05 May 2012

Stress-relieving aromatherapy

We rarely notice it but scents do affect our moods. Whether we're at home trying to relax or at the office working. It's the same thing as when the smell of your favorite food cooking in the kitchen instantly lifts you up. Although the scent of food is appetizing, you don't really want it to linger especially in air-conditioned environment.

I love how some houses and offices I have been to have the expensive Lampe Berger that emits fragrance of different flavors. Thank goodness much more affordable choices are now available. It's been about a year since I purchased my oil diffuser, it's called airoma and I kind of miss it because my mom borrowed it to treat her cough. We drop eucalyptus essential oils in it and it diffuses the calming scent instantly plus it feels really good in the lungs.

There are plentiful of similar products, I even heard of a vaporizer volcano  and some desktop vaporizer for the office. I guess people are becoming really stressed these days and want their aromatherapy in their pockets :)

If you have been to Foot for the Gods (the foot spa in Mall of Asia), they really have calming eucalyptus and I'm sure it's why I instantly relax when I get inside. I'd love to replicate that feeling at home but I imagine if you are living in a condo unit - it's much easier to achieve compared to an ordinary house with windows and lots of space.