with her royal jewelry. More about her outfit later when I get to upload my ambush interview with her and fashion designer, Francis Libran.
Victor Ortega showing everyone the proper way to apply foundation.
With wonder girls Aubrey, Therese, and Dessa

Watch out for my review of the new Artistry Hydrating Foundation that hydrates and keeps skin moisturized for up to 8 hours.

22 June 2010

SM Advantage Exclusive One Day Sale!

Oh my card! I got this on my email today and all I can think of are the things I can grab at Watson's. I don't know why but lately, I can't stop shopping. Will definitely check this out, I also want to try shoes from Parisian (which are getting more stylish) and some baby items for Ashton.

This sale is exclusive to SM Advantage card holders, if you do not have one yet, I do not know what planet you are from. Now the only thing to decide is which SM I should go to! :)

June 30, 2010 Wednesday. Mark it!

Meet Ginga - The latest in Flip Flops!

You know what's good about all the flip-flop craze and new brands popping out? It's giving us girls the license to have more relaxed comfort and getaway with wearing flip flops just about anywhere :)

I am guilty of this (and also on wearing Crocs everywhere)especially when I have no time to decide what shoes to wear. They are just so easy to go with and fun to wear with all the colors and prints available.

For popular casual footwear brand Ginga, pronounced as jinga (which literally means to rock back and forth or to swing like the fundamental movement in capoeira), flip-flops aren’t just for summer strolls and beach getaways. They are the perfect footwear for the rainy season—they are comfy, stylish, durable, and easy to clean and dry. No need to worry about drenched shoes and dripping socks!

I personally like white colored flip flops but they get dirty easily. I will try with my new pair of Ginga if they are really easy to clean. White flip-flops are just so feminine just like a Barbie doll's slip-ons. The photos above are just some of Ginga's designs that I personally like and think that you would love to :)

20 June 2010

How to Curl your hair using a straightener

JML Hair Straightener/Curler Php 1,400

I impulsed shop one day and bought a new hair ceramic flat iron, to curl my hair! Don't you just love it when department stores have demo units and they can actually show you how to do it? The saleslady curled my hair with just a flip or two, I tried it myself and got it done after some time.

The Best How To Video on curling hair with straightener:

Last night, I pulled out my unit from my drawer and tried to make curls. But oh no, looks like I forgot to do it. I did my sister's hair but with my hair - I lose hand and eye coordination. I didn't want my Php 1,400 to go to waste so I immediately researched on YouTube on how to curl hair using a straightener. There were lots of vids but this one saved my life.

If I have time, I'll video myself working the flat iron. And now I can't stop watching How To videos on YouTube! :) Do you have other techniques with your hair straightener?

18 June 2010

Tried and Tested: Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Quartz

It's raining makeup! And I finally got hold of one of Avon's Smooth Minerals line up which is the smooth minerals lipstick. I could not comprehend at first at how lipstick can become a mineral makeup as well. I thought they only apply to powders like foundation, blush-ons, etc. Avon says this lipstick is 100% natural.

This is me with the Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Quartz. Ignore my messy hair, I was trying a curling iron :)

It instantly made me girly! :) When I applied the lipstick, I had dry chappy lips without any lip balm. Avon's mineral lipstick is smooth and moisturizing so I had no problem applying it right away. So far, it's the softest lipstick I've tried and you can get carried away and apply too much x.x

The Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick contains nurturing shea butter and conditioning oils to keep lips smooth and soft. Its exclusive mineral complex helps out bring out the lips’ vibrancy. It is fragrance free, dye free, preservative free enriched with vitamins and with SPF 15 to protect the lips.

What do you think? I have more colors but I see lots of celebs using pink lipstick, so pink it is! ^^

15 June 2010

Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm - I Got It!

I think Elianto has cast a spell on me, I swear I am not being sent these products but buying them off the shelf! I just thought I needed a new approach when it comes to make-up and I am trying it the Korean way through this Korean brand. All though I read some say it is made in Malaysia and not Korea, it still works the same according to most beauty bloggers :)

My first Elianto purchase was a success and I couldn't sleep until I got another product which is the Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm. Elianto's best seller, in fact, one stall I visited said they were out of stock. So I asked my super nice lovey dovey hubby again to get me this item here at SM Bacoor where they also have a new stall.

It was my friend Mariel, who tried the BB Balm first when we first saw the Elianto shop. It gave her a glowing and fresh look although the attendant used the BB Balm together with the BB cream. Both items are around Php 700 each, I asked if the BB Balm can be used alone and the saleslady said yes but the effect is better if it is topped with the BB cream.

Untouched Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm

I haven't tried it yet, my Elianto BB Balm is still a virgin until I have the time to go out and put it to use. Then, I shall post pictures again of the result. I've been looking at YouTube for video tutorials on how to properly use the Elianto BB Balm but I can't find any! x.x

13 June 2010

Samsung Hope x Folded and Hung

Remember that cool Samsung commercial where models are wearing hoodies with different shout outs? The hoodies were available at Folded and Hung stores through Samsung's I Imagine campaign that encouraged the Filipino youth to speak-up and voice-out their opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas (fashionably).

Sam with winner of the I Imagine contest by Samsung and Folded and Hung

The contest received more than 10,000 entries and proceeds from the sales of the I Imagine hoodies amounting to five hundred thousand pesos,was donated for the causes of Samsung Hope which sends underprivileged children back to school.

I was there during the turnover and Sam Milby too who is the co-endorser of Samsung and Folded and Hung and spokesperson for the Department of Education. Sam shares in the vision of both companies for a better future for children by providing them quality education which makes him even more gorgeous :)

09 June 2010

OC about Eyebrows

Yesterday I got the Elianto Eyebrow Oval Pencil and here are the photos comparing my eyes with and without it:

With the eyebrow pencil

I spend hours just inside our little nursery at home watching the baby, so I made use of some of my free time plucking my eyebrows. I realized, it really looks better plucked than shaved. Do not over pluck though and be patient or else.

Without the eyebrow pencil

And the lesson is, it pays to give time trimming and lining your eyebrows because they make such a huge difference without too much fuss :)