07 May 2009

Guylian Chocolate Shop at the Opera House

Are you familiar with these yummy chocolate seashells?

If you are a fan of Guylian chocolates like me, you're heart will surely skip a beat when you see this:

A Guylian Chocolate Cafe/Shop at the Sydney Circular Quay.

I made it a point to dine and experience the cafe. Not only do they offer chocolate drinks and desserts, they also have salads and some meals. We tried the Opera Cake, since we are in the Sydney Opera House :)

Their hot chocolate which tastes like the traditional cocoa in Manila. What's interesting is they provide you with a chocolate square on your cup. You pour the hot cocoa on it and let the chocolate melt. Yummy!

Then, you'll also get extra chocolate squares for you to enjoy. Drop them on your cup of hot cocoa or enjoy them as is.

My niece Anya enjoyed delicious and crispy belgian waffles. It came with chocolate syrup and a scoop of ice cream. It was nice but the waffle was very light for me, more carbs please :)