05 January 2012

The Dragon Enters 2012 | Edsa Shangri-la's Festive Inspirations

I made sure to start the year right and how can I go wrong with my most expensive New Year celebration yet, inside the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.
Dress from NY Square, available at SM Department Store. PS that little munchkin is my son, Ashton.

So while people were burning money (fireworks), we enjoyed a smoke-free, quiet, and super relaxing stay.

We had time to reflect on 2011 as a mini family at the gardens.

And when we finished, a special New Year's Eve buffet dinner at Heat awaits. Check out the dragon and 2012 ice sculptures. Any diner will feel special and prosperous!

We made sure our tummy were stuffed with glorious lechon, peking ducks, lamb chops, and steak (among many others). Just so that we will never go hungry in 2012, ha!

Then enjoyed sweet 2012 desserts to celebrate our "togetherness" and continue to be a "sweet" family. Details like this make me feel that every penny spent in Shangri-la is always worth it.

There was a 50's theme New Year Countdown but I was with my son and not in party-mode. We just continued our celebration in our room. Party hat and torotot with compliments of Shangri-la.
A red hat and horn are the fashion must-haves of the night
Party boy without shorts

I was knocked out and just half-awake when the clock stroke 12. Partner took a shot of our room's New Year's eve view. Fireworks everywhere and smog the morning after.
View from the top

In the morning, a breakfast banquet welcomed us and I worshiped the croissants until 10.30AM. Funny I thought my son will be the only kid in pyjamas, but luckily - all moms thought the same as me and skipped dressing the children up.

As always, I wished I can live inside a five star hotel but had to go back to reality haha :) I hope this post will help you prep up for your next New Year, or any celebration at all. I'm one of those who are lazy to prepare for traditional parties and entertain family/friends, so having a small private yet super nice setup fits me very well and I discovered hotels in the metro are the answer to my stress.

Stress-free and relaxed 2012 everyone!