27 August 2011

Peasant Look: Maria la del Barrio's Skirts - vintage, worn, recycled.

I am hooked on this teleserye starring Erich Gonzales and I couldn't help notice how cute Maria la del Barrio's skirt is! Check this photo from their Facebook Page:

Actually there was one episode I am sure the skirt she was wearing appears to be old clothes sewn together. It was very unique and took the peasant look to a whole new level. Now that I am all about recycling and tree hugging, I can't wait to start my own DIY skirt from old clothing items.
image credit: Hibari

The result will be a playful, flirty piece similar to Besty Johnson's :) I also found this inspiration here. See the lady in the middle is working the look I am currently hitting on.

vintage skirtsvintage skirt

These are my own vintage skirts though not made of old clothes but they came from my mom's :)