14 May 2009

Underarm News: Rexona Skin Light is Launched

Host Angel Jacob exposes the real causes of dark underarms at Rexona Skin Light Launch

Recently, a major breakthrough was launched in Manila. It's all about underarms, dark underarms and how one can be saved from being too self conscious because of this problem. Dark underarms are really a pain in the arse, especially when you want to be active flapping your arms up nonchalantly or just want to wear sleeveless tops, bikinis, or dresses.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Jean Marquez discusses how plucking and shaving causes underarm discoloration during the event

I've talked about underarm peeling on this blog as well, but here's news - Rexona has added sunflower oil to their formula and even had an underarm doctor speak about the product. You read it right, underarm doctor.

Dr. Satish Goel, Unilever’s Research and Development Director for Asia-Africa, Middle East and Turkey, talks about how Rexona Skin Light offers a solution to dark underarms during the product’s launch

The product is said to give noticeably whiter underarms in as early as two weeks. Maybe if you're not ready for a drastic solution like having your arms peeled, trying Rexona Skin Light would be a nice step.