05 November 2009

The Spa at Bonifacio Highstreet

No matter how high or low your stress levels are, a relaxing time at the spa is always a good idea for health and body. And if you want to experience pampering in another level other than just a shower and a full body massage, turn to The Spa at Bonifacio Highstreet.

jacuzzi and shared room

It was my first time to try The Spa. One reason being their prices are a bit steeper than the normal spas I frequent. Yet, after walking in and trying most of their facilities - I know I was getting my money's worth. The service I tried is a combination massage which is around Php 820. Once you enter, you will be able to enjoy the following:

1. Jacuzzi
2. Sauna
3. Hot or Cold Shower

Of course they had me at the Jacuzzi which was spacious, filled with fresh water, and the lighting was relaxing already. When using the Jacuzzi, you'll have to take it all off and as courtesy to other users, you must shower before getting in :)

The Spa has lots of fresh warm towels for your use, and you also get complimentary drinks before or after your treatment. I would choose a non-private room which is quiet cheaper than a private one. Ladies and gentlemen have two separate areas so there is no fuss in sharing the massage rooms with ladies. Yet, when I visited The Spa - I had no companions in the shared massage area. I wanted to take photos but for the privacy of other users, taking photos is discouraged especially in the jacuzzi area.

The Spa at Bonifacio Highstreet

If you have spare time and cash, The Spa is really quiet an experience. From the ambiance, to the cleanliness of everything - you'll feel you are getting a massage service inside your hotel room. They have everything from hair dryers, lotions, powder, and even the latest copies of your favorite fashion magazines. A must-try for any lady looking to relax and unwind to a whole new level!