02 August 2011

SM Accessories| City Safari by WWW

When it's raining, we wish it's summer. We wish we are not stuck indoors and can brave the city jungle. So what would you wear? Take a cue from the latest collections available from SM Accessories. Rawr.

I've taken the liberty to mark all the items I LIKE from their poster.

I just realized how cool it is to be able to pick out items from a poster, that should save us time browsing at SM. Worry not because 99% of the time, all items in their ads are really available on the racks. Take it from me, your Department Store insider ;)

Animal print headband - is a Hollywood staple. Here's how Ms. Hilton works it:

And it reminds me of you guessed it, Rachel Zoe.

It really brings attention to the face, so before putting it on make sure you have the right hair and makeup. Tie your hair back for a slimming effect unless you have really good hair like Paris. Prints are explosive and does not go well with Einstein hair. Keep it sleek and clean.

Lace's Bib Necklace from SM Accessories, WWW PHP 299

Bib Necklaces - I hereby declare them as classic pieces because they were once a trend and has managed to stay on. In my wardrobe at least. I've written many many times how a P199 bib necklace (most of my collection came from SM) can make old ensembles shout fasyon! in an instant.

In fact, I love how my necklace (photo shown above) I bought from SM Accessories enliven an old outfit last week.

Cocktail Rings - are great for casual wear, I feel like royalty when I am wearing one. Save for it's quiet hard to work and write with them. Definitely for fun and non-working days.

Now here's your assignment, which do you like from this other poster from SM Accessories' Q3 collection?

They also have an ongoing promotion because hey, it's Women's Month! :) Get a free shower caddy for every P 1,000 purchase at SM Accessories.

Only from August 1 to 31, 2011. Happy shopping readers! :)