31 March 2009

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Karnival - The Greatest Chocolate Show on Earth!

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At the Krispy Kreme Bonifacio Highstreet, kids and kids at heart lined up to experience a spectacular Chocolate Karnival featuring the Chocolate Glazed Donuts! yummy :) It was the perfect family day out with everyone's favorite Krispy Kreme donuts.

Since it was a Karnival, clowns, jugglers, mimes, and friendly stilt walkers were also present. Krispy Kreme sure knows how to create a spectacular chocolate-y event. Each guest had their photos taken while wearing silly donut-sun glasses and had them printed for free at the photo booth. Games like cup stacking, pachinko, Krispy Kreme box stacking, and donut ring toss gave everyone the chance to bring home a dozen of Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed donuts and Krispy Kreme gift certificates!

Lunch care of Cibo were also served to guests, which was perfect for the overflowing Krispy Kreme donuts and frappes. Finally, the donut factory was unveiled and the greatest chocolate show on earth began! Donuts lined up and moved towards a fountain of melted chocolate were they were all glazed and tada ~ they are now Chocolate Glazed Donuts :)

Everyone went home a winner as Krispy Kreme gave every guest a dozen of Chocolate Glazed Donuts. The fun does not end here, you too can watch the greatest chocolate show on earth at your nearest Krispy Kreme branch! Just ask for the schedule and be ready with your sweet tooth.

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29 March 2009

Do FitFlops Really Work?

Oprah says YES and add to that, beauty queen (goddess) and FitFlop addict Carlene Aguilar also agrees.

At the Fitflop Mallxercise yesterday which was held at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall, I had the chance to try walking and running wearing FitFlops. Along with other ladies, including Carlene Aguilar, who are all eyeing to win the Aurelia Gladiator fitflops - I "mallxercised"and felt how comfortable Fitflops are.

Stand tall like a beauty queen with Fitflops

With Fitflops, I noticed that my posture is different in that I was standing straighter and taller in the correct manner. I also felt my butt cheeks being squeezed with every stride and seriously, I had a warm/burning sensation feeling in both of my legs. It could either be because of the Fitflops or I was just excited ;) Fitflops could really be working!

Interview with Carlene Aguilar

After the scavenger hunt, we were able to talk to Carlene and she says that she wears her FitFlops daily to school. She says that her legs look great even though she has given birth partly because of Fitflops. She owns a black Aurelia Gladiator which she wore that day - she asked her friend to buy it for her after seeing it on the newspaper. She is not an endorser of Fitflops and like everybody, she had to play hard during the scavenger hunt. In the end, she was the fastest contestant and won the Snake Skin Aurelia Gladiator Fitflops. Congratulations! :)

The Fitflops Mallxercise was a great experience with the Fitflops fans. We all went to the Fitflop shop itself after the event to claim our prizes and we had fun choosing colors and designs. I'd like to try and wear Fitflops inside the house to get the best results. But if a beauty queen and an Oprah says Fitflops work, and after trying it out for myself - I conclude that Fitflops do really work!

High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are tricky to wear and this is my first pair. There are other designs where the waist of the shorts are even higher, I guess those designs are easier to wear and I might prefer them more. This pair looks very 80's, I tried wearing it with sleeveless blouses but it looks rather awkward. Hence, I went with a loose blouse with butterfly sleeves. If the waist was a bit higher then it could go better with a shiny sleeveless halter cut blouse.

Wear your high waisted shorts with a belt, embellished ones look great on them and they are next on my shopping list :)

27 March 2009

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals - Tried and Tested

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals is now my preferred brand for powder foundation and you must try it! Previously, I was using Maybelline's Angel Fit powder foundation but for some reasons, my shade was not available and I just had to grab a replacement right away. I was not a fan of the Clear Smooth line since I tried their liquid foundation which did not sync the right way with my skin and I also tried their face powder which was not enough to cover the blemishes that I had before. But with the Clear Smooth Minerals product, now I am a believer.
Mineral make up is best for sensitive skin, it is very light weight and is made of pure ingredients free from preservatives, oils, and fragrance. Acne can be caused by make up and using mineral make up can lessen the instances of blemishes, black heads, clogged pores, and pimples. I have tried Bare Essentials mineral make up too but had to stop since it was too expensive for me at around Php 2,000 ++ and it was not available in department stores.

Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals is only Php 599 for 8grams, comparing with my Angel Fit foundation - Clear Smooth Minerals contains more powder and you only need a little dusting here and there for a smooth finish. The packaging also comes with a 100% natural Kabuki Brush. It also contains SPF or sun protection formula 25.

Clear Smooth Minerals aka Pure Minerals TVC starring Zhang Ziyi:

Based on my 2 months usage (it's very tipid to use) it is perfect for oily skin, looks great on photos, and has a super natural finish and feel - you yourself will wonder if you really are wearing any make up at all.

It also reads on the packaging that Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals is clinically proven:

- Safe for Sensitive Skin
- 36% Improvement on Skin Radiance
- 16% Improvement on Skin Smoothness
- 35% Improvement on Skin Tone

It's fairly difficult for any lady to find the perfect powder foundation but I highly recommend Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals for its natural smooth and light weight finish plus it's affordability and availability.

26 March 2009

Style Scene: Adidas by Stella McCartney Launch

Last night at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall, shoppers were intrigued at what was happening behind the Adidas shop. Little did they know that inside were models, fashion editors, celebrities, and other important guests preparing for the ultimate unveiling of the Adidas Stella McCartney Collection.

Upon my first look at the pieces, they all seem futuristic and fun while maintaining comfort and style. Some of the pieces are also inspired by lingerie especially the tennis wear for women.

Personal picks from the Stella McCartney inventory at the Adidas Powerplant Mall

Picks from the Adidas Stella McCartney look book - I love the puffy jacket that seems to belong to someone from the future. It reminds me of stylish aliens strutting down from a UFO.

If you don't know it yet, lingerie synergized with clothes are becoming a hot trend on the runways.

photo credit:

Adidas also presented their official endorser for the Stella McCartney collection - Iza Calzado. Congratulations to Adidas Philippines for one successful night, everyone had a great time :)

Jollibee Doll raises 18 Million for Charity

Cottolengo Filipino officially receives their Jollibee grant

At the Manila Ocean Park, Jollibee officially turned over the 18 million pesos which it raised from sales of the Jollibee Hug and Share doll. This super hug-able Jollibee doll was sold last year in celebration of Jollibee's 30th anniversary. Since it was a "limited edition" item, many fell in line and scoured several Jollibee branches just to have one. It was the perfect gift to give last Christmas and now those who purchased the hug and share doll can officially say that they've helped hundreds of children from different foundations.

Kids and guardians enjoy striking a pose at the photobooth

Manila Ocean Park was filled with smiles of kids, some traveled from as far as Benguet to celebrate and receive Jollibee's grant. The eight beneficiaries are: Cottolengo Filipino, ERDA Tech, Families and Children for Empowerment and Development Foundation, House with no Steps, Marcellin Project, Shontoug Foundation, Philippine Children's Medical Center, and the Busog-Lusog Program of Jollibee Foundation.

The children in return performed and showcased their talents for the guests to enjoy. After which, each kid were all smiles when they were all given their own Jollibee Hug and Share doll by their bestfriend, Jollibee himself :)

Gold Tantoco, VP Marketing of Jollibee with kids

After the formal turnover, the kids took the much awaited tour of the Manila Ocean Park. Both kids and adults enjoyed experiencing the ocean park, most for their very first time.

Who knew that a simple doll can make such a big difference in children's lives? Congratulations to Jollibee for teaching the value of sharing.

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24 March 2009

Bright and Shiny Neons

Socialista Hard Candy by Glitterati

The 80's has been making a come back since 2008 and what better way to celebrate it than neon? Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse collection has made neon exuberant on shop windows and fashionable streets. On the runway, the likes of Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg have added a splash of bright colors to their spring/summer collections. According to a special I saw on Euromaxx, the 80's neon trend is definitely coming back but the difference is it that is more of "loud" colors rather than "neon" which reminds me of billboard signs and glow in the dark 80's disco outfits.

Topnotch Show Stopper by Glitterati

Now looking at local fashion, Glitterati's JL Ladrido and Nina Estacio brings us their heart-stopping Bright Young Things collection. I don't know about you but as I browsed and looked at each piece, my heart was pounding with pure excitement and anticipation.

Miss Behave Eclectic Avenue in Yellow

The pieces are perfect for maintaining glam during humid nights when your little black dress seems too warm to wear. Zipper and trim details present a modest bondage element (think Rihanna) present on the runway.

Glitterati is available at where you can view more pieces of the Bright and Shiny collection. Big fan over here :)