15 May 2009

Shiny Metallic Steve Madden Flats

Browsing some of the local magazine's here in Australia, I read how a pair of metallic flats can save time and money as it can go with anything. I think it wouldn't hurt to add a silver flat into the shoe rack would it?

Metallic flats make your feet and legs look hot!

Then I found these Steve Madden Silver Flats for only around 20 AUD. Steve Madden is just opening stores in Manila (SM Megamall Atrium) and this is a good time to own a pair :)

They seem to change color - from gold
They also have wicked shoes in stock here in Melbourne but I'm not ready for pointed devil wears prada type of heels. And when in doubt, one should go for a classic style.

to silver, magic!

Do you own metallic flats and what do you wear them with?