04 May 2013

Ocean's Harvest Seafood Buffet at The Marriott Cafe

You don't have to be a scuba diver to appreciate underwater creatures, at M Cafe all you need to have is a hearty appetite!


Reminiscent of dampa style dining where you can pick seafood and see it cooked, M Cafe offers the same experience but with fresher and wider selection of seafood that will put your favorite dampa diner to shame. Really.

Sweet chili crabs

The best thing is, it's a seafood buffet! Pick and enjoy all the seafood your heart desires. Be warned that it is challenging to select from a wide array of fish, shrimps, mussels, clams, scallops, and lobster. Lobster? Yes!

Baked scallops are the first order of the day

This is from my experience dining at M Cafe on a weekday. Weekday buffets tend to be drab and not as exciting as weekend offerings, but that's not the case here. Aside from seafood, the seafood buffet is inclusive of M Cafe favorites like the Teppanyaki station, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and International selections.

Photo 6 Sushi chefs ready to transform diner’s choice into fancy sushi or sashimi rolls

5 ways to make the most out of The Marriott Seafood Buffet

1. Make a reservation - it always pays to phone M Cafe and let their hospitable staff know your arrival time and number of companions. It's a must-practice if you want to feel "expected" and avoid the hassle of waiting for a table.

Nilasing na hipon, you can eat the shell too!

2. Grab friendly company - bring your friends, family, workmates, etc. This dampa style buffet is best enjoyed with a group. You might run out of ideas on the best way to cook your fish or lobster, your friends can suggest recipes like "nilasing na hipon" or "sinigang". All of which the chefs at M Cafe can concoct for your enjoyment.

I am not good at cooking seafood so I let my companions do the ordering. All you have to do is select the seafood, go to the designated stations and asked for it to be cooked your way. You will be given a number you can hang on your table. The food will automatically come to you - no hassle, no problems. Just eat! :)


3. Ask the chefs - M Cafe chefs are all helpful and can suggest their best recipes to treat your seafood with. I love how the cooked the lobsters in special sauce. They even shell it out for you.

Photo 5 Marriott Manila’s kitchen brigade manning the wok-fry station of the buffet

4. Save space for more - you can cross to other stations and treat yourself to Japanese or Chinese food in between fishes and lobsters. It's good to keep your palette interested during this time. I recommend having rice cooked in the Teppanyaki station for a different and more flavorful twist to go with your meal.


5. Dessert, save the best for last - I love M Cafe because they simply do not scrimp when it comes to dessert. M Cafe favorites are gelato, cheesecakes, and fresh fruits that cleans your palette after a heavy meal. I love it!


All that's left for me to wish is a glass of wine to go with the seafood. I settled for sparkling water, San Pellegrino which costs just Php 300+ for one bottle that you can share.

Or you can also order the Drink of the Month and get Mr. Lobster for free! He is so cute :)

The Seafood Buffet at M Cafe is a one of a kind experience for me. It has every bit I love in dampa restaurants minus all the stuff I hate about it - the crowd, bugs, smell, and noise. M Cafe is my go-to place for a relaxed satisfying meal that comes with exemplary service.

The Ocean's Harvest buffet costs Php 2,300 and happens every Friday and Saturday nights only. Visit Marriott Hotel on Facebook for more updates.

Catch you there :)