05 May 2012

Cooking staycations

You know you're getting old when you want to stay at home more than usual. Pre-marriage, my partner and I would always go out everyday, eat out, watch movies, attend events, and meet with friends. Now I observe we usually only go out when work is involved or if it's a family thing.

The increasing population inside malls and other places really puts us off. Especially when you're traveling with a kid, lining up for food or to pay for purchases becomes very time and energy consuming. Not to mention, the horrible traffic.

We've succumbed to staycations which means I'd cook food and make snacks, and we'll enjoy watching a movie all together - cocooned inside our house.

Husband's version of budget meal at home - for snacks

Frosted cupcakes for midnight snacks aka last full show at home

I also recently discovered how to make a quickie macaroni and cheese using the new Del Monte Cheese Magic. The TV ad really got me! Just cook the pasta, put some butter on it, some milk, and pour cheese magic. You can top it with sliced spam or bacon bits. We had this last night while watching 700 club! :)

We're surprisingly happy staying more at home and saving a lot while at it. I will need to read up more about quick cooking at tim ferriss blog. I know how to cook but with a busy schedule everyone needs to master the art of the 4 hour chef!