30 November 2009

Belly Belt Surprise!

Hi! readers, I am sure you've noticed that updates are getting fewer at Your dear fashion blogger is 10 weeks preggy :) The first few weeks were really tough and I could barely stare in front of the monitor without getting a banging headache.

Preggy staples: leggings, reliable flat shoes, and a roomy top.

But now everything is reaching its equilibrium, I hope. So let me welcome you to StyleandRelax's preggy edition! :)

Starting off with an interesting invention for all mommies and mommies to be. My sister sent me this Belly Belt from Australia. She had to buy it online, it transforms your regular pants into something that you can still wear when you are carrying your precious one.

It would look like this. Such a great solution for saving your wardrobe while expecting, my only problem is that my pants don't have the standard button sizes. Will have to alter the buttons so that it can accommodate this maternity belly band.

You can get the belly belt online, just search for "belly belt combo" or maybe, ask your relatives abroad for it :)