20 August 2012

Weekend at the SM Megamall Food Sale - Pepper Lunch

I've never really heard of major shopping malls having a 'food sale'. Until last Saturday, we trooped to SM Megamall to satisfy our curiosity and bellies.


They've got posters and flyers about the 3-day Food Sale. A great way to help guide shoppers on participating restos - more establishments should copy this. The fun started when my date and I argued which restaurant to try.

Our top choices for lunch were Yabu, Masuki and Pepper Lunch. I won the debate with this deal:

 Beef Garlic Pepper Rice for only P168 (original price P215).

It's been a while since we ate at Pepper Lunch but I remember we always had fun cooking our own food. Plus, I always have an inner battle on whether to use the special honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) or the garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi).

The discount was an encouraging invitation for us to try new menu items too, at a fraction of the bill. Plus, a good spacious table was available for us food monsters to occupy. It pays to be early!

On our table we enjoyed sharing:

 Kani Shake! Shake! Salad

Simply the best Kani Salad I have ever tasted, ever! I know it's weird how the best kani salad will come from a fast food - but it does. It's far from mediocre Japanese salads I've had. It had authentic Japanese Mayo, Sesame Oil, and fresh Udon noodles at the bottom.

Although the salad came in a plastic cup, I was surprised how much greens could fit in a Shake! Shake! salad. Really the Udon noodles was a great surprise, it soaked up all the delish dressing like it read my mind.

Spicy Tuna Shake! Shake! Salad

My partner had this. We were both selfish with our own salads that we never shared. As far as I know, he loved it to bits and I just had to point out the Udon noodles at the bottom of the cup.

I wish Pepper Lunch could have Shake! Shake! Salads in XXL sizes.

Beef Garlic Pepper Rice

We love the addition of garlic flakes from the usual pepper rice. The wait staff was helpful in re-orienting us on how to prepare this. You should season the dish with Amakuchi or Karakuchi after the meat is cooked. Plus, mix mix mix to get the best pepper rice.

Combo Chicken and Angus Beef Pepper Rice

I am always bitin with meat at Pepper Lunch because they are so tasty. So I had a double whammy of meat chicken and beef. This dish has lots of veggies too, the rice comes as a side.

So again, cook the meet first by mixing well. I loved the Amakuchi on the chicken and the Karakuchi on the beef. Oh when will I see you again...

Vanilla Crepe Cake

If you don't like eating messy crepes, this is for you. A crepe cake is, you guessed it, made up of many layers of crepes. You can fork it once and you get a mouthful of crepes. Follow it soon after with a spoon of vanilla icecream with caramel sauce. Et voila! Delicious crepe fun with more poise. More than convenience, we love how sulit this dessert was (read: not filled with air). Perfect to share and to cap your Pepper Lunch experience with.

We wished our son was there to enjoy eating with us. But this was our couple 'date day' after all. We just got him this toy sizzling plate from Toy Kingdom (also on sale).

After Pepper Lunch, we enjoyed trying other restaurants who were participating at the Food Sale like Masuki.

Major thanks to the Pepper Lunch staff who were all attentive. I almost forgot my favorite Starbucks tumbler on the table until the staff run towards us with my tumbler in tow. Whew! 

I was still hooked on a Japanese theme (but we agreed not to eat at our usual Japanese spots). So we had Royal Milk Tea, Ice Coffee, and Okonomiyaki at Jipan.

Le Coeur de France also had their breads outside. It only means one thing and that these were also on SALE and buy 1 take 1's. I hoarded lots of Rice Loaf, Egg Tarts, Vanilla Mamons, Chocolate Croissants, and Ensaymadas.

I can't say how much I love the SM Megamall Food Sale experience! When is  the next one? And next time, I will make sure to bring the little food monster :)