11 October 2011

Marriott Cafe Buffet at 50% off until October 31

P875 is the magic number and who said you have to go 4 digits for a 5 star treat?

Marriott Cafe is celebrating their anniversary with a 50% off their usual Php 1,700+ buffet from Monday to Saturday. From appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert, Marriott Café satisfies discerning yet practical folks - just like me!

What I love about M Cafe is how relaxed and quiet the ambiance is. Tables are spaced generously that you can have an intimate lunch with whoever you desire and peacefully enjoy dishes like stuffed turkey, butter fried prawn on a bed of asparagus, blue marlin with tomato coulis, and Arabic chicken. All of which you can ask the renowned Chefs to prepare for you.

Everyone at this place is friendly and helpfully at your service. Don't hesitate to ask which sauce goes with what or what dish can be made out of giant lobsters and prawns. Otherwise, you'll miss much of the gastronomical adventure.

In this photo: Chef Marian shows how Mongolian rice is prepared, look for her at the Mongolian section. I also think my date fell in love with her through his stomach!

In this photo: Cooked Mongolian rice that's sweet and spicy. Perfect for a hot interesting date ;) I suggest you pair this with cooling bites of dumplings or the giant shell fish from the seafood on ice area.

Look for the live sections (seafood on ice, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and Mongolian) to find a selection of fresh ingredients that chefs turn into masterful dishes while you watch. My date and I adored the Mongolian Rice that the chef made for us and the sinful roasted duck with it's ultra crispy thin and glistening skin...

Grab a duck at the Chinese food station shown below:

Here are more photos we personally took (in between bites) to entice our readers' palette.

In this photo: Vegetable dumplings, shu mai (siomai), hakaw, roasted duck, and prepared prawns (sugpo).

My husband and I call this dish District 9 Prawns. If you watched the movie, the aliens there are called prawns but these creatures from the Marriott Cafe are more delicious. Above, the seafood is prepared in Asian spicy sauce.

In this photo: An assortment of sushi and sashimi are available on the Japanese section. Of course, the tempura won't be missed.

I also have a knack for Indian food and tried their Shawarma, Kebabs, and so much more my brain cannot remember but my tongue does.

And before you even think that M Cafe is all about Asian, be surprised that they also serve Western selections which are actually their specialty and most requested spread during banquets.

In this photo: A generous slab of US Rib Eye steak served with grilled veggies.

In this photo: Italian pizza that you can enjoy with a wide array of pasta.

Finally, desserts come last and here are my top picks:

In this photo: Opera cake, coconut pudding (a fantastic version of the usual taho), eclair, and an exotic fruits tart. Order green tea to wash down the guilt like I always do.

You can choose from assorted petite cakes, pudding, pies, pastries, commingled with sugar-free desserts. Aside from these selections, Marriott Café also boasts its in-house made ice cream choices from sinful to guilt –free such as Maracaibo, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, and sorbets.

Plus, there’s also a fondue station complete with assorted cookies, fruits, and pastries to fully enjoy dipping from this Belgian-made pick me upper.

Did you know...

I just discovered how Marriott Cafe donates left-overs to the Red Cross. Here's a photo of their Executive Chef and a Red Cross representative. It also makes their buffet operations greener since food is not fed to the landfill but instead, meet food safety standards and served for charity.