23 November 2012

Sparkle this holiday without overspending | New collections from SM Accessories

Should you buy new clothes for your holiday parties? Yes, maybe. But, consider these updated pieces from SM accessories first. Play the video for some fashion inspiration:

Let's play detective here, notice how most of the celebrity models are wearing plain colored dresses? Close your eyes and imagine them without the blings. They look just like your wardrobe! Or maybe, close enough.

The point is, this holiday, you don't have to spend on new sparkly dresses. You can sparkle the same with your existing wardrobe with the help of some accessories. And this tip is true the whole year round. Holidays are special though because you have a great excuse to go OTT *over the top*.

When it comes to accessories, I play it safe and practical so I just head to the department store. Believe it or not, they've got it all and at the right price. Yesterday, SM was also having a Thanksgiving Sale and it meant 10% off on all items including SM accessories. It was the awaited signal for many shoppers just like me.

How to shop for accessories this holiday

1. When buying accessories, wear plain clothing. Here, I am wearing a beige polo shirt. Just one of the few plain pieces I have in my closet.

2. Make yourself up. If you don't, you'd be mistaken that the accessory does not suit you or your face. Wear the usual makeup you'd put on or if you are buying for a specific event, then consider wearing the same makeup you intend to wear.

3. Try them on. Don't be lazy! Necklaces look different on your neck and when they are simply hanging on the racks. Sometimes you'd think the piece is not for you but once you try it on, you'd realize it may just be your best accessory yet!

It also pays to be early, the collection just launche but I am finding it hard to find the gold necklace on Anne Curtis' neck:

I am lucky enough to haul some pieces from the collection though. Thanks to my SM Advantage Card, I got them all at 10% off. It was the Thanksgiving Sale.

This black and very versatile necklace

This cocktail ring

In advance and a few weeks ago, I got a blue bib necklace too. It really helps me look a lot 'fresher'.

Here are some more accessories that deserves a space in our closet

The massive gold and black set is wow. I'll give you an award if you can pull this out. I am thinking it should go well with a bare neck and chest. So low cut dresses or tube-style clothing.

By the way, each of this set has their own rack in the department store. Some really are hard to find now. Just like the blue bib necklace above :(

Really nice and sexy! I am going for this as soon as stock becomes available.

Fire and Ice collection, reds are so holiday-ish and anything with red is confidence boosting. Which of these items would you go for?

You can find more inspiration from SM Accessories on Facebook where they have daily doses of fashion tips and pegs from celebrities. It's almost the end of the year, you deserve a fashion upgrade and it's not a hard feat with SM accessories ;)

*Price check: from Php200-Php400