18 February 2010

Fisher's Farm Resort in Dasmarinas Cavite

It's that time again when everyone is breaking a sweat! Good thing there are nearby resorts that offer a quality relaxing time like the Fisher's Farm Resort in Dasmarinas Cavite. The place was recommended to me by my friend Chris who lives in Dasmarinas.

fishers farm resort cavite03 by you.
5 interconnected pools at different levels with two jacuzzis

He said that the pool is clean and so is the water. Hence, I decided to visit the resort yesterday. Fisher's Farm has more cottages and nipa huts than other nearby resorts. The entrance fee is Php 100, nipa huts that you can occupy during the day costs Php 500 - Php 1,500 (depending on the size). My partner and I decided to get an airconditioned cottage that costs Php 2,000 for about 8 hours.

fishers farm resort cavite04 by you. Second pool with fountain

The cottage is almost a house that can cater to 12 persons. It has a terrace apart from the room itself where you can have a party or setup your food at. Our place had 3 tables, 2 rocking chairs, and 7 sofa sets. It also has its own spacious shower room. Only for Php 2,000! Not to forget the breathtaking view of the greenery and the farm.

fishers farm resort cavite11 by you.
Simple old-fashioned rooms good enough for 12 persons

fishers farm resort cavite05 by you.
At the terrace that is included with the Php 2,000 room

It's a good idea to get a room that you can lock for privacy and safety of belongings while you are roaming around the resort or enjoying a swim in any of their 5 interconnected pools. We were able to sleep for an hour after our first swim, the relaxing nap gave us recharged energy for our second swim and walk.

fishers farm resort cavite02 by you.

Swimming starts at 8am-5pm, then back again at 6pm-6am for the night swimming. The pool water is flowing from each of the pools. Have I mentioned there are two separate jacuzzis to enjoy as well? We spent most of the time just lounging in one of the jacuzzis, it was the most relaxing break ever.

fishers farm resort cavite06 by you.

Before going our way home, we went for a walk where we saw other guests fishing for tilapia. Anyone can go fishing and just pay for the fish caught at Php 120 per kilo. The resort has grilling facilities that come with the cottages and huts, free for use.

fishers farm resort cavite07 by you.

Then we walked towards the horses that can also be ridden for a fee. The view of wide fishing ponds and rice fields are breathtaking. There are towering nipa huts that you can climb for a better view of the entire farm - see carabaos, horses, goats, and cows along the green meadows.

fishers farm resort cavite10 by you.

Obviously, I had a great time at Fisher's Farm Resort and will definitely comeback soon. Check out their website to know more and how to get there:

fishers farm resort cavite09 by you.