27 May 2013

Remington Hotel – Affordable Enjoyment at Resorts World Manila

Resorts World is one of those places that leave you wishing you could’ve stayed longer. The place is always a good place to play, dine, and relax – with new stores, attractions and events, it’s almost impossible to fit them all in one day (and still look chic and fresh).

One of the things I’ve learned over all of my hotel stays is that to make the most of somewhere, you have to sleep there! You bet, otherwise the travel time and fun is capped by the urging idea of traffic, getting home, etc.


If you think this will cost an arm and leg, there are hotels like Remington who is targeted to the smart, budget-savvy traveler (and party-goer). Here is a genuine review and experience of my stay and how Remington allowed me to enjoy Resorts World to the fullest. I hope this also serves as your itinerary for your next visit.

Remington Hotel is just across Resorts World Manila, it has a McDonald’s chain on the ground floor as well as a convenient 7eleven. Both are plus points for budget conscious travelers like me, and then the eternally hungry folks looking for a quick grub 24/7.

Dining at Resorts World Manila

Before checking-in, we dined at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants – Mr. Kurosawa. I went with my husband and this was the most relaxed dining experience ever. It was a good start to our Resorts World adventure and that is already one item out of our to-do/to-eat list. Don't forget to use your Resorts World Membership card to get a 10% discount on your bill.

After our early lunch, we walked to Remington Hotel. There were plenty of couches in the check-in area which is good if there is a queue. During our stay, all check-in desks were attended by staff and check-in was fast and simple.

We were given a twin bedroom in the 10th floor with a winning view of the NAIA3 airport. I’ve never stayed put so near airplanes before and I hoped this would cure my fear of flying. With this view, you’d think a room like this is super expensive.

Standard Room costs Php 4,200+

Back to the room, the furniture and amenities are pretty straightforward. I appreciate the minimalist approach and how it is compensated by unique floor amenities like a vending machine. What you’ll find inside the room: your twin beds, an expansive counter beside the window where you can work, a wall mounted LCD TV, a small bathroom complete with towels, toiletries, and complimentary bottled water. There’s also a spacious place for your luggage if you’re not traveling light.



There is no electric kettle and refrigerator, but with what we are up to at Resorts World – this is barely our concern and are happy to give these amenities a pass.

I pegged the room as a place to rest in between activities, to freshen up and dress up. Perfect if you have an all-nighter date or gimmick with friends. In our case, we were reliving our single days before our son Ashton :)

So after a brief siesta and watching a movie called The Maiden Heist, we decided to move on our next agenda – TWG Tea Parlor.

Afternoon Tea at TWG, Resorts World


TWG in Resorts World is not as packed as it’s brother in Greenbelt 5. Again, stress-free. How many times can we just walk to TWG from our bed right? Nothing really compares! For the first time, I was able to enjoy a Chic Tea Set in peace and my husband, a to die for Wagyu Burger Meal.

In true Resorts World fashion, we met up with some friends to attend an event that was also happening in Remington Hotel. Nothing really compares when you can drink all the Cabernet Sauvignon you want, I was in wine heaven. Too bad I was too full from TWG to enjoy the food.


Remington Hotel has its own bar called R Bar which is my type of place as it is well stocked with drinks, there’s some sports playing on TV screens, and very comfortable sofas that you can enjoy alone or with your friends. The lighting is always generous but soft. I don’t really like dark drinking places! I actually spent some alone time here after all the walking and talking. Heaven.


All of the time, I enjoyed the feeling of timelessness and Resorts World is a place that just never sleeps! On normal days, I would watch my favorite soap then sleep. But this was no ordinary day, this is a day that nothing compares with! But… I didn’t miss my soap. After the cocktails, I went up to my room to freshen up, help my stomach digest by drinking my wheat grass (really, after all the tea and wine I consumed), put my feet up and watched my soap opera.

Bar 360 at Resorts World Manila

Next thing I knew I was getting ready to go to Bar 360 at the Resorts World casino! If you do this normally and in succession, and if you are in the quarter of your life like me – you would be exhausted. But not with Remington Hotel.

Bar 360 is something I just discovered during my stay with friends. I always pass it by but never knew how fun it is to hang out here and watch the live performances. We enjoyed lots of good food like the Adobo pizza, tuna kinilaw, cheese sticks, and lots of other grub in the menu.


I am surprised at how affordable yet enjoyable the food at Bar 360 is. The mojito is also very good and you can easily order more than 2 glasses.

You’d think the night is over but the cinema was beckoning us to watch Iron Man 3. Diners like Stackers, Pepper Lunch, etc. were all still open. It’s just so fun here in a place that never sleeps! If you have difficulty winding down, head to the Spa at Resorts World like we did:

Our room looked even more attractive when we came back, with the city lights visible and the bed looking so clean and comfortable to sleep in. I slept like a princess who has fulfilled all her duties :)

Breakfast Buffet at Remington Hotel


The morning after, we treated ourselves to a buffet breakfast at the ground floor. R Bar looks so different during the day but the food remains delicious. The choices were reasonable with meat, fish, and pork. I especially enjoyed a Filipino breakfast of Tapa, Fried Rice, and Eggs.

Unlike major hotels, Remington wasn’t as crowded and I even enjoyed making new friends over breakfast. The place is very conducive to have conversations while digesting hearty food.


The service of Remington Hotel is worth more than you pay for. Everything was fast, it was very easy to make requests, and staff are all personable. One thing I would suggest is to revise their uniform hehe, but this is a very minor detail.


If you want some more amenities in your room, you can go for their newly launched premium rooms which has a min bar, a refrigerator, a small dining area, and a microwave upon request.

Overall, I really really enjoyed the Remington Hotel. It’s hard not to equate the hotel with all the activities and fun that can be had at Resorts World. They are all part of the luxury here and Remington Hotel makes it possible for more people to enjoy it.