02 March 2013

SM Southmall 3 Day Sale's 3 Way Save

Fashion Walk at The SM Store

SM South Mall turned into a frugalista shoppers' playground today. Check out my previous post about their 3 Day Sale, 3 Way Save to find out why. As expected, the mall was packed with smart shoppers and I joined the club early today, armed with my mini calculator and inside my head, fashion inspirations for summer.

The SM Store - Soiree

Almost everyone's goal at The SM Store was to purcahse Php 2,000 worth of items. Not a surprise when you can get Php 100 worth of savings coupon for reaching the threshold. SO, with my 2,000 budget - my focus was super sharp on my favorite SM Store Brands - Soiree, Betty, Red Head, and Chill. 

The SM Store - Betty

Sweet dresses are the top trend this summer. Actually, if you choose classic styles then you can wear them all year round. I have a soft spot for dresses as they are super versatile and create a flattering, soft look.

Printed pieces from some of these brands were up to 50% off! I couldn't believe my eyes as they are not even off-season. It must be every shopper's lucky 3 days!

To break the monotony of classic styles in my wardrobe, I purchased a Red Head printed short dress. Originally, it was around P799. Now it's just about P400 after the 50% discount. Mission accomplished!

At Chill, I purchased a classic golden mustard textured dress that look so simple and stunning. I've been looking around for this. The price was P1,199 and it came with a slim belt. But wait! There was a class discount of 10% so I only paid P1,000 :)

Now, all eyes on Betty please. I just love this brand so much even if I just discovered it a couple of months ago. If you peak into my closet I have at least 3 Betty dresses now. The style is classic, sweet, and simple. Don't be fooled with 'simple' though because I just love dazzling it up with statement necklaces from SM Accessories. (I'll blog about this more later. Hint: their summer collection just launched!)

I seldom have a pink dress so I took the 3 day sale opportunity to grab one. Betty's prices are always affordable so I didn't mind that they were not slashed at all. P599.75 for my little pink dress, sweet!

Grand total of my dress shopping spree was P2,709 and this earned me my P100 savings coupon! It was very easy to claim near cashier 15 where I also claimed my raffle stubs. This was a first for me, I never experienced cash backs in my entire shopping life. I used the P100 savings coupon right away to buy discounted diapers for my son. Good mommy!

Of course, you have to be prepared when you come to the 3 day sale. So heads up to all of you going to the last day tomorrow - choose items you want to fit first, grab possible sizes, and fall in line at the fitting room.

There are several fitting rooms but with discounts this big, expect to fall in line. Wear flats and clothes that you can easily remove for effective fitting. If you have a Prestige or silver/platinum BDO rewards card - you get the privilege of not lining up.

All the wait was worth it for me with all the savings I made, not to mention my fantastic fashion picks :) So off I joined my partner and son to dine at The Black Canyon Coffee, located at SM South Mall's food street.

SM South Mall Food Street - Black Canyon Coffee's winning Pad Thai
See, we saved a lot so we could happily splurge and eat our favorite Asian fare.

Black Canyon Coffee's deliciously Japanese Katsu

Toy Kingdom was also on sale so we got Ashton a flashy Hotwheels ATV, complete with Disney Cars safety gear.

This day was such a winner, thanks for the extraordinary experience SM and I heard this won't be the last certainly. Now I'm on the lookout for the next SM Supermall to hold their 3 day sale, 3 wave save!