15 December 2011

What’s your 2012 beauty resolution?

Aside from the threat of an apocalypse we have other things to worry about in 2012. That’s right! If we’re going to die then might as well die pretty - right? The quest for beauty is a never-ending journey and it makes for an exciting year full of discoveries, beauty hauls, remedies, and friends along the way.

I hope my blog has indeed, helped a few with their beauty dilemmas. I still get massive feedback from previous posts I did about skin treatments and I believe some readers have found great remedies as a result. This year I was quiet busy with motherhood and enjoyed too much, the comfort of old house clothing and staying at home.

Nevertheless, it meant late nights, breakouts, weight gain and some things I wouldn’t dare talk about :p So just to share and hopefully, inspire you to create your own list, here are some of my beauty resolutions for 2012:

1. Drink more water – do as the stars and drink up gallons of H20. Hard when you’re working 24/7 but easy if you setup a pitcher on your desk.

2. Eat more vegetables – because vegetarians look hot and we wonder why. Should also cover for not having a critical illness insurance yet ;)

3. Eat more fruits – instead of cakes (this one’s a real bummer!)

4. Catch more sleep – some of my friends have turned to sleeping aids like Avipaxin supplement and they wake up gorgeous. Most of the time we’d rather FB and tweet than catch some zzz’s but the skin needs to rest and fight oxidation.

5. Restart my skin care regimen – I’m sure by this time you found yours but could be you are skipping steps or skipping an entire beauty routine for being too busy. Look at the mirror, I think you and I need to dedicate time for beauty!

6. Learn new makeup tricks

7. Try a new slimming/tightening procedure or treatment for my big chubby cheeks – I hope it’s non-invasive!

So what’s your 2012 beauty resolution? I hope you had a beautiful 2011 : )