12 July 2012

Feast of Asian Flavors at Marriott Hotel Manila

This is your chance to widen your Asian Food horizon. The Marriott Hotel Manila is featuring 'Flavors of Asia' all days of July. Four chefs from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia teamed up to present an extra-ordinary buffet experience.

Of course, I could not pass the chance to visit Marriott again. I am not adept with Asian food except for Japanese, Indian, and Filipino dishes. So let me focus on this hot spicy dishes I found during my quest:

Green chicken curry with eggplants

This alone has made my dining experience worthwhile. I forgot where I was when I first tasted the green spicy curry. This is what I call really spicy. Grab a bowl of this, enjoy the hot soup, and the tender chicken meat with Asian fried rice. It was raining that night and this dish was just perfect.

Beef curry

Milder than the Green Chicken Curry, this dish is a perfect companion. Educate your tongue on how curry can taste different and how each spice contribute to the uniqueness of each dish.

Discover different Asian hot soup like this

While enjoying these dishes and chit chatting with fellows, I caught my forehead sweating but it was an exhilarating feat I sure enjoyed. If you are looking for a hot Asian experience this is it my friends.

Thai Lemon Grass

The buffet, now priced more affordably at P1,850 on weekdays and P2,000 on weekends also include Asian drinks. I remember very well the enjoyable taste and zing of Lemon Grass and Black Tea with Condensed Milk.

My friends and I enjoyed them so much we imagined we are intoxicated by their deliciousness. And I am not just saying that. I like the Black tea with Condensed Milk so much I had several rounds.

 The Asian adventure doesn't stop here as there are a myriad of 'exotic' desserts as well. There's Asian pudding, banana bread, etc. You can almost feel like you are in some other Asian country. 

Asian Banana Cake

All of these you can enjoy including Marriott's signature buffet selections. When you enjoy Flavors of Asia, make sure you wear your adventurous hat and do try what these dear chefs have to offer. Resist the temptation to focus on your favorite items from the Marriott Buffet :p

One thing I learned is that Asian Flavors go well with each other, in harmony. No matter what dish you choose or combine - the flavors are extraordinarily Asian. Truly ours to celebrate and enjoy!