18 February 2010

Good Mornings at YaKun Kaya Toast Ortigas

If there's one meal that is everyone's favorite, it would be breakfast! The first meal of the day and the freshest of them all. We tried having ours one fine Saturday morning at the newly opened YaKun Kaya Toast in Ortigas which is ran by the friendly Mr.Richard Co.

Yin Yang coffee with YaKun Kaya's toast

With other foodies, we started off with hot and cold drinks. I highly recommend the hot YinYang Coffee - a mixture of tea and coffee, that is just so creamy. The YinYang coffee can be ordered hot or cold, whichever you choose it would remind you of the nai-cha served in Singapore and other Asian countries. Finally, you can have that authentic taste in Manila.

P2127132 by popazrael.
Chocolate toast for chocoholics at YaKun Kaya Ortigas

P2127167 by popazrael.
YaKun Kaya's soft boiled eggs are perfect with any of their toasts

As for the toasts themselves, YaKun Kaya has a long list of different toasts that is sure to excite you and your companion. Among all the toasts that I have tried here, I like the Milo toast, Cheesy Toast, Original YaKun Toast, and Peanut Butter toast. The Milo Toast is sprinkled with lots of Milo chocolate powder (talk about energy boosters!) and sweet condensed milk.

P2127084 by popazrael.P2127186 by popazrael.
Before and After - YaKun Kaya's famous Iced Tea

YaKun Kaya's rendition of the French toast is also great with any hot drink. Should you want something cold, their Iced Tea is simply heavenly and refreshing. Made of real and freshly brewed tea, YaKun Kaya's iced tea is so good you'll get a bottle to take home.

Located along Escriva Drive in Ortigas Center (beside Astoria Plaza), YaKun Kaya offers a homey breakfast joint with free WiFi access and authentic toasts in affordable prices.