22 October 2011

Have you heard about Nasofix?

It's been a while since I considered how I looked like, really. Then I remembered the quest to aesthetic perfection when I received a Nasofix. Naso-what? Lookie below:

I love my nose but just like anything in the world - it can be improved but I won't consider surgery nor take the time for it. So when I read how someone's nose can look even better non-surgically and for just 10 minutes a day and for just 10 days, I said I will try it.

I said I will but when I tried it without reading the instructions, excited curious me could not breathe. So, this post is a preemptive feature until I send a proper nasal photo of myself to Nasofix - then they can give the CORRECT instructions on how to use it and specifically for your nose type.

Curious? Check out