27 April 2012

Dressing up for your interview

Believe it or not, the dress or outfit you wear to your interview has a strong impact on whether you'll be hired or told to go home. It is the reality we must all face unless the world converge and repent for its judgmental ways. But hey, you want a job then prepare for it the best as you can. And that includes the way you look!

Let me be your big sister and listen to my tips:

1. Collars are your best friends - you can actually get away without a blazer or coat (who wears that during summer right?) if you can get a decent collared button down. Go for clean plain colored blouses, white is the most flexible and can serve you well in any occasion. If you must buy, buy quality branded clothing because you'll be using this before and after you get hired - hopefully.

Stay away from trendy, weird, and overwhelming tops. Think classic, neat, and clean.

2. Black pants and skirt - again as flexible as white and the two are so great together. Whether you take your own car or commute to your interview, you don't have to worry if your pants got dirty with dust - it's not obvious when it's black!

Ditch your skirts from high school that make you look too young and not ready for some real office responsibility. Go for cuts that are clean and sharp, with the right length to avoid looking lousy.