29 July 2011

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches are the latest lunchbox office hit

Starbucks New Lunch Sandwiches

You may be too old for a lunch box but not for a sandwich :) I had the pleasure of being introduced to the newcomers of Starbucks and one of them is as classy as a Gossip Girl.

Meet the IT girl of sandwiches, Tuna Waldorf.

Hot outside and cold on the inside, can't get any more dramatic than that. Starbucks are now using convection ovens instead of microwaves in warming up the sandwiches. During the launch people were agog about this so may I tell you that convection ovens are simply like the oven toaster you have at home. This makes the outer layer warm/crusty whilst maintaining the cold filling.

Echevoreche aside, let's dig into my top three favorites from all 7 Starbucks lunch sandwiches!

1. Roasted vegetables on flat bread - tastes like pizza that is made of carrots, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms. I also find this most easy to eat because the flat breads retain their softness on the inside while offering a little exciting pang of crunch on the surface.

When to eat it: when you're not that hungry
With what: Green Tea Frappuccino

2. Roasted chicken pesto and shiitake mushrooms on flat bread- is an old timer but an all-time favorite in Starbucks. I have a love-hate thing with pesto but when subtly used it offers the perfect zing.

When to eat it: when you're really hungry
With what: a hot cup of French pressed Tanzania coffee

3. Ultimate Grilled Cheese-gooey goodness with six types of cheese and in between are slices of hungarian sausage. If you like the combo of garlic, cheese, and pepper - you'll have a happy time eating this comfort food.

When to eat it: when hungry and needy for comfort

With what: a hot mug of green tea

That leaves you with four Starbucks lunch sandwiches to try and judge for yourselves. The Beef Brisket, Clubhouse, Tuna melt (only available in provincial branches), and the Tuna Waldorf sandwich. All sandwiches will be available at P140 in all Starbucks branches come August 9. I recommend for you to check out the newest and first-ever drive-thru branch in Global City, right in front of Home Depot near S&R.

This branch is the most eco-chic of them all and used recycled windows, tables, and LED lights to save energy.