06 May 2011

Technology: The iPad 2 Test

Not to complain but I barely have time to read magazines nor watch TV but when I came across this iPad 2, I asked myself - do I have time for this?

My heart is saying yes but my brain says no. If I could share it with Ashton then good but right now all he knows of doing is to bang his palm on gadgets. Steve wouldn't like it.

Joni and Anya got one and they say it is superb. Joni gets to check constellations with it and has downloaded $5 apps since. An iPad 2 almost costs the same as a round fare ticket to Melbourne ack. And what if they release an iPad 3, are iPad owners already crying?

Thing with Apple is they always have an upgrade and fast. Anything I would have bought would have diminished value once the new version is out. Have you taken the iPad 2 self-test and did yourself prescribe a purchase yet?